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    WC GM 2: Riga vs. Seattle

    allez les reign
  2. Tyler

    2018-2019 NHL Discussion

    Nah that'd be an even worse idea for Toronto. 2 yrs at 7m per and then after that he's looking for 10-12 Million per depending on how the cap moves.
  3. Tyler

    2018-2019 NHL Discussion

    I don't think it's a stretch at all tbh. Look at the comparables and the percent of the cap they take up from when they first signed their deals. I think anything between 8-9 is about where he ends up. It's the downside to having so many young guys come in to the league at the same time.
  4. Tyler

    Small Changes for S63

     Auto-Retirement of 2nd player Draft pick fines Suspension of 2nd player privileges Termination does this after Calgary has a super team
  5. Tyler

    A historic season

    Ahma is winning MVP.
  6. Tyler

    [S62] HC Davos

    @PandarKonstantin Mulligan S63: 1.5M S64: 1.5M S65: 1.5M
  7. Tyler

    [S62] HC Davos

    Ko Kane @BluObieZ S63: 1M * S64: 1M ** *NTC ** Player Option
  8. Tyler

    2018-2019 NHL Discussion

    Lol I was joking. He should be back in Assat IMO. I doubt they even consider Laval as a serious option. It's either dominate at camp and play in the NHL or go back to Finland for him. He's coached by his father so it may be the best option.
  9. Tyler

    2018-2019 NHL Discussion

    Kotkaniemi the next Kopitar folks. @Ahma another Finnish legend for the Habs.
  10. Tyler

    NYA/TOR S61 Offseason

    Why was this trade even allowed to go through lol what a bizare thing to happen
  11. Tyler

    Have we lost all diversity?

    Scotty told me to add to defense to score more back in like Season 10 so it was well before bou lol
  12. Tyler

    GM 268: HC Dynamo vs. Meute

    I think we're 2-1 against Quebec since the "let's just go to the finals" spot. I'm too lazy to verify that and am fully trusting the rest of you are too.
  13. Tyler

    The Steady Hand - The Charm

    Thanks man! Awesome read.
  14. https://twitter.com/nomifooty/status/1041033278218756096 Madrid shoulda taken him for 200M now the price is higher.
  15. season starts in a few weeks looking more and more like Hazard will stay at Chelsea ❤️
  16. Tyler

    VHL Predict the score (S62W6)

    285 Titans (1) vs Bears (4)
  17. Tyler

    VHL Pickem (S62W6)

    285 Titans vs Bears 286 Americans vs HC Dynamo 287 Reign vs Titans  288 Legion vs Wranglers
  18. Tyler

    GM 250: HC Dynamo vs. Wranglers

    STHS baby
  19. Tyler

    An Ode to Boner

  20. Tyler

    GM 246: Meute vs. HC Dynamo

    big win over a cup favourite!
  21. Ko Kane from draft faller to champion. When Tyler Owens took over as GM of HC Davos he knew he had to build a core. He sold some pieces and got back a handful of draft picks and assets. It took a couple of seasons but it finally came together last season. One of the first players he drafted was defender Ko Kane and he was there with him hoisting the Continental Cup over their heads. Kane has always been a clear leader on the ice. A physical force, shot blocking machine and among the most noticeable and fan favourite players in Davos. What is not known however is how much of a force he is off the ice, not just to the community, but also for his teammates. Kane is a guy a lot of young players look up to. He has a solid presence on the ice that helps younger players play with confidence. He has been lined up with rookie sensation Alvaro Jokinen for parts of the season and it has only grown his game. He may put up solid numbers with anyone, but Jokinen clearly looks his best when he is on the Kane-Jokinen pair. Only time will tell what influence Kane has on Jokinen's game, but so far the results look very positive. Most of the time however, Kane is found playing alongside Adam Warlock. The two veteran players have been a solid pairing all season and have worked to feed the puck up the ice to the Dynamo forwards. The real work and value of Kane however may come in the community. He runs a free car wash as part of a fundraiser during the summer months with proceed going towards his children's charity. He used to have a hard man persona when he was first drafted but has since become a soft spoken, charitable and well liked version of himself. He is still hard as nails on the ice with bone crunching hits and a hard solid slapshot, but off of it he has become much more of a father figure in the league. A player who slipped in the draft due to "character concerns" eventually became a leader and a rock on the blue line for one of the leagues best teams through his prime. He is also the kind of teammate everyone speaks so highly of and the long time captain of the HC Davos Dynamo isn't ready to go anywhere anytime soon. He wants to keep playing as long as his legs will hold up. It seems like Davos seasons of contending may finally be coming to an end. The team is on path towards a potential rebuild after this season depending on what happens. It's far from set in stone, but if a rebuild is needed Kane will be the kind of veteran leadership any team will crave. He's won it all playing the right way. He may never get the accolades of a hall of fame player or anything like that but he will be remembered in Davos for seasons to come.
  22. David Kiaskov wore the C in Quebec and has carried his leadership abilities to Davos. I remember the day of the Season 57 draft when it came to my pick at number 13 I had no clue who to take. I had just been named GM and was a little unprepared for the draft. Never the less I got three strong contributers to my team even if it took a while for one to come home. Kiaskov at 13 was a pick I made on the spot with no real prior knowledge. He seemed like a decent member who was comitted quietly to adding TPE to his player. That player is David Kiaskov who has been a solid reliable two way player for seasons now in the VHL. He was drafted by Davos but eventually moved to Quebec in a trade before I reacquired him this off season. I, and my locker room, knew we were going to need scoring with the changes in the off season. In the end, the target was pretty clear. Kiaskov has had back to back 76 point seasons, first in Quebec and later in New York. Despite that he's never had any real name recognition around the league as a star. This is due in large part to being on rebuilding teams and the style of player he is. He isn't flashy or the kind of player to elevate your team. Instead, he is a reliable player that can play in any situation and can even grind the other teams down if need be. You will never see his name in the Hall of Fame or in the record books, but he is an important key piece to the puzzle that is HC Davos. While the team has struggled this year he has remained consistent putting 40 assists together on a team that is starved for creativity up front. What is maybe most important however is his ability to play the game the way it was played in the 80's and 90's. He is not big by any means. Only five foot seven but he is mean and he loves to play with an edge to his game. That is why he was a fan favourite in Quebec, New York and now Davos as well. A good comparison would be a less skilled and grittier Brad Marchand. He will fight anyone who is willing even if it means eating punches from bigger opponents. He is one of the locker room favourites and someone the GM is looking to keep around after this season. Maybe hist most valued moments will be in the post season as he has experience to come along with his talent and grit. He is the kind of player every single team needs in order to win. It's a cliche, but the players you go out and battle harder for. He can play all throughout the lineup and as a nose for creating offense on the rush. It's yet to be seen how regression hits him hardest this off season, but for now he is looking to make a big cup run for Davos, before heading in to the next season.