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  1. @Quik @Anthony Matthews Not sure who’s next? Who’s still in it lol
  2. Times up I’m next Jack Lynch @Everlast73 your up let’s try to finish this draft quik, we have been doing this forever...
  3. Clayton Park joined the Bears in the time of a rebuild and has had an meateoker start to his rookie season. However on Sunday night there was nothing meateoker about his performance vs the Helsinki Titans! The Titans fired a total of 11 shots in the first and Park came up huge stopping all 11 of them! In the second period the Titans fired a parade of shots, 19 in total. Bert Meyers beat Park on a sweet passing play where he had absolutely no chance, to make it 1-0. Then minutes later on one of Helsinki’s many power plays Julian Borwinn sniped one past Park to make it 2-0. Although it may look like Park had a bad period he absolutely did not! He made some incredible saves in the 2nd and stopped 17 of 19 shots. In the 3rd period Seattle took a dangerous amount of penalties. Park was without a doubt the best penalty killer as he continued to make save after save trying to keep his team in the game. Park only allowed 1 goal on the power play and Helsinki had 11 power play opportunities!! That’s pretty dam good if you ask me! Park continued to battle making save after save in the 3rd and stopping all 18 shots. Unfortunately Seattle’s offence could not get going and they fell 2-0 to Helsinki. For the first time in his young VHL career, Clayton Park was named the 2nd star of the game. He stopped a total 46 of 48 shots in this game and had a save percentage of 0.958. I’m sure this won’t be the last time we see a stellar performance from this young rookie! Clayton Park had this to say post game. “ I definitely feel this is my best game as a bear to date and it’s nice to be recognized for my performance. Unfortunately we still couldn’t come out with the W so we will have some things to work on in practice.”
  4. @Beketov tough game but my best for sure! @Banackock Thanks buddy!! Happy with my performance, wish we had of got the W but no big deal we’re in a rebuild!
  5. @Quik times up @Rocketman04 your turn
  6. May 17th Bio +2 https://vhlforum.com/topic/62743-biography-dylan-doyle-born-to-compete/ Bio +2 https://vhlforum.com/topic/62727-the-wing-from-down-under-berocka-sundqvist/ 4 Review Points= 1 TPE
  7. Review: I feel is was well written and provided valuable information on his life. I like how you added that at 18 he decided to work towards a VHL career and liked that you added in information on his VHLM career. Overall great job and best of luck with your career!