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  1. street

    VHFL Leaders

    Hey, here's some more VHFL coverage. So I'm just gonna take a look at all the VHFL players and put together the highest fantasy scoring line so here we go! LW Gabiel McAllister With 206.6 fantasy points, McAllister is the highest scoring forward, and fourth highest player overall. He leads the league in hits at 365 (putting him on pace to break the single-season record). He is near the top in goals as well, but sits lower down the list in points with just 79. McAllister was a very high pick in every VHFL group, and he has not disappointed those teams who were lucky enough to get him. C Jack Shepard Teammate Fook Yu is technically listed as a center, but he doesn't play the position. Shepard leads the league with 46 goals, five more than the three-way tie for second. Just 16th overall among skaters with 159.6 fantasy points, Shepard's lack of a physical game really hampers his VHFL showing. Still, his offensive prowess has him as the sixth best forward, and top center. RW Aleksei Federov Keaton Louth is listed as a right wing, but plays on the left side, so Shepard's teammate Federov is actually the highest in this position. Federov has nice all-around stats, with 39 goals, 45 assists, and 285 hits. Three left wingers rank above him, but at 197.6, he is within ten fantasy points of the top forward spot. D Emil Martinov Leads the league in shots blocked by far, making him the highest fantasy scorer. D Ay Ay Ron Another league leader, Ay Ay Ron has 72 assists. No one else in the league is even on pace to reach that number by the end of the season. Ron also has over 200 hits and over 100 shots blocked, which has him at 221.6 fantasy points. He is not far behind Martinov, whose lead was much higher at the beginning of the season, so Ron could possibly end up as the highest fantasy scorer. G Norris Stopko The top four goalies are within ten fantasy points of each other, but Stopko's 177.75 have in in the lead for now thanks to his league-leading 11 shutouts. He leads the league in save percentage and goals against average, but given that he has fewer wins and saves than Arkander and King, he will need to stay sharp to hold onto his fantasy lead. Whoever has the most shutouts in the finals games will likely finish as the best fantasy goalie.
  2. street

    HoF snub podcast I talk about a player who I think should be in the Hall of Fame Music: Flashlight Brown - Whoa Man
  3. street

    Samuel Gate press conference

    Week ending July 15 3 asked + 2 asked 3 answered
  4. street

    Samuel Gate press conference

    1. Yeah, I can see myself in that position. While I don't really like the idea of building a dynasty around a defenseman, throw in a couple star forwards and I can certainly support them. So don't you dare leave me. 2. I'm pleased so far. I was expecting a max of 60 points, and I'm on pace for about 55 right now, so that's good. I'm getting a good amount of hits as well. This slump we've been on hasn't been great for my numbers, but prior to it I was having a good surge. I just bumped my passing and scoring up a bit (75 and 65, respectively) so maybe that can help our offense get back on track. 3. It'd be easy to pick one of the guys who is already doing great, like Podrick Cast or Edwin Preencarnacion, so I will. By now, I'm convinced that Victor's return is real, so I have to go with Cast. Looking at the players he has made in the past, he would seem to be a pretty safe bet. There are a lot of very talented players from my class, though, so the competition will be fierce. I'll get to the other questions next week.
  5. street

    Jeff Gow Press Conference

    1. Any goals or expectations for the rest of Jeff Gow's career? 2. What are your thoughts on the disconnect in payout for Press Conference questions vs answers? Specifically: three answered = 1 TPE, five asked = 1 TPE; that means if I'm asking questions, I'll probably ask one person three and another person two, but that leaves you with just two questions, which isn't enough for 1 TPE. Now if you answer my questions and no one else asks you anything, you will have answered questions with nothing to show for it.
  6. street

    Velevra's Press Conference

    @Velevra 1. Do you think there should be any changes to the VHFL, or are you content with the current formula which you've been highly successful at? (For the record, you're second behind me right now this season). 2. Thoughts on how your season is going thus far? 3. How do you feel about the fact that Apollo Skye has been absent from the Hall of Fame ballot the last two seasons?
  7. street

    World Cup Bracket: The Finals

    Username: street Final ranking of the last 4 teams: (France, Belgium, Croatia, England) 1. France 2. England 3. Belgium 4. Croatia
  8. 2-0 France 2-0 England
  9. street

    top defensive defenseman talk drags on far too long and I'm tired zzz but I talk about the Jake Wylde Trophy
  10. street

    Vote for VHL

    Oh yeah I suppose i must have already because it says I did.
  11. street

    Vote for VHL

    Yeah I couldn't/can't either. Maybe I already did and just forgot.
  12. street

    VHL Predict the score (S61W4)

    2-1 Americans
  13. street

    VHL Predict the score (S61W3)

    3-2 Meute