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  2. Before being away for a while, @gorlab had a couple solid players in Jody 3 Moons and Bobby Digital. Neither of these players were really standouts, and as such they have not been enshrined in the Hall of Fame. In his return, however, gorlab is on track to potentially join the ranks of the elites with his newest player, Jet Jaguar. Jaguar hasn't won shit in his career (not even a Stolzschweiger Trophy), but he still has possibly some of his best seasons ahead of him. This year, the best of his career, he is leading the league in points with just a few more games to play. He is among the leaders in both goals and assists, and he has his team firmly in first place in the league. Since joining the VHL in S66, Jaguar has been one of the best offensive players in the league. As a rookie, he had 40 goals and 90 points, both good enough to put him in the top ten for the season. He struggled in his second and third seasons, but has turned things back around since then. He has 156 goals and 244 assists in 357 career games. His 400 points ranks second in the league since he joined, with surefire Hall of Famer Julian Borwinn the only player ahead of him.
  3. First goal for three of us!! @Gavin Minton @Lefty_S
  4. Here goes something Tangibles: -heights, if I'm unsecured. Like, I'm fine on a roller coaster or in a building; but if I'm standing on top of a cliff looking down, FUCK FUCK FUCK. And I don't even like seeing someone I'm with looking down too close to the edge. I just start to panic. -centipedes somewhat. I don't know if I would necessarily call it a fear, but my feet are not touching the ground if I see one crawling around. I hate them. Intangibles: I might end up going off on a bit of a tangent here. And it's going to be a bit rambly. Typical things like rejection, failure, being meaningless and alone. I don't like to put myself out there, because I view rejection as failure and failure is BAD. Why do something if you are no good at it, right? I don't like trying new things. I've been working at Wal-Mart for nearly five years now even though I'm overqualified because it's easy and I know I can do it. Why try anything else? I'm good at this easy thing! I feel like I will never matter. Like, people can say I matter to them all they want, but I feel like I make no difference in anyone's life. And it's like, what's the point? The way it seems like it's always been for me is this: I'm everyone's friend, but nobody's best friend. And it'll always be that way. I know, I shouldn't depend on others to be happy, but that doesn't work for me. I don't know what my point is here. I'm depressed and anxious. People who make fun of musical interests. Or television or anything that doesn't impact their life. Just let people be happy with the things that make them happy, if it's not affecting anyone. I mean, I guess just being rude in general, but that should just be a given. Don't make fun of someone because they like Nickelback or anime or whatever. I already feel insecure enough, I don't need you making me feel like I can't share the things that I like. Here's an example. So my favorite band is Motion City Soundtrack. A lot of my musical interests (and really everything: gaming, television, humor) was influenced greatly by my older brother. He found out from my sister that my favorite band is Motion City Soundtrack. And he's just like, no one's favorite band is Motion City Soundtrack. He proceeds to talk about how they are alright, but after their first album they don't matter. Like, okay fine whatever. It really shouldn't matter to me, but my life has been so influenced by him. His taste in music went elsewhere, and that's fine. But he doesn't have to mock my favorite band. And then he proceeds to say "that's like someone's favorite band being Alkaline Trio." HEY GUESS WHO MY SECOND FAVORITE BAND IS. And he knew that too. He then also said something about Streetlight Manifesto being an awful band for their genre. Why. Why are you saying these things? What are you accomplishing? Do you want me to ever talk to you about things that I like EVER? First off, I'm going to cheat and say something that already happened, because I'd been looking forward to it for several months. Years, in a way. I saw my favorite band, Motion City Soundtrack, in concern last week. I'm not really a concert goer, and this was definitely the biggest I've been to. It was awesome. A few years ago, though, they had a "Farewell Tour." They were, at least for the time being, done. I wanted to make it to a show, but I couldn't make it work. I'd considered that to be one of the biggest regrets of my life that didn't really affect my life. Then I heard they were having a reunion tour and I knew I'd have to go. So I made sure I did and it was great. When they first stepped on stage, I had this huge grin on my face. Like, they were RIGHT THERE. And I was near the front so I could see them clearly. Okay, so that was something that I had been looking forward to. What am I looking forward to now? One of my sisters is getting married later this year. That's exciting. I'm one of the groomsmen as well. I have a friend getting married in a couple months as well. I like weddings because people are happy (I also don't like them because they remind me of how forever alone I might be). Training for, and running, a marathon. I don't really travel. I work at Wal-Mart so I don't have money. And I don't really care about going anywhere in particular. Actually, I think seeing the pyramids would be cool. Just to see how massive they actually are. I want to see something really big that the pictures don't do justice. Sour cream and onion Pringles ICE CREAM
  5. scoop

    VAN/NYA; S70

    Whichever one of these picks becomes me is the trade winner.
  6. 1. I'm just looking to get the most experience possible right now. Saskatoon offered me ample playing time, and I could tell by looking at the size of the roster that was a promise that would be kept. There was no way I would be able to contribute to a team that was trying to compete, so chasing a cup seemed pointless. 2. A lot of losing, but a lot of playing time. Of our 16 remaining games, 12 are against teams with a winning record. Four of those are against the first-place Storm. It's gonna be a rough time for the team, and while we might pick up a win or two against another one of the bottom teams, it's possible we don't win another game. I'd like to get my first VHLM goal out of the way before the season ends, though. 3. More so than any other player, I guess I'd say Shawnomir Jagr. I'm not strictly modelling my game after him, but I think he plays very similar to how I would like to. He's smart out there, aware of what's going on. A good offensive player, but capable defensively. You won't see him mixing it up too much with other players, but he can certainly hold his own. 4. Dream destination? Why, the Madrid Thunder of course. 5. None; I don't touch the stuff. 6. Fayt Leingod, my first player (other than an entirely inactive goalie), played at least one full VHL season, one All-Star Game, and one World Cup at each forward position.
  7. With the trade deadline week upon us, players are now able to declare for the Season 72 VHL Entry Draft. One of the early entrants is Isaías "Izzy" Valencia. A native of Spain, Valencia was first exposed to hockey through his family's love of the Madrid Thunder of the VHL. Madrid only held on to the team for four season before the franchise made the move back to Vasteras, long before Izzy was born, but he has still watched almost every Madrid Thunder game multiple times. It has been a tradition in his family to watch VHL seasons 16 through 19 in rotation whenever the VHL is in action. They don't care about anything else VHL related aside from the Madrid Thunder, for whatever reason. With Valencia setting his sights on playing in the VHL, however, this will possibly change in the future. While he spent plenty of time watching the sport, Valencia did not have the most experience with it prior to moving to the US to attend the University of Saint Thomas in Minnesota, where he joined their Division III hockey team. Despite being a gifted athlete, he did not have an easy time with it at first, as you'd expect. While he didn't play much at all in any games until his third year, he kept at it and practiced hard. By the end of his time there, he'd become a decent player. The next step for him in the VHLM. He has already signed on with the Saskatoon Wild, where he will receive plenty of playing time, for the remainder of S70. Although the team is one of the worst, it is the ideal location for him, as he just needs any and all experience that he can get at this point.
  8. I think given that your team has the least players, I'd probably join you regardless of what others offer.