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  1. Toronto's Rookies Lead To Strong Start TORONTO - In a season that was widely stated to be about growth and development for a young Toronto team, the young Legion have instead gone out and inserted themselves into contention with a hot start. With four rookies currently among the top ten thus far, including Otto Numinen's rookie-high 29 points through the first sixteen games, and another holding down the fort in net, this is a young team that clearly has different expectations than the ones many placed upon them. Numinen, Kyle Peace, Harkat Mulds, and Jakub Brozik are showing that they are valuable not only as the future of the Toronto Legion, but as producers in the present as well. Combined with last season's Christian Stolzschweiger Trophy winner, Matty Fire, and the smashing success of Jaromir Lemieux and Lenny Sanderson's transition to defense, Toronto's youth movement has formed a surprisingly effective core of players that is only going to improve as the season develops. Add in the debut of last season's fourth overall pick, Oskar Lindbergh, in net, and you have a team off to a 9-3-4 start through their first sixteen games, good for 21 points, just ten away from their total in Season 80. It's still early, but the quick success of the Legion has Toronto buzzing again after a dismal season a year ago. With even more young talent down on the farm, Toronto's future looks very bright, but the nagging question remains: will this group stick together and finish the job? Jethro Novacek is an award-winning writer for the MSFL Times, the top source of valuable tidbits for simulation sports. He enjoys a good meatball sandwich, engaging in academic conversations about sexual intercourse in the Mass Effect franchise, and theorizing on how to end the MLB lockout.
  2. A Doomsday media spot Gift cards for the VHL store An auto 12 for the duration of your next player's career
  3. 1. I think it's pretty wild, I usually seem to end up claiming things later in the week, so to see people max-earning in less than 20 minutes is absolutely insane. As for who will hold the record... I have a hard time seeing anyone beating Hogan's time, but I'd love to see someone do it in less than ten minutes. 2. I feel like Carolina, Tampa Bay, and Florida will win cups in the next three years, not in any particular order. Carolina just seems to get better and better in spite of making roster decisions that frankly make no sense, and I think Rod Brind'Amour is a fantastic coach that is making it happen for the Bunch of Jerks. Tampa Bay is still loaded and Vasilesky (I know I spelled that wrong) is better than ever, I feel like they're gonna get another one, maybe even a third in a row. Florida, despite losing Quenneville to no fault of their own, still has one hell of a roster, and I feel like that's a team that has the talent to win it all as well. Maybe in another year or so to settle into new leadership. 3. Expectations weren't exactly super high in Toronto to start the season, so to have the type of success we've had so far has the whole team super hyped. It's great for us to see what's in store for us in the future, especially as our prospects continue to make strides. There's a lot of rookies having phenomenal seasons for us, so for a season where our primary objective is growth, it's been a smashing success. When the losses came, we just shrugged it off and the hype remains in full swing in Toronto. Spirits are very high. 1. It feels like there are way more shots per game this season in the VHL, what's your thoughts on why that is? 2. What's the most underrated build in the VHL? 3. Most overrated NHL team right now?
  4. What about an off-season themed PT available during the two weeks of the off-season worth some uncapped teepz?
  5. Legion of Young Talent Arriving In Toronto TORONTO - The 80th season of the VHL turned out to be less than kind to the Toronto Legion, whose 12-53-7 record and 31 points firmly placed them at the bottom of not only the North American Conference, but also the entire VHL. Despite the bright spot that was rookie forward Matty Fire’s 113 point season, winning him the Christian Stolzschweiger Trophy as the top rookie, it was a dismal year for Toronto. However, that’s something that General Manager Rylan Peace is rectifying, as a legion of young talent is on it’s way to Toronto in the upcoming seasons. Even before the Season 81 VHL Entry Draft, several new faces were confirmed to be joining the Toronto roster as rookies. Armani Calamari, after an incredible off-season of training, has made his way to the Legion after winning the inaugural VHLE championship with the Vasteras Iron Eagles and WJC gold with Team Canada. After scoring 100 points in the VHLE with the Bratislava Watchmen, Jakub Brozik makes his way to Toronto to join the rebuild. Their fifth round pick from Season 80, Kyle Peace, also makes his way to the pro roster after scoring 93 points with the VHLE champion Vasteras Iron Eagles and winning gold with Team Canada in the WJC. Lastly, Season 80 fourth overall pick Oskar Lindbergh finds himself on Toronto’s pro roster after winning a championship in the VHLE with the Vasteras Iron Eagles and a silver medal with Team Europe in the WJC. He appears slated to be the opening day starter and unquestioned #1 netminder for now. Before the draft, the Legion received a much-needed boost on the blue line in free agency, reaching an agreement with former D.C. Dragons defenseman Jannik Nylen on a four-year deal. After spending two seasons in the VHLM, Nylen made the Dragons’ roster in Season 79, recording 7 assists in 72 games with a +8 rating, 77 hits, and 90 shots blocked. With the creation of the VHLE in Season 80, Nylen found himself on the Bratislava Watchmen, where he thrived, scoring 95 points with a +14 rating, 117 hits, and 235 shots blocked. The 6’4, 245 pound defenseman now looks to break out with the Toronto Legion, who will be offering him plenty of ice time and a tremendous opportunity to establish himself as a VHL player. Pending free agent and human wrecking ball Jared Carter also agreed to re-sign with Toronto, keeping the key physical presence on the Legion in town. Otto Numinen also joined Toronto through a trade with the Prague Phantoms, and while the price was high, including Asher Reinhart, who seemed unlikely to re-sign with Toronto after the season. Signed through Season 83, Numinen is poised to be a better fit in the long term for Toronto. Toronto continued to add to their blue line with the fifth overall selection in the Season 81 VHL Entry Draft, selecting defenseman Cadmael Ixazaluoh of the Philadelphia Reapers. Despite being one of the better defensemen in the draft pool, Ixazaluoh will be spending Season 81 with the Bratislava Watchmen as he continues to develop, eyeing to break into the VHL in Season 82. Toronto's other first round selection, Harkat Mulds, is joining the Legion immediately for Season 81. After a dominant season with the Yukon Rush in the VHLM, in which he scored 53 goals and 141 points, Mulds bypassed the VHLE, going straight to the VHL, giving an immediate boost to Toronto's young roster. With the first of four selections of the second round, Toronto continued to add to their growing roster of defensive prospects, selecting George Sanderson seventeenth overall. The 6'3, 200 pound defensive defenseman is rough around the edges offensively, but has some real potential in his own end, especially on a Toronto team in need of physical players. The Legion selected winger Weenuk Warrior with the 24th overall pick, adding an interesting dynamic to the prospect pool. In a league increasingly filled with snipers, Warrior is a playmaker, someone who looks to set up teammates first. This is certainly a player to keep an eye on during their development in the VHLM. Later, at 29th overall, Toronto did take another forward in Ashton Komaryk that perhaps fits the norm. Komaryk showed a strong scoring touch and puck handling abilities with the Houston Bulls last season, but still needs further seasoning, particularly defensively, before making the leap to the pros. The Legion received more support for their blue line with Harry Hagel at 31st overall, who has shown strong defensive ability with the Halifax 21st of the VHLM, and has also shown promise passing the puck as well. A defensive pipeline that was barren going into the draft now holds several promising young players that look to round out the future roster. In the fourth round, at 41st overall, Toronto addressed their need for depth at the goaltender position with Boris Tsezar, currently with the Mexico City Kings of the VHLM. There's still plenty of time before Tsezar will join Oskar Lindbergh at the pro level, but he has looked very strong so far in the VHLM. Finally, with their last selection, at 60th overall, Toronto selected center Alessio Simeoni of the Saskatoon Wild. Despite being a fifth round pick, Simeoni has been a consistent updater thus far, and is on track to be a big contributor with Saskatoon in the VHLM this season. It's certainly going to be another tough season for Toronto faithful in Season 81, but there is something present that wasn't there last season: hope. Young players such as Matty Fire are becoming key components of the team, and others, such as Kyle Peace and Harkat Mulds, are ready to step in and become key members of the team. The goaltender of the future, Oskar Lindbergh, is here and starting from day one this season. Even Toronto's pipeline, which was rather barren a season ago, is once again brimming with talents such as Cadmael Ixazaluoh, George Sanderson, and Weenuk Warrior. More rough times may be ahead, but the Legion of talent being assembled by Rylan Peace gives Toronto something to look forward to moving ahead. Jethro Novacek is an award-winning writer for the MSFL Times, a purveyor of nothing but the finest of simulation sports history. He enjoys influencing the opinions of ducks with bread, finding creative uses for Thanksgiving leftovers, and throwing communists from helicopters.
  6. First career shutout and a 2-0 sim? Yes please.
  7. 1. After two overtime losses to start the season, Toronto has won four games in a row. What led to the big turnaround? 2. The Legion have a lot of rookie players making major contributions early this season, who do you think has the best shot at the Christian Stolzschweiger Trophy? 3. GM Rylan @Peace made several moves over the off-season, which one do you feel will have the biggest impact for Toronto? 4. Which VHL team do you think has looked the most dangerous so far? 5. You can add one VHL player of your choice to Toronto this season, who would it be and why? 6. What's your favorite appetizer?
  8. First career wins!!
  9. Lindbergh, Team Europe Bring Home Silver VASTERAS - After a strong tournament in which Team Europe looked like a team to beat, goaltender Oskar Lindbergh and the rest of his teammates returned home with silver medals following a 4-2 loss to Team Canada in the Gold Medal Game of the World Junior Championship. After going 5-3 in round robin play, Team Europe avenged their loss to Team World with a 6-3 victory, setting up a showdown with Team Canada for the gold medal. However, Team Canada, responsible for the other two losses that Team Europe suffered during round robin play, proved that the third time was not the charm, claiming the gold medal with a 4-2 victory. “It was disappointing to fall just short of gold,” remarked goaltender Oskar Lindbergh following the game. “But this team is very proud of what we achieved during the tournament. We gave it our all each game, showed we belonged here, and have real futures ahead of us. But you have to hand it to [Team] Canada, they were incredible. There’s a lot of real talent there, and they’re gonna be a real problem for the international hockey scene for years to come.” The next step for Lindbergh is to join the Toronto Legion for training camp, with the 81st VHL season quickly approaching. He is currently slated to be the opening day starter for the Legion as he begins his rookie season. Jethro Novacek is an award-winning writer for the MSFL Times, providers of quality simulation sports content. He enjoys not being sick, petitioning for retroactive welfare, and courtroom drama.
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