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  1. street

    S63 Group 8 Fantasy Draft

    Tristan Iseult @Beketov
  2. street

    S62 Hall of Fame Induction

    Wooo Skye!
  3. street

    S63 Group 8 Fantasy Draft

    @Philliefan Colton Rayne was actually taken a couple picks ago, the first post just hasn't been updated quite yet with that pick. So you should make a different selection (and yes, you do have two picks in a row here, so you'll have Shephard+whoever your replacement pick is)
  4. street

    S63 Group 8 Fantasy Draft

    I'm tired of drafting plays-for-shitty-teams defensemen. Gonna hurt me for sure, but whatever. Samuel Gate @Philliefan
  5. street

    Players: Seeking Endorsement

    Samuel Gate is open to offers
  6. street

    S63 Group 8 Fantasy Draft

    Beau Louth @Beketov
  7. street

    S63 Group 8 Fantasy Draft

    yeah but I don't really pay much attention to the league at the moment so I don't know what this season is going to look like and I'm still just going to assume Gabriel McAllister is still good Gabriel McAllister @Philliefan
  8. street

    S62 World Cup Predictions!

    S62 World Cup Predictions Worst Team: Mercenaries Bronze Medal: World Silver Medal: USA Gold Medal: Canada
  9. street

    S62 World Cup Index

    holy moly this new index is a pain
  10. street

    [TC] S63 Quebec Meute

    +10 Sammy G