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  1. @Devise the dead are asking for sims. Not naming names.
  2. Message from the other side: You need to learn from me - the best bodyguard in the world. - @osens
  3. So uh... Gustav just told me that I was supposed to have been roleblocked N3, but I never got the notification about it.
  4. Worst case scenario, push for more info, best case, one less lighter boi. VOTE OMG
  5. Either way, it's three TP claims. At least one is lying for sure.
  6. Whoever made the initial list mislabeled it, and then I didn't catch it either.
  7. Trapper is considered a town protective role according to the Wiki.
  8. Tales From the Other Side Eagles did not change his will, JeffD was in fact his intended target. He additionally attempted to shoot Ricer the previous night, which failed due to his defense. Additionally, TIs are hereby requested to stay home from here on out. Finding one will simply get yourself doused, and they will show as innocent regardless. Arsos also don't make great bite targets.
  9. I'm suspicious of the BG claims, but there are no CCs outside of Spartan as a trapper... and there's zero confirmation for any of them.
  10. I'm as confirmed as I can possibly be as a Medium.
  11. I started to suspect as much. Don't say where you've been or where you intend to go, we saw in the first game what happens when vamps have that information.
  12. 2x TOWN PROTECTIVE OMG (Bodyguard), Devise (Bodyguard) 2x TOWN SUPPORT Osens (Escort), Hatty (Transporter) 2x TOWN INVESTIGATIVE Barzal (Lookout), TLO (Sheriff?/Vampire) 2x TOWN KILLING Caboose (Trapper), Berocka (Jailor) 2x RANDOM TOWN Spartan (Trapper), Jiggly (Spy) 1x GODFATHER Ferk 3x RANDOM MAFIA Jorg (Blackmailer), Flex (Ambusher), JeffD (Mafioso) 1x NEUTRAL KILLING (Arso) 2x RANDOM NEUTRAL Hatter (Vampire), Ricer (Exe/Jester) 1x ANY OF THE ABOVE Eagles (Vigilante) 1x ANY OF THE ABOVE
  13. Also, requesting TP in order to keep the information flowing. With all you BG claims, one of you should be able to keep me safe, right?