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  1. 1. Was the theme week theme of vacation easy to write/talk/make a graphic about? i didnt do theme week but vacation does sound like a harder topic 2. Valentines day has passed but what are your thoughts on Valentines day? Some say it's a corporate ploy to make things more expensive? 3. If you could build your team around one NHL/VHL player, who would it be? Connor Mcdavid in the NHL and R/L in vhl 4. Should we sign Christian Mingle to a new contract? isn't that quik if so obviously you always need a commish around 5. Would you want your VHL friends to follow
  2. 1. We're poised to top the North American standings if we can stay hot, do you think we'll be able to end the season as the 1 seed? Yea we should be able to end the season as the 1 seed 2. How much of a trivia buff are you? Do you think you could hold your own on Jeopardy!? Probably not, I don't think I'm bad at trivia but jeopardy's weird 3. Word has spread that a new VHL newspaper might be in production, what do you hope they cover in some of their articles? hopefully they cover how awesome R is 4. Gotta ask the tough question- who's your FAVORITE teammate
  3. 1. If management ever plans to upgrade our home arena, what would like to add to the space? a gaming room so I can keep practicing my insane gameplay in game 2. What would you say to players that get upset because they get less ice time? its worth it if the team's doing good, if the team's not doing good blame nyko 3. With our good start this season, how confident are you that we can keep it this way? Pretty confident we're insane 4. Newly signed FA Adam Syreck is back. How will he contribute to the team once more? i don't know who that is but he'll probably
  4. G - Jimmy Spyro @Advantage
  5. Robin Winter F @der meister