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  1. Yeah, I did actually find somewhere that you said that you were going to be recreating. As far as me or you in the draft goes, I think GM's could see you as a more sure thing to at least be a serviceable, active VHL player. People who are aware of how my most recent three players turned out may (justifiably) be wary of drafting me even if I max out all the way from now until the draft. Samuel Gate turned out decent, even winning best defenseman in his final season, but I was only active with him until the end of his second season. My two players since then, I went inactive before the draft eve
  2. Oh, wow I'm an idiot yeah Josh is a GM too. Though I actually didn't realize the GM claim rule was abolished; I checked the rule book specifically to see but it hasn't been updated.
  3. So there I was in need of a topic to write about, not wanting to focus on myself again. Then I go and read a thread where people are badmouthing the career point tasks. Now, I'm not going to say they are perfect, but I personally hated writing biographies, so maybe that's just why I prefer what we have now. I saw a lot of people talking about how the Junior Review and Prospect Scouting Report are too similar, but honestly, I think they are fine. Maybe the Junior Review should be tweaked into something more like a backstory article, which is essentially how I view it anyway. This article is sup
  4. 1. With the off-season ongoing, are you looking forward to next year? I'm looking forward to actually getting to show off my skills. This year, I played two games. I also had very little time to catch my skills up to the level of even an average player in the minors. I've had a lot of time now to improve, and next season I should come out of the gate a lot better than I was in those two games. Over the course of the season, I expect to drastically improve as well, and that growth should lead to a huge increase in my draft stock. 2. What kind of goals have you set out for next
  5. this reminded me to say happy birthday to my niece, thanks
  6. With the Pre Draft Live S79 Class Rankings having begun, now seems like a good time to take a look at just how high I could potentially be drafted. Given how my last two players turned out, I think it would be fair to say that the floor on Taylor Mourning is relatively low. Neither Justin Rushmore nor Izzy Valencia made it into the VHL, as I went inactive with both of them before even being drafted (resulting in them both being picked in the 40's). Prior to those two, however, I had recently produced Samuel Gate, the second overall pick in the S61 draft, taken behind some guy named Matt Thomps
  7. Then it's a good thing I don't care about what you think.
  8. Yeah, well, you weren't. IDIOT
  9. Bruh I was here not that long ago. I earned like 100 TPE on a player in the S72 draft. And I lurk enough to know the team names. And they may have even been in Vancouver when I was active with Samuel Gate. Hell, I think I might have played for them. Just checked; I was literally on the team when they moved. Wow okay actually I wasn't active with Gate at that time, though. I only earned TPE on him through two seasons and still finished with 610. Forgot I was TPE whoring with him early on, but now I'm remembering that race that I had with Beketov when I think at the time
  10. In my completely unbiased opinion, who the hell are these guys it's weird coming back and not recognizing any player names.
  11. I could literally go anywhere. I care so little for how the playoffs turn out that I find more interest in trying to guess where and when I will be selected in the VHLM draft when I could probably just as likely go 17th overall as 43rd. That's probably not true. I haven't actually looked yet. The first step is looking at the players who will definitely go ahead of me. Sova Miklavz Jugs Johnston Iwasawa Greiss Reinhart Emeritus ... Okay, this was a bad idea. I'm not writing a media spot here. I'm not doing scout work. Let's just estimate that I'm drafted betw
  12. 1. Now that our season has officially ended, describe your overall experience with the kings (what you liked and disliked) I liked that they paid me money. I only played two games with the team, since I created at the deadline and took several days before signing. This season meant next to nothing for me, not that I had any negative experience with it. 2. Even though we didn’t make playoffs, we still get to watch. Who do you think is gonna take it all? Well, the easy answer is Mississauga, so I'm going to go with Mississauga. The only team that really put up much of a fight aga
  13. scoop


    You still repping the GIMP train dude?