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  1. @Phil @Telkster @wcats @BOOM @DMaximus Great draft everyone, that's a wrap! Best of luck to your VHFL and VHL/VHLM teams this season!! @Domg5 fire up the bus because WE ARE LEAVINNNNNNNNNNG!!
  2. @Phil friendly reminder to make your last pick!
  3. D - Robin Galante Nilsson @Mr_Hatterx2
  4. F - Timothy Brown @wcats up again!
  5. @wcats, you may make up your pick at any time. D - L @Telkster
  6. So many wonderful memories and friends over eight VHL seasons, all nicely wrapped up into one beautiful post. @animal74, you sure know how to make someone feel special. This is the true reward of spending a career in one place. Love my Phamily, and I can't wait to see you guys lift that Cup!!