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  1. Never, I love the newbies! Zetterberg on the other hand is a monster. EDIT: Just be a forum elitist and you won’t have to worry about Discord reminders
  2. 1. Our first week or so of sims hasn't been remarkable, but it has brought us some wins, which is more than we've been used to lately. What are your first impressions for this season as a whole? I've been pretty impressed honestly! On paper I honestly don't think we're QUITE as good as some of the other teams in the league, but so far the standings have begged to differ. Even when outshot we haven't really been blown out yet, so I see no reason why we can't succeed in playoffs as well. 2. How do you feel about your individual production so far? Quite badly! I wasn't expec
  3. *LISTENER DISCRETION IS ADVISED* A foul mouthed chodey sode. https://anchor.fm/jardy-b/episodes/The-Chodesode-14-Welcomes-and-a-Goodbye-e159du9 Two days ago I discussed: - My new collab with Big Albert - An end of an Era on the podcast - Welcoming new players - Maybe other stuff I forgot Mentions: @Zetterberg @bigAL @Elbapo @Jellydiot @MetalToday @rylan1474 @Lane/ @LaneTrain @VHLM GM
  4. Oh shit, I actually scored a goal!
  5. JardyB10

    SEA/HSK; S79

    If I was GM I would respect you more. I’d say “Bananadick is a cuck, great work! We needed to knock Seattle down a peg!” And then I’d predator handshake you and give you a 3rd for Elsby.
  6. JardyB10

    SEA/HSK; S79

    I think it would have been funny if Helsinki BETRAYED Seattle and didn’t complete part 2!
  7. JardyB10

    SEA/HSK; S79

    Damn that’s a good deal. But did Elsby WANT to play for Seattle!? If so, why not sign there??
  8. Also @Tate I just realized Zamboni Driver had already been selected If you want Markus Emerson Jr I’m totally okay with that
  9. I’ll just go crazy and tag @bukss_a too since y’all have different positions to select anyway. Doesn’t really matter who goes first. I’m the usurper group manager someone pay me.
  10. 1. (one skip) bukss_a F - Chris Reynolds F - Muffbeav F - D - Robin Galante Nilsson D - Chris Hylands G - Doug Dimmadome 2. (one skip) BladeMaiden (Group Manager) F - Aloe Dear F - Venus Thightrap F - Valtteri Vaakanainen D - Scotty Kaberle D - Micah Adrienne G - 3. (one skip) Jtv123 F - Christian Mingle F - Luke Thornton F - Cabe McJake D - General Zod D - Kosmo Kramerev G - Zamboni Driver 4. JardyB10 F - Groovy Dood F - Taro Tsuijmoto F - Addison McLa
  11. You guys need more country music in your intros, and luckily for you I have just the suggestion. https://youtu.be/D_zS_uiPWxs
  12. None of this incoherent nonsense is true you shrimp, I’m your real dad.
  13. I forgot I talked shit about @WentzKneeFan036 this ep so I better summon him
  14. Thank you, that’s really why I put the word “pants” in my player name.