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  1. JardyB10

    C - Mikka Pajari

    It doesn't involve drinking nearly enough. *sobs*
  2. JardyB10

    C - Mikka Pajari

    I will show you how to be a proper semi-active.
  3. JardyB10

    My Favorite VHLM Memories

    I live in the Central Time Zone. 0/6
  4. JardyB10

    [TC] S60 Davos

    +5 Skating +5 Defence
  5. JardyB10

    [TC] S60 - Riga Reign

    +5 Strength +5 Defence
  6. JardyB10

    S59 Playoff Index

    Too late
  7. JardyB10

    S59 Playoff Index

  8. JardyB10

    S59 Playoff Index

    Sorry for missing Game 6 last night. Do you guys want Game 7 tonight or should I just wait for tomorrow and have the playoffs end closer with the VHLM? I personally vote for the latter, I don't like having the young 'uns feel rushed. But I'll leave it up to popular decision.
  9. JardyB10

    VHL Cup Finals, GM 6: Helsinki vs. Seattle

    Clutch lines from Banana Dick. Crazy game
  10. JardyB10

    Humboldt Broncos

    Yeah it was.
  11. JardyB10

    Humboldt Broncos

    This is so awful. My best friend used to work for the radio station in Humboldt, and his morning show co host/play by play guy for the Broncos is among the people that died. I used to play hockey with another kid's brother. Just an awful awful thing to happen. As for the intersection, it sounds like the semi completely blew the intersection. Dunno if he was asleep or didn't notice the stop sign or what. I'd also speculate he was coming from the east, where there's a yard with trees on that corner of the intersection. I'm guessing those trees prevented the drivers from seeing each other, in addition to the semi not stopping. The Google Map street view of that intersection is pretty chilling, you can see 5 crosses in the ditch for people who have died in that intersection previously. Just a terrible stupid accident.
  12. JardyB10

    VHL Cup Finals, GM 5: Seattle vs. Helsinki

    Keep it civil, children.