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  1. I'll listen to this tomorrow for my ongoing research to the question "What's your opinion on 3ppao" posed by Rory in the world famous "Ask Jardy Questions for his Podcast" thread, on Saturday April 10, 2021, at 12:01 AM CST.
  2. Welcoming sentient piranhas into the league sounds kind of dangerous! Welcome all the same! Let me know if you need assistance getting started.
  3. @Elijah (Fong's Son) You can chime in too to let us know if your real dad is in the VHL. As a side note I’m certain Slobo or Bushito’s kids would be old enough to VHL by now
  4. Oh damn, Fong is 35?? I thought he was like, 31 or 32...
  5. Is he literally Fong’s son then? Did our man have a teen pregnancy?
  6. You’re not the original Elijah presumably?
  7. You have such a nice, kindly, Mr. Rogers voice. Great pod!
  8. JardyB10

    HFX/HOU; S77

    I want a Houston-Halifax VHLM Final series!
  9. The only explanation is that he is a time traveller. I recommend copying his predictions in the off-season.
  10. Great podcast gentlemen! I love the concept of the two GMs doing a podcast for the team and with the team. I also loved hearing about @Mistxh J’s league origins, it reminded me so much of my own entry to the league. It was such a fun and cool experience for me, so it’s awesome hearing other people have the same experience now 10-11 years later, haha. Keep up the good work!
  11. Calgary is the best dang organization of all time, and the future will be bright with promising youngsters like yourself!
  12. JardyB10

    WAR/MAL; S77

    I was unaware of the backup goalie rule! Out of curiousity, suppose you had an active sub $2M backup goalie, but you still played them in 50% of the games because you’re a nice GM. Do they still technically count as a backup?
  13. JardyB10

    WAR/MAL; S77

    How does this work financially? Warsaw doesn't need to retain any of Gino's salary? EDIT: Just did some math, and even so, this doesn't seem to work if the rules and rosters are up to date! Perhaps there's a second trade coming soon?
  14. No, like the best revolutionaries I don't actually have a plan in place after the existing government is overthrown. I'm just hoping the power vacuum dice roll will come up 6s, if ya know what I mean.