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  1. Clayton it must be hard being traded twice in a very short time span, tell us more about that. Well first off I loved playing in Seattle and appreciate the opportunity they gave me last season as a rookie. However they wanted to go for a quik cup run and I was not in that plan. I totally understand! Next I was dealt to Vancouver which appeared to be a good home for me. However shortly after the trade they acquired a very talented veteran goaltender. This made things complicated as they now had 1 solid starter and 2 backups around the same skill level. I don’t mind being a backup but I don’t want to share the position. After bringing up my concern with my former GM, I was then traded to my new home in Riga!! I pray this is my last stop because I’m excited to be here and could learn a lot from the starter Kallis Kriketers. What are your thoughts about joining Riga? I’m actually beyond excited and would love to play for this organization long term! Kallis Kriketers is an incredible goaltender and it will be a pleasure to back him up. There’s a couple familiar faces that I played with/against in the VHLM like Matthews & the legend HHH! It’s always nice to know a few people but I have a strong feeling these guys will make me feel right at home! How do you feel about your game going into next season? I feel like I’m getting better each day & working hard to be a goalie my teammates can count on! Last season as a rookie I worked on a lot of things and I am confident you will see a better Clayton Park this season! Shoutout to @hedgehog337 for brining me to the city of Riga!!!!!
  2. Awesome proud to be joining Riga & I would love the opportunity to play here long term!
  3. In the S67 draft the Seattle Bears drafted Rays Funk 2nd overall. It was at that point that Clayton knew big changes were coming. After waving his no trade clause he began to come up in a lot of trade rumours. The most popular rumour was Vancouver. Then late last night Seattle traded Clayton Park to Vancouver in exchange for Chase & a 4th round S48 draft pick. Here what Clayton had to say about the trade and leaving Seattle. “ As soon as they drafted Funk 2nd overall I knew something was probably in the works. My former GM in Seattle was great through the process and continued to keep me in the loop. It was definitely tough because I thought I was part of the long term plan in Seattle. The Seattle Bears are building a team for a quik cup run and I didn’t fit into their plan. I appreciate all the opportunities Seattle gave me and I wish the organization the best of luck.” Clayton Park had this to say about joining the Vancouver Wolves. “ I am happy to be joining the wolves organization and look forward to my future with the team. It looks like we have a young talented team and I’m looking forward to seeing what we can accomplish! One of the most exciting things about this trade is that I am now on the same team as my good friend Hans Gruber! It’s been a tough 24 hours and I just can’t wait to put on a Wolves Jersey!!!”.
  4. Appreciate the opportunities that Seattle gave me and excited for my future in Vancouver!
  5. 1) I believe it’s great because we can draft young talent and work towards a strong future. 4) I think we’re a young team that will get better and you will see a better bears team this season. 5) I think there’s a cup in the next 3 seasons!
  6. We’re in studio with Bears goaltender Clayton Park to see what he’s up to this off season. “ As a young goaltender in the pros it is very important to work hard in the off season and improve. This offseason I will be training with former NHL goaltender Curtis Joseph aka Cujo! He is a friend of my father and offered to work with me during the off season to help me improve. This will be an incredible opportunity to learn from one of my childhood hero’s and I am so excited to get started!” “ When I am not training with Cujo I will be working with the fantastic coaching staff in Seattle. They will put me through various workouts and drills to improve my game. The coaching staff in Seattle is among the best in the league in my opinion as they are very experienced and knowledgeable.” “ Lastly I believe every player deserves some time away from the rink to relax with family or travel and the offseason is the perfect time for that. Our family is going on a 2 week cruise through Alaska and that will be an incredible experience. I am hoping we see lots of icebergs and polar bears but mostly the polar bears! I will workout on the ship but other then that I will be relaxing because the body needs that on occasion!” Thanks for stopping by Clayton Park and we wish you all the best in the coming season! Also enjoy that trip!!!