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  1. Tyler

    World Cup 2018

    World cup handed to france by poor officiating ­čĄó
  2. Tyler


    Let's ban the entire Titans roster until we figure out what's going on
  3. Tyler

    World Cup 2018

    England had the easiest world cup road to a semi final in the history of the tournament. Played three good sides. Lost to two of them and only beat the other in Pens (without their superstar player!). Good to see them lose. Didn't deserve to be there.
  4. Saturday Belgium (2) - England (1) Sunday France (2) - Croatia (0)
  5. Just means Real are going to make a real push for Hazard
  6. Tyler

    GM 186: HC Dynamo vs. Wranglers

  7. Tyler

    GM 177: HC Dynamo vs. Wranglers

    @Lucky 2 Times
  8. Username: Tyler Final ranking of the last 4 teams: (France, Belgium, Croatia, England) 1. France 2. Croatia 3. Belgium 4. England
  9. Tuesday France (2) - Belgium (2) *France in Pens Wednesday ´╗┐ Croatia (1) - England´╗┐´╗┐ (0)
  10. Missed a pen in the final in 2008. Choker.
  11. Tyler

    VHL Predict the score (S61W4)

    171 Wranglers (4) @ Americans (2)
  12. Tyler

    VHL Predict the score (S61W3)

    157 Meute (3) @ Reign (1)
  13. Tyler

    VHL Pickem (S61W4)

    169 Bears @ Meute 170 Reign @ Legion 171 Wranglers @ Americans ´╗┐ 172 HC Dynamo @ Titans
  14. Tyler

    VHL Pickem (S61W3)

    157 Meute @ Reign 158 Bears @ Americans 159 HC Dynamo @ Titans ´╗┐ 160 Legion @ Wranglers´╗┐
  15. Uruguay - France Brazil - Belgium Sweden - England Russia - Croatia
  16. Friday Uruguay (2) - France (1) Brazil (1) - Belgium in Pens (1) Saturday Sweden (1) - England (0) Russia (1) - Croatia (3)
  17. Tyler

    World Cup 2018

    If Sweden hold on I've got all but one bracket prediction right here... Just gotta hope football is coming home!
  18. Brazil (2) - Belgium (1)
  19. Tyler

    World Cup 2018

    Neymar must have died 5 times during the course of the match the way he reacted to every touch
  20. Tyler

    World Cup 2018

    pray to god Belgium 7-1's these cheating cunts
  21. Tyler

    2018-2019 NHL Discussion

    I think Nylander will get in the six million per range. Maybe even higher if its a longer term deal...
  22. Tyler

    2018-2019 NHL Discussion

    I said the flyers would go to the finals next year in June. I think they're underrated as a team. If one of their young dmen take the jump expected they could easily be elite as soon as next season.
  23. Tyler

    2018-2019 NHL Discussion

    They're going to be a fun team for sure but their defense is still pretty meh. They have lots of cap wonder if they try and take a swing at someone with an expiring contract on the blue line? I like Reilly but the rest is pretty bad for a contender. THey should be all over Petry if Mtl trades him. Would be a perfect fit for them.
  24. Tyler

    2018-2019 NHL Discussion

    Scenes when the Habs offer sheet Matthews next year.
  25. Tyler

    2018-2019 NHL Discussion

    I said the Flyers could win the cup next year in May. Don't let me down!