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  1. 1. The trade deadline recently passed, if you could add any player in the league to Riga via trade, who would it be and why? Kylrad, he's young player and will stay active like he always has with past players. a great addition to any team 2. What is the best team logo in the VHL/VHLM? I think Malmo 3. What team logo should be re-branded, and why? Riga, it's pretty bad 4. Ryan Kastelic recently changed from defense to center, if you had to change your position- what would you choose and why? I would change to goalie simply because I've never been a goalie in over 7 years of sim leagues 5. As of today, who is your MVP of Riga? McWolf easily 6. What team is the ideal first round opponent against Riga in the playoffs? Davos so I can beat kylrad 7. What player in the league has surprised you the most this season? Kylrad is having a decent season for once 8. What user can you see being the next VHL GM? (Tag them @Kylrad 9. You'll be attending Hogwarts in the fall but instead of choosing an animal as your pet you have to pick a Pokemon instead, which Pokemon do you choose and why? pikachu because he's a classic and its the only pokemon i know 10. What House does the Sorting Hat assign to you and your Pokemon? sorry but i do not understand the question lol
  2. Although not putting up superstar numbers, Chico Smeb has definitely broken out this season in comparison to his first two seasons in the league. With 5 games left, he only needs 5 more points to double his point total from last year ( which was a career high) . He currently sits at 67 games played with 53 points, not bad at all for a 3rd year player who was drafted 19th overall, barely thought of to crack a VHL roster. INTERVIEWER: Chico, happy with your season so far? You've put up some respectable numbers so far playing with RIGA on the 2nd line. CHICO: Very. I was drafted 19th overall and had a lot of doubt coming into the league. It's nice to be able to put up some solid depth numbers in the league. I'm happy with my development so far. I don't expect to put up star numbers, or ever be a PPG player, but if I can stay around the 55-60 pts per season mark, I'll be very happy and keep interested in the league.
  3. 0 point sim day for only the 2nd time this season