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  1. So we are 23 games or so into the season already, let''s take a look at both TPE and season stats to see how rivals @Kylrad and xDPARK match up so far. TPE Kylrad- 293 xDPARK - 307 (after these two updates go through) Pretty close in the TPE race, although Kylrad has slacked a bit the past couple of weeks growing Chico's lead by about 5-10. A 14 TPE lead now and growing, Kylrad needs to get back on track with his VHL.com articles. Season Stats Kylrad - 23 GP - 0G - 3A - +2 - 6HIT - 20SB xDPARK - 23 GP - 2G - 6A - +0 - 7HIT - 2SB Well, to be honest I wanted to write this a few days ago when Kylrad was 17 GP and 0 points, but he appears to have had a good sim week and has caught up pretty quickly while I haven't had a point in about 2 weeks. I'm quite disappointed to see Kylrad to do so well this past week as this article has now become a waste. I only did this to chirp him but I've already spent time looking up stats and such so there's no going back now. Words: 200
  2. Let's start with these - you can (of course) pick and choose: 1) The draft just finished an hour ago or so. What do you think of the team's (four) first round picks? What about the 2nd and after? Think we drafted amazingly. We have a crazy strong S66 core now to build around. I think we will easily be a future dynasty. 3) New guys: this team has a handful of S61-S62 draftees. Who will you look up to for mentorship, now that you're in the big leagues? Victor for sure, he has been around the league forever, and has so much experience. I think most of our rookies will say the same thing. 4) The team has enough players -- especially centers -- for more than two lines. How should Riga deal with this? Maybe switch one over to the wing. We should play our strongest TPE players in teh top 6 and have the 3rd line play around 12mpg. 5) With the sheer number of players drafted this season, does the VHL need a cap increase? How much should it increase, if so? I don't think so. They've expanded twice now so I think that will take care of a lot of cap issues. Anyways, cap issues aren\t a;ways a bad thing. They create trades which can be great for league activity as it causes excitement. 7) Rookies: When are you moving, and what's one important/sentimental thing you're bringing with you to Latvia? I'll be bringing all of my KPOP CDs with me as I can't live without them. If I don't have KPOP music I will get very depressed in Latvia. 10) Is there anyone - pets, significant others, family - that you're bringing with you to Latvia? girlfriend and our 2 cats..charlie and henry
  3. F- Scott Shawinganen @Motzaburger
  4. Samuel Gate-D marvin Harding -D @Motzaburger
  5. New York -Malmo -Helsinki -Vancouver.
  6. F - Sebastian Ironside @Motzaburger
  7. 1. What do you think of Riga's draft? Best draft by far in my opinion. We now have an unbelievable S66 core, with the addition of me via trade. I was drafted only 19th, but by the end of my career I promise you that we'll look back and see that I was easily a top 10 talent in the draft, maybe even top 6 or so. 2. Thoughts on passing on Jagr? I trust whatever our GM decides to do. He knows the league a lot better than I do so whatever decisions he makes I will back him up. 3. Who will be staying down in the VHLM from this draft class? We are all playing up I believe. We now have a S66 3rd line I believe as we were all over 200 TPE ages ago. I've now just hit 300 at 19th overall. 4. Hedgy has proven to make a lot of trades recently, are you worried you might be next? Well he just traded for me, so I hope I'm not next lol. I think I'm pretty safe here now, I mean I wouldn't be mad if I got traded again because it's kind of fun to be honest. But I'm happy here and ready to start the "S66 Core Dynasty" 5. Does Riga have championship aspirations this season? It'll be tough this season with other teams like Vancouver and Davos, but in a couple seasons I think we'll be the overwhelming favourite for the cup season after season. 6. New guys: this team has a handful of S61-S62 draftees. Who will you look up to for mentorship, now that you're in the big leagues? Victor for sure. THis guy has been around sim leagues for a crazy amount of time so I'll definitely look up to him the most out of anyone on our team.
  8. Chico Smeb, selected 19th overall by Davos was quickly traded just a day later to Riga. Would he have anything negative to say about his experience in Davos? Interviewer: So what happened Chico? Why traded so quickly? Chico: It appeared there was some chaos this off-season in regards to cap space with a few teams. I was excited to go to Davos and prove to be a steal at 19th overall, but I was quickly told I would be headed to Riga because of cap reasons. I think I maybe scared some GMs with my vhl.com article before the draft, but actually I'm still very motivated to build a great player. I'm excited to be part of the stacked S66 core with Riga. I just want to say thanks to Shaun, he was classy throughout the entire process and I could tell he felt very bad about the entire thing. I have no hard feelings at all towards Davos and would be happy to play there in the future. Now I'm going to look ahead to my career with Riga, I'm going to work hard and hopefully be part of a dynasty.