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  1. Tyler

    S64 Off-Season Schedule

    can i sign for moscow as a fa when u move the team to vasteras @Victor
  2. Tyler


    I will kick your fucking ass just kidding altho I was pretty upset Sunday The Rams losing the Pats kryptonite (white Wr Cooper Kupp) was crucial.
  3. Tyler

    Semi-Finals 1 - Game 6: Seattle vs Toronto

    lmao get fucked seattle miserable franchise
  4. Tyler

    VHL & VHLM Expansion and Relocations!

    Terrible decisions.
  5. Tyler

    World Juniors

    Finland baby! @Ahma
  6. Tyler

    World Juniors

    @Ahma Finland making Canada look childish
  7. Tyler

    A Look at the Worst Draft in VHL History

    such a beautiful logo smh
  8. Tyler

    World Juniors

  9. Tyler

    World Juniors

    Figures. At least Brook looks good for you guys in the dub.
  10. Tyler

    World Juniors

    Can't believe he sent Comtois to take the penalty shot smh
  11. Tyler

    Welcome MaxDomi!

    Welcome bud!
  12. Tyler

    World Juniors

    What can I say folks!
  13. 8 am kick off gonna be too hungover for that I predict.
  14. season starts in a few weeks looking more and more like Hazard will stay at Chelsea ❤️
  15. spurs title challenge lasted 3 days