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  1. Thomas Landry II - Scoring
  2. @omgitshim What do you think? We can both vote now, or call a potential Gustav bluff.
  3. We'll need to see the eagerness of people to vote or not, that should tip the Mafia's hand with the vote.
  4. Not possible, unless the Mafia lucked out and got an extra man through an Any slot, there's only three. Rayz would have been the second Mafia dead with your theory, and there were two Mafia actions last night (Sniper attack, unknown visit).
  5. I think yesterday was a big-brain play where the Hangman abstained, with the Gustav selecting a target to send a fake message to. There is at least two Mafia left, the new sniper (who could have previously been Hangman/Gustav) and another role that visits at night. This second Mafia visited one of the players on your results, btw.
  6. Surprise, everyone! I woke up alive this morning! Turns out you can't commit suicide when Gambler gives you a role that doesn't attack the next night... That being said... I detected Mafia activity to someone who wasn't killed. Let's wait and see if that person comes forward with what happened.
  7. FORWARDS: Groovy Dood @bigAL Aloe Dear @Renomitsu Patrik Laine @PatrikLaine Venus Thightrap @BladeMaiden Onde Sandstrom @fonziGG Alec Volchenkov @SirRupertBarnes DEFENSE: James Rose @MattyIce Matty Socks @fishy Jiggly Gumballs @JigglyGumballs Emi Rune @Emi GOALIES: Jacques Lafontaine @SlapshotDragon Jean Pierre Camus @solas MANAGEMENT: Thomas Landry @Doomsday