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  1. as someone new to the league I can comment on this? No! How dare you!? jk, the more folks like you, the better. The best strategy would be to just DM me directly and then let me get back to you within a business day. Or better yet, do things incorrectly and let someone else notice and correct you later!
  2. Congrats @Phil on 400 hits!
  3. I dunno if it’s being on the road problems, but this isn’t loading for me!
  4. JardyB10

    Rock Bottom #28

    I listened to this several days ago and it was good. I think.
  5. Two weeks? Sounds like he needs to be released through inactivity rules!
  6. Also @N0HBDY, I WILL take another intro from you this week! Gimme now plz
  7. Great work doing math and also getting duped by Spartan. I think the rep points are based on the reactions you RECEIVE, so there’s lots of work to do there. You won’t get any pushback from me on my player, he’s called Poopy Peepants for a reason! I will still bully you relentlessly today though. Taking notes is fine, I’m just saying you don’t NEED to. Also pause cuts are less noticeable than you think! I’ll almost always listen to every podcast, so no worries there. @Frank might be lesser known to you NOOBS, but he is a legend. And a ginger. And a substance abuser.
  8. JardyB10

    Houston GM

    This boy is rising too quickly, someone needs to knock him down a peg.
  9. Press Conference is honestly one of the boring TPE tasks for me, how would you make it more exciting? I’m not sure. I know at least Fishy is a big fan of press conferences, so I think their mileage depends on the person. I don’t mind them personally if you can get thoughtful questions and answers. We have had a couple of big sims and a couple of bad sims. Why do you think the team is so streaky? Because we have a scrub like Peepants on the team, and perhaps our team makeup isn’t as consistent as some of the top teams in the standings. Did your player get a degree before the VHL or did they go straight into Hockey? No, Poopy only finished his high school diploma, and was on track to be a lifer at a grocery store. What is the worst injury you have had? Nothing too severe, though I was having issues with ingrown toenails. One time it got pretty bad, it was infected and the tiniest bit of contact was extremely painful. Are you scared of the dentist? If so, why? No, but I used to be bad with them as a kid. Getting your teeth hollowed out for cavities is painful and the drills feel very uncomfortable, even if you’re frozen. Also, I hated the feeling of being frozen. If you play Board Games, what is your favourite game at the moment. If not what is your favourite videogame. If you play neither, how do you pass the time? I haven’t played board games in too long, but I’ve had an itch for Catan lately, though I also really liked the Game of Thrones board game. For video games I float around a bit. I’m obsessed with Divinity Original Sin 2 right now, though I only play it with one of my friends. I’ve also been addicted to Civilization 5
  10. *LISTENER DISCRETION IS ADVISED* FUUUUUUUUUUUUCK https://anchor.fm/jardy-b/episodes/The-Chodesode-25-Derailed-e196epb In today's stupid bullshit episode: - I discuss @MattyIce's suspension and so vaguely leak dirty deets - Lamentation over losing the recording of the Noob Train Mentions: @WentzKneeFan036 @ClarkClanT @Thatsurfdude @dustywilson22 @tfong
  11. First of all, embedding is for suckers. Second of all, if you do more of these I'll gladly give you an onslaught of various intros! I hope Bubbles is able to help you out of your ennui! VHL as an adult can definitely be a new challenge. I personally failed at it, so my advice would be to not let any VHL "obligations" interfere with your life or joy. Finally, not having cohesive thoughts is my whole thing. That and being foul mouthed.
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