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  1. 1. We got a pretty decent record of 10-1-1, how does that feel? Feels great. I wasn't expecting us to start off this strong, and it's a long season so we could definitely lose the lead we have right now. 2. What's the latest you've stayed up? I've gone to work on 24 hours of no sleep, so at least like 33 or 34 hours. 3. Earliest you've gone to bed? I have no idea. I mean, do naps count? I've fallen asleep for like 5 hours in the afternoon before. But I work nights now, so I've gone to sleep at like 9 am a couple hours after getting home before. 4. Wha
  2. The Ottawa Lynx are atop the VHLM standings, and have been since the season started. They started 8-0 before being dealt their first loss, a 3-2 defeat at the hands of the Philadelphia Reapers. Just a few games later, they dropped an overtime game to the defending champion Minnesota Storm. They have not lost since then; they currently have a 14-1-1 record, putting them three points ahead of the second-place Las Vegas Aces. Ottawa has also played one fewer game thus far than most other teams. Leading the way for the Lynx are Adam Syreck and Richard Penisson, who are the top two poin
  3. 109 Vancouver Wolves 110 Prague Phantoms 112 Helsinki Titans 113 Riga Reign
  4. 1. What's your favourite game show? If Survivor is considered a game show, then that. Otherwise probably Jeopardy. I don't really watch game shows much anymore. 2. What's the worst show or movie you've seen? The Room definitely comes to mind, but that's a "so bad it's funny" movie. 3. What's your favourite kind of weather? If I'm indoors, I like thunderstorms. Heavy winds are nice too; one of my favorite sounds is the wind whistling. If I'm going to be doing something outside, a temperature around 65-70 F with a light breeze. And put the sun behi
  5. The VHLM season has just begun, and for Ottawa, it has gone well. The last remaining undefeated team, the 4-0 Lynx are coming off a season in which they lost in the finals. On paper, their team does not look the best; they certainly aren't the worst, but they have some holes that could be filled. Given that, their strong start could prompt management to make a move to elevate the team's game even further. Four games is of course not a great sample size to rely on, and two of those wins were against weaker teams. The biggest story here is really their two wins against last season's champions, t
  6. D Gillaume Fontenette @enigmatic
  7. F Roll Fizzlebeef @enigmatic