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  1. come back i miss u

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    2. Beaviss


      He messaged @.sniffuM on steam last night.

    3. WentzKneeFan036
    4. .sniffuM


      he messaged fong and asked him if he was playing stellaris with me

  2. Yeah, 9 seasons even sounds low to me, I feel like we were on the same team for like, 2 straight players. Mind you I'm inactive so what do I know!
  3. I demand to see Jardy's funeral thread. I'm actually just Anderson coming back to pay my respects.
  4. I made three already! Only two have been posted though.
  5. Funny that this thread got bumped... 4 years it was indeed! Hard drive shit the bed last year, which was partially responsible for my absence. I can't believe this website is this old already, I should dig through my post history to see what sort of cringey shit I was up to...
  6. If anyone asks, you're the reason I left Also thanks jACE, you've warmed my heart . EDIT: What have you people done to my emojis?
  7. I'd buy a nagger wolf shirt.
  8. Holy fuck you've recorded over 1000 podcasts???
  9. You read it here folks, Jardy Bunclewirth is inarguably one of the Top 15 forwards of all time!
  10. It has been almost a year since you logged in here. I think that's a problem

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    2. flyersfan1453


      @Victor I see him on steam all the time...I'll reach out to him next time I see him on.

    3. Victor


      pls - I just assumed he got run over by a tractor.

    4. BluObieZ


      Pretty sure he was attacked by a Llama

  11. It doesn't involve drinking nearly enough. *sobs*
  12. I will show you how to be a proper semi-active.