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  1. ON THE MOVE AGAIN? Phoenix Dawson finds himself in an interesting situation with Toronto -- could he be used as trade bait? TORONTO, ON — With the VHL season over all attention now turns to the VHL Entry Draft and all the other off-season transactions that fans look forward to. Unfortunately for one young Toronto player, there are whispers that he may be finding himself on his third team in just one season. With Toronto looking to head into the next few seasons a move may be required to make sure they are cap compliant and Phoenix Dawson finds himself on t
  2. Wow, what a bittersweet feeling to see your former team go and win it all. I’m very happy to see Seattle pull off the win in the finals and take home a Continental Cup but I can’t help but feel a little disappointed since I was traded from the team at the deadline. Banack knows what he’s doing though and worked some magic to get DA BEARZ to another championship and I’m happy for the team there overall but I really hope that this is not the start of another Cup curse for me! Going into the off-season now the goal is to just work on gaining as much as I can since that will help Toron
  3. 1. Quite enjoy all of Star Wars. Finished Mando a few weeks ago finally but didn't do any watching for the 4th. 2. I want it to go by as quickly as possible to enjoy some games again but I do like off-season TPE. 3. Yep! Very happy for my Seattle pals. 4. Mother's Day today was nice, had the mother-in-law over for lunch. Looking forward to when I can see my parents in person again. Yard work after that exhausted me. 5. Coke for sure. Tried Coke Zero this weekend and it's actually pretty damn good. Going to switch to that. 6. Rookie seems like a great person in the LR.
  4. SEATTLE MOVING ON Devastation in Toronto following the result of Game 6 TORONTO, ON — The Continental Cup will not be coming to Toronto this season. Following a six-game series, the Seattle Bears were able to eliminate the Legion after coming back from a 2-0 series deficit. In the first game of the series, the two teams ended up playing more than two games worth of hockey as the game was not decided until the fourth overtime period of the game. With players absolutely exhausted at this point, SS Hornet was able to finish the game and get a early lead for the Legi
  5. Well, when the Legion took the early 2-0 series lead with those many many overtimes I figured that the team would be able to hold on for the series win. The Bears came back and won six in a row to officially eliminate Toronto and I'm left feeling a little disappointed. The group in Toronto is fantastic and I'm sure we will come around to really being contenders over the next few seasons but to have our team go down against the team that traded me at the deadline stings a little bit for sure. Going into the off-season, I'm going to make sure that I earn as much as possible for the
  6. 1. Series has been great so far. Hopefully we can make a comeback here and pull off the win. 2. Dawson has been PPG in the playoffs and Funk Jr score G5's OT winner. It's been quite the story for this trade. 3. Very strong performance from the team. Hopefully it stays that way next season! 4. Definitely Dawson coming in at the deadline even though that's part way through the second half! 5. Do it for Hextall/Dawson-Funk Jr battle. Heck the other series. 6. I haven't been following the VHLM since leaving Miami...
  7. Already a ton of reviews here but I'm going to pile on. Good overview here of why scouting is crucial for teams. Well done KC. Goes into things teams may not consider if they are blinded by builds and TPE. Like the formatting too! 10/10
  8. Hi Spartan, thanks for the clickbait title. 8/10 based off that alone. Good write up though, appreciate seeing a review of the season for your team. Looks like the Draft will be a lot of fun for you. A little bit long for what was meant to be a .com?
  9. DAWSON ON THE MOVE After commenting on Trade Deadline to media, Seattle moved Phoenix Dawson to Toronto in a one-for-one deal Phoenix Dawson meets with Toronto media following his first practice with the team earlier this week TORONTO, ON — At the start of the season Phoenix Dawson had dreams of being Seattle’s number one center in a few seasons. Now, he finds himself looking for a new home in Ontario. The young center was traded from the Seattle Bears at the trade deadline in exchange for Frank Funk Jr. Both players coming from the S76 Entry Draft, this transaction is loo
  10. Transaction ID: 20606301722129629 $1M Player Store Cash 5 TPE Uncapped Doubles Week
  11. DAWSON MOVES TO THE SIX -- THE FULL ROOKIE EXPERIENCE Dawson was traded in his rookie season to the Toronto Legion, closing off what was certainly an interesting first season in the VHL Phoenix Dawson is coming to the end of his rookie season in the VHL. After a couple strong seasons in Miami, Phoenix arrived in Seattle with the promise that he was going to become one of the best players in franchise history. Coming from the Toast Player Agency there is also the pressure of being the first player the agency has had to make it into the VHL in the past 20 seasons.
  12. We’re heading into the final day of the regular season with the playoffs right around the corner and things in the NA Conference are as close as they have been. Toronto and Chicago sit at the top of the conference with 83 points each with Toronto having the slight edge in the ROW column as well as a game in hand. It seems that the Legion are set to hold on to the lead and head into the playoffs as the regular season NA leaders. The team has been led by the impressive play in the crease from Jaxx Hextall and Oh Sens up front leading the offense. With a lot of the Legion’s team bein
  13. 1. It's nice to see the success of the team since joining. I think we'll hold on to first despite the couple losses we've had recently. 2. I hope everyone is happy with me so far! Toronto LR is great and I'm excited for the future of the team. 3. Nathan Perry to recreate the chemistry that we had in Miami. 4. A Continental Cup! 5. I don't think there is enough time for 100 points this season but it is an awfully impressive season regardless. 6. Toronto 1st is all that matters.