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  1. Thomas Landry II - Scoring
  2. @omgitshim What do you think? We can both vote now, or call a potential Gustav bluff.
  3. We'll need to see the eagerness of people to vote or not, that should tip the Mafia's hand with the vote.
  4. Not possible, unless the Mafia lucked out and got an extra man through an Any slot, there's only three. Rayz would have been the second Mafia dead with your theory, and there were two Mafia actions last night (Sniper attack, unknown visit).
  5. I think yesterday was a big-brain play where the Hangman abstained, with the Gustav selecting a target to send a fake message to. There is at least two Mafia left, the new sniper (who could have previously been Hangman/Gustav) and another role that visits at night. This second Mafia visited one of the players on your results, btw.
  6. Surprise, everyone! I woke up alive this morning! Turns out you can't commit suicide when Gambler gives you a role that doesn't attack the next night... That being said... I detected Mafia activity to someone who wasn't killed. Let's wait and see if that person comes forward with what happened.
  7. FORWARDS: Groovy Dood @bigAL Aloe Dear @Renomitsu Patrik Laine @PatrikLaine Venus Thightrap @BladeMaiden Onde Sandstrom @fonziGG Alec Volchenkov @SirRupertBarnes DEFENSE: James Rose @MattyIce Matty Socks @fishy Jiggly Gumballs @JigglyGumballs Emi Rune @Emi GOALIES: Jacques Lafontaine @SlapshotDragon Jean Pierre Camus @solas MANAGEMENT: Thomas Landry @Doomsday
  8. For many professional hockey players, the chance to represent your home country is one of the highest honors there is. Beyond simply being a pro player, being recognized as one of your country's best is something that isn't taken lightly. On the other hand, obviously not everyone can make these rosters, and some good, even great players don't get the chance to play on behalf of their home countries. Brett Hull, for instance, famously took advantage of his dual citizenship to play for the United States after being spurned by Team Canada. The VHL, however, has something a little different: Team
  9. It's worth throwing extra on him in the event there's a Ballot Destroyer.
  10. Vote tracker (3 needed): Rayz: 4 (bigAL x3, Doom)
  11. I think we should throw some extra votes on Rayz, as there is a role capable of deleting votes. VOTE RAYZ
  12. Alright, I got Vigilante last night and capped Ty, so I'm dead tomorrow morning. However, since he turned out to be the actual hacker, it exposes @Rayzor_7 in a bit of a tough spot here.
  13. I could get used to these not having Prague in them.
  14. It's a dark day in the VHL... it's safe to say that the league wouldn't be here today if it wasn't for you. You'll always have the thanks and gratitude of me and the rest of the community. You always treated me with kindness and respect, even when we busted on each other. Flyers is right: burnout is real. Scaling back responsibilities can go a long way, and as others have said, even if you're just a regular member like the rest of us, having you around is the truly important part. May you find the ease you're looking for with this decision, just like you helped me wit
  15. Voting no one will vanquish the true target of the Hangman, but spare the one who may have received a false message. Ultimately for the best if we think it's a big-brain play by the baddies. Legitimately no idea if this means I live or die... only the baddies do. If I live, I'll have another random town ability to use. If I die, town will have a better understanding of the situation, and perhaps whether or not Flex is being truthful. All we can do now is wait and see. Kind of fitting that the life of the Gambler is in the hands of the roll of the dice, eh?
  16. Honestly, you might as well either vote neither of me and Jericho, or both. If you vote both, you save the Hangman's actual target and hang the fake/Gustav message target. There's no real right option, it's all up to chance.