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  1. This picture is huge but a MS needs an image and this is how I feel about the VHL right now. The past season has seemed to fly by but also drag on at the same time for me. I find myself in the same spot where I have been the past few weeks and that is wondering what to write with the clock ticking before the deadline and mostly just doing this to make sure that I don't fall behind. Just last season I was going into the off-season really feeling like I was one of the top prospects available and I think Seattle picking me high in the first round really showed that the work I
  2. My last Miami PC... 1. It wasn't meant to be. I'm slow to answer these and unfortunately Yukon were the better team. Hopefully Miami grows from this and comes back next post-season even stronger. 2. Dawson had a good post-season as well. I wanted to see him really go off and think that could've helped us more but at least he did what he could. 3. Our's because we're not advancing and I hate it! 4. Bad luck. Someone get him some find my phone devices next season so Miami is never eliminated. 5. One younger brother. 6. Arctic Monkeys
  3. Phoenix Dawson will be making the jump to the VHL with the elimination of the Marauders at the hands of the Yukon Rush. Dawson was the 77th-overall pick to Miami in his draft and would end up becoming the captain in Miami and now will sit in the top 5 of the team for overall scoring (until dethroned by others). Dawson will now join a growing Seattle team with fellow prospects from his class like Phil Johnson and Hex Rose. Dawson will slot in with a few minutes on the ice for the team but seems to be someone the team can rely on for the future as they become cup contenders.
  4. Thanks for everything in Miami @Ricer13 @tinafrombobsburgers! I'm going to miss the team but I know everyone is in good hands with @Shiny!
  5. Before the season began, Miami stripped down their roster. A lot of players set to return were shipped out for picks or other players who might have another season in the M ahead of them. There wasn’t much expected of the team as the only returning player was Phoenix Dawson. However, with some draft success, free agent acquisitions and some trades to get some more proved talent on the team, Miami finds themselves heading into the post-season. The team was not expected to find too many wins through the season ended up in fifth place for the league. The 37 wins was enough to get the tea
  6. 1. I'm slow on this again but we definitely got it going! Heading into playoffs now well ahead of expectations for the team prior to the start of the season. 2. Absolutely. The GMs did great building up our team and I think we really found some chemistry together. 3. Dawson won it! Not quite 40 goals but it's good to see my player doing what he can to help lead Miami. 4. I think it's worthwhile. The team has been in there for majority of our games so let's hope it all stays together going through post-season. 5. Dusty Rhodes 6. Cats
  7. Do any of you feel like you’re just going through the motions? I think because I’m stuck at the cap waiting to jump to the VHL that I’m finding my second season to be dull compared to the first. This is nothing against my teams, but more so just a lull I’m going through I suppose. I didn’t even realize that there was a theme week going on until signing on right now to do my tasks quickly the hour before they are due. The start of the year always seems to be a low point for me. The rush of the holidays and seeing this community come together brought a ton of joy to me and now it’s the
  8. CHANGES LOOMING IN SEATTLE? Phoenix Dawson is one of the VHLM prospects in the Seattle system set to graduate following this season SEATTLE, WA — The Bears seem to be on a cusp of another solid run as they are currently sitting fourth in the North American conference and have plenty of future looking to graduate to the Bears in the upcoming season. The question facing the team is what are they going to do in terms of roster space? In the S76 VHL Entry Draft the Seattle Bears were busy in the first round alone. They acquired Hex Rose and Phil the Rock Johnson who ar
  9. As Miami went through a retooling in the pre-season, there weren’t many that expected the team to be able to keep up with the top teams in the league. With the success of the team’s draft picks and center Phoenix Dawson, the team seems to be picking up some steam and showing the league otherwise. With the most recent set of games, Dawson has broken into the top 10 scorers in the league with his 58 points through just 36 games so far this season. This is still far behind the success that Theodore Hoffman is seeing in Ottawa, but it seems that Dawson’s game continues to evolve the mo
  10. 1. Well I'm answering this a little late and this gap has almost doubled but I'm really happy with the effort the team is putting in! 2. Alex the Great and Dawson are both pulling off fantastic games. I'll have to pat myself on the shoulder here as I think Dawson is doing an excellent job in that two-way build I imagined. 3. Pick up some capable defenders to really help with this push into the post-season. 4. Spoilers: They got two points 5. Two. A miniature schnauzer and a cat! 6. Jacksonville Jaguars
  11. 1. Yes, we're finding our groove and I feel like this will keep playing. 2. Alexander the Great is playing like a star and Shiny is a fantastic LR member. 3. Every other team in the league because no one comes to mind. 4. No because we are a team fighting to be at the top but I wish it was higher. 5. 5'11" 6. Holiday spirit and stuff really feels nice
  12. 10/10 appreciate a GM willing to give people a bit of insight behind the moves. While this doesn't have specific information (shame) about what went down and why this had to happen... hopefully we'll get into it sometime later.
  13. 10/10 @Ricer13what incredible work. This is something that should be pinned here and bookmarked by any first gen member for reference. Flows nicely with the colours, spacing and direct links. Fantastic stuff.
  14. The Return of Victory 3… A long, long time ago I used to write for the VHL Magazine. This was released to the VHL community weekly and consisted of several types of articles and editorials. I think a favourite of the league was the TPE lottery that was included but I also like to believe that a favourite of everyone’s was the Victory 3. This was a quick article that would rehash the “need to know” news of the week to the readers and sometimes it would be repetitive of the headline columns, but it gave people a quick summary of what was going on. I wrote this piece for the Magazine for I want