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  1. Busy past few weeks, but Bana was the one to reach out to me. I accept this offer.
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    I'm going to laugh when #13 is a future MVP.
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    Updated draft thread.
  4. Season 62 VHLM Dispersal Draft Live From Wanderers Ground Stadium, Halifax Time and Date: Thursday August 9th, 2018 @8:30pm EST Round 1: 1. Saskatoon Wild: LW - Ryuu Crimson 2. Las Vegas Aces: LW - Karl von Moltke 3. Halifax 21st: D - Tzuyu 4. Ottawa Lynx: G - Kallis Kriketers 5. Ottawa Lynx: (From YUK) D - Lando Baxter 6. Saskatoon Wild: (From OSL) G - Lefty Round 2: 7. Saskatoon Wild: D - Burnt Toast 8. Las Vegas Aces: LW - Julian Borwinn 9. Halifax 21st:RW - Nikita Flipachyev 10. Las Vegas Aces: (From OTT) D - Cayden Saint 11. Ottawa Lynx: (From YUK) RW - Vaydar Odinsson 12. Halifax 21st: (From OSL) D - Shawn Glade Round 3: 13: Saskatoon Wild: (From OTT via LVA via YUK via HAL via OSL via SASK) D - Dylan Nguyen 14. Yukon Rush: (From LVA) D - Ryan Kastelic 15. Halifax 21st: D - B.B. Nat 16. Ottawa Lynx: D - Joseph McWolf 17. Ottawa Lynx: (From YUK) C - Braylon James 18. Oslo Storm: D - Paolo Nano Round 4: 19. Ottaw Lynx: (From SASK) LW - Athanasios Andrianopoulos 20. Las Vegas Aces: D - Juri Rykonen 21. Halifax 21st: G - Cole Mertz 22. Ottawa Lynx: C - Chance Matthews 23. Halifax 21st: (From YUK) C - Mike Lavallee 24. Oslo Storm: RW - Anssi Koivuhak Round 5: 25. Saskatoon Wild: LW - Anderson LaVey 26. Yukon Rush: (From HAL) (S63) C - Theodore Gauthier, TPE: 61 27. Las Vegas Aces: (from HAL) LW - Jose Gonzalez 28. Ottawa Lynx: D - Gregor Rasputinov 29. Ottawa Lynx: (From LVA via YUK) D - Robert Renner 30. Oslo Storm: D - Mountain Thunderfist Round 6: 31. Ottawa Lynx: (From SASK) RW - J.P Desjardin 3. Halifax 21st: (From LVA) LW - Aaron Butcher 33. Halifax 21st: C - Hunter Kidd 34. Las Vegas Aces: (From OTT) G - Alexander Pepper 35. Yukon Rush: G - Victor 36. Oslo Storm: LW - Bobby Larkin Round 7: 37. Saskatoon Wild: D - Ryan Dodds 38. Las Vegas Aces: RW - Jack Stucky 39. Halifax 21st: C - Nathan MacKinnon 40. Saskatoon Wild: (From OTT) LW - Frenchie French 41. Yukon Rush: D - Jesse Sublime 42. Oslo Storm:D - Finn Schaefer Round 8: 43. Saskatoon Wild: C - Derrick Lacroix 44. Las Vegas Aces: RW - Ho-Train 45. Yukon Rush: (From HAL) - Radovan Svejkovsky 46. Ottawa Lynx: RW - Rzerk 47. Halifax 21st: (From YUK) G - Tyler Smith 48. Oslo Storm: G - Andreas Bergkvis Round 9: 49. Saskatoon Wild: G - Kyle Desjardins 50. Las Vegas Aces: RW - Ian Drake 51. Halifax 21st: D - Jeremy Myalls 52. Ottawa Lynx: D - James Lombardi 53. Yukon Rush: RW - Nick Ward 54. Oslo Storm: - The Great Cox Round 10: 55. Saskatoon Wild: D - Magnus Backlund 56. Las Vegas Aces: PASS 57. Halifax 21st: G - Potato 58. Ottawa Lynx: C - Jerome Mitchell 59. Yukon Rush: G - Rhett Stoffiday 60. Oslo Storm: PASS Round 11: 61. Saskatoon Wild: C - Ethan Sawatzky 62. Halifax 21st: (From LVA) PASS 63. Halifax 21st: PASS 64. Ottawa Lynx: PASS 65. Yukon Rush: PASS 66. Oslo Storm: PASS CENTERS (S63) 30 Retired/FA C - David Lance (S63) 30 Retired/FA (S63) 30 Retired/FA C - Edvin Bergstrand (S63) 30 Retired/FA (S63) 30 Retired/FA (S63) 30 Retired/FA C - Keywi Miles (S63) 30 Retired/FA (S63) 47 Retired/FA (S63) 30 Retired/FA C - Oscar Shroud (S63) 30 Retired/FA C - Trjegen Pisz (S63) 30 Retired/FA C - Justin Lowenstein (S62) 30 Ottawa Lynx - Liam Cook (S62) 30 Retired/FA - Simon Krogh (S62) 30 Retired/FA - Mustafa Khan (S62) 30 Retired/FA - Matt Deeks (S62) 30 Retired/FA (S62) 36 Las Vegas Aces C - Connor Heidebrecht (S62) 30 Las Vegas Aces (S63) 30 Retired/FA RIGHT WINGS RW - Anton Jokelainen (S63) 30 Retired/FA RW - Gravey (S63) 30 Retired/FA (S63) 30 Retired/FA RW - Hyuk-Kyu Kim (S63) 30 Retired/FA (S63) 30 Retired/FA RW - Jerramy (S63) 30 Retired/FA RW - Joe Bronie (S63) 30 Retired/FA RW - John McCan (S63) 30 Retired/FA RW - Johnson Johnston (S63) 30 Retired/FA (S63) 30 Retired/FA RW - Justin Recker (S63) 30 Retired/FA (S63) 30 Retired/FA (S63) 65 Retired/FA (S63) 30 Retired/FA (S63) 61 Retired/FA RW - White Goodman (S63) 30 Retired/FA (S63) 53 Saskatoon Wild - Wesley Richard (S62) 30 Retired/FA (S62) 38 Yukon Rush RW - Plutkins Vritikken (S62) 30 Ottawa Lynx - Chancellor Giles (S62) 30 Retired/FA LEFT WINGS (S63) 30 Retired/FA (S63) 42 Retired/FA (S63) 48 Retired/FA (S63) 30 Retired/FA (S63) 30 Retired/FA (S63) 40 Retired/FA (S63) 87 Retired/FA LW - Matt Hart (S63) 30 Retired/FA - barry (S62) 30 Retired/FA (S62) 30 Retired/FA - Seamus MacDonald (S62) 30 Retired/FA LW - Joseph Wolf (S62) 30 Oslo Storm LW - Evgeni Golovoy (S62) 30 Ottawa Lynx DEFENSE D - Ajay Minhas (S63) 30 Retired/FA D - Andrew McDade (S63) 30 Retired/FA D - Beckett London (S63) 30 Retired/FA D - Bernard Bernardov (S63) 30 Retired/FA (S63) 76 Retired/FA D - Craig Kost (S63) 30 Retired/FA (S63) 30 Retired/FA D - Frenezo (S63) 30 Retired/FA (S63) 30 Retired/FA (S63) 30 Retired/FA D - James Wolf (S63) 30 Retired/FA (S63) 30 Retired/FA (S63) 30 Retired/FA D - Jonas Brandstatter (S63) 30 Retired/FA (S63) 37 Retired/FA (S63) 46 Retired/FA (S63) 30 Retired/FA (S63) 41 Retired/FA D - Rick Slambone (S63) 30 Retired/FA (S63) 41 Retired/FA D - Russell Jerome (S63) 30 Retired/FA D - Ryan Cruise (S63) 30 Retired/FA (S63) 30 Retired/FA (S63) 84 Retired/FA D - Sidney Crosby (S63) 30 Retired/FA D - Kyle Grant (S62) 30 Retired/FA - Jaxson Taupert (S62) 30 Retired/FA (S62) 78 Saskatoon Wild D - North (S62) 30 Retired/FA D - Kasper Loh (S62) 30 Saskatoon Wild (S62) 123 Yukon Rush D - Simon (S62) 30 Retired/FA D - John Stephanides (S62) 30 Ottawa Lynx D - Markus Hertell 31 Las Vegas Aces (S62) 147 Yukon Rush - Vander Peng (S63) 32 Retired/FA (S62) 76 Oslo Storm GOALIES (S63) 33 Retired/FA G - Alex Schmidt (S63) 30 Retired/FA (S63) 30 Retired/FA (S63) 32 Retired/FA G - Conor Scott (S63) 30 Retired/FA G - Jace Stravinsky (S63) 30 Retired/FA (S63) 30 Retired/FA (S63) 30 Retired/FA (S63) 30 Retired/FA G - Sebastian Dietz (S63) 30 Retired/FA G - Ted Thomas (S63) 30 Retired/FA (S63) 30 Retired/FA (S63) 30 Ottawa Lynx G - Harri Abraham (S62) 30 Saskatoon Wild G - Andrew Stoddard (S62) 30 Retired/FA
  5. Thank you for handling this, @Beaviss. Welcome to the team, @jacobaa19 and best of luck.
  6. The VHLM draft is just a few short days away and prospect Burnt Toast is excited to see where he will end up playing. “I’ve been so angry just waiting for this thing to come around,” said Toast. “I don’t care what team I end up playing on because I’m going to turn that team into a Founder’s Cup winning team the second that I step onto their ice.” Toast’s confidence is something that teams will have to take into consideration as it is a personality that could rub other new prospects the wrong way as they try to figure the league out on their own. Toast definitely won’t have an issue as it’s expected the defenseman will go early enough in the draft. While the player hasn’t seen too many practice hours yet, the fact that head of the player agency Steve Smeall was just named to the VHLM commissioner team should mean that Toast’s draft stock is rising considerably fast. “Don’t let my agent speak for what I’m going to do,” said Toast. “I’m going to make sure that my VHLM team wins the Cup and then I’m off to the VHL. I am going to be a future hall of famer, just wait and see!” Many have been interested in Toast’s developments since committing to the VHLM, but there seems concerns with disinterest like Smeall’s last two players, the Kopralkov brothers. Will Toast stay invested in the league? Time will tell.
  7. The Toast player agency returned towards the end of July, making their first appearance in the VHL in years. Head of the agency, Steve Smeall, is perhaps most known for his run as the general manager of the Riga Reign, which culminated in the team capturing its first Continental Cup in quite some time. Following that win, Smeall stepped down from his role with the team and stopped bringing in new players to the league. “It was a bad case of the burn out,” said Smeall. “I had worked hard to get where I was, and when I finally reached my first goal as a general manager, I realized just how much stress I was dealing with. “I needed to step away from the league and figure out what was best for me. I think that was the right call.” While time has passed, Smeall announced last weekend that the Toast player agency would be returning to the league with a new client, defenseman Burnt Toast. Toast is set to be part of the upcoming S62 VHLM Entry Draft and the following S63 VHL Entry Draft. It didn’t take long following that announcement for Smeall to receive interest within other parts of the league as well. On Friday, it was announced that Smeall would be joining the Seattle Bears as their new assistant general manager by general manager Blake Campbell. “Campbell and I go back to when I was managing Riga,” said Smeall. “He and I have always gotten along well and Seattle has been a big part of the careers of my various clients. I’m excited to see where this opportunity brings us.” Seattle is currently deep within a rebuild phase and is looking to turn the franchise around sooner rather than later. They hold the second-overall pick in Monday’s S62 VHL Entry Draft and will be looking to potentially add Smeall’s latest client to the team as well in a season. While the Seattle Bears seems like they have a lot of work ahead of them, that wasn’t the only thing that Smeall got up to over the past week. On Sunday evening, it was announced that Smeall had also joined the VHLM Commissioner team. “There is certainly going to be a lot of pressure with the position,” said Smeall. “The league looks a lot different than when I was last around and there have been some rule changes as well of course. I have a lot of learning to do over the next few days, but I’m looking forward to having my hands full as soon as I have gotten back to the league.” Smeall won’t have to worry about having his hands full. After joining the team to replace the departing Smarch, it was revealed that VHLM commissioner Beaviss would also be leaving the league to focus of responsibilities with the recruitment squad. While the Toast player agency has just returned to the league, there is no doubt that they are picking up right where they left off, and that’s getting right to the hard work.
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