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  1. 2) Do we have what it takes to surpass Helsinki and claim back 1st for ourselves? Yes Helsinki Stinks. 3) HHH currently sits in first for goals and second in points. How crucial has he been to the Wolves success so far? Pretty crucial, our best player and one of the best in the league 5) Do you think we are at our max capacity playing wise or is there still room for improvement? I think we're playing pretty well but theres always room for improvement 6) Which team do you hate playing the most this season? Riga that games are just too easy to win that its boring 7) Which team do you like playing the most this season? New York so I can beat up Soren Jensen while he's still a young rookie before he becomes much more talented than me 10. What do you think your biggest strength going into the post season is? my defense and hockey iq
  2. 1. Who wins Gold? USA 2. Who wins Silver? World 3. Who wins Bronze? Asia 4. What player will be named tournament MVP? Virgil Ligriv
  3. 1. New season 1st in the league... Do you think we are this good? Yes, we have me of course we are good 2. Do you think we can carry this on for a full season? We've already started to slow down so probably not but I still think we'll be near the top 4. Thoughts on getting our back up goalie done with all 8 games early? Seems good doing so well and finishing all our backup games already 5. Now that we have played games... Who do you think will lead the team in goals? HHH probably isnt he carrying us 7. Who do you think will be the MVP of the team? Also HHH although it probably should be me 10. If cap wasn't an issue who would you want on the team who is not already? Jet Jaguar and Soren Jensen
  4. 1. What are your personally goals for this season? Get a career high in points 2. What are your team goals for this season? Win another cup 3. What do you think will be your biggest strength to the team? My passing 4. Who is your biggest rival on another team? Chico Smeb 5. Who is your favorite team mate? Freeman because he posts presser questions 6. If you could make any trade what would you try and get? Jet Jaguar and Soren Jensen
  5. 1. What are you going to be working on the most this offseason? My shot, need to score more 2. What did you think about training camp? Was fun and exhausting as usual 3. What song did you play on repeat this summer? "Flan" by Jake Chudnow 4. What is your favorite cheat meal for the summer? Flans 5. What movie did you watch and love this summer? Attack on Flan 6. Did you play any other sports growing up to help you you hockey ability? Soccer and Basketball helped my endurance mostly
  6. 1. How are you feeling? hungry, tired and sad 2. What do you think went right? My performance to start the season 3. What do you think went wrong? My performance to end the season 4. Who was our MVP? Codrick Past 5. What do you think we need to do this offseason? Improve our team or sabotage other teams 6. What do we need to try and do in the draft? Pick good players
  7. Part I - Pick em' (Pick the correct winners of all three games for 2 TPE) Game 3 - Malmo Nighthawks @ Seattle Bears Game 4 -Malmo Nighthawks @ Seattle Bears Game 5 - Seattle Bears @ Malmo Nighthawks Part II - Predict the Score (Predict the correct score and winner of this game for 3 TPE) Game 5 - Seattle Bears 4 - 3 Malmo Nighthawks Part III - Player Predictions (Predict the correct player for each category, 1 TPE for each correct answer) Series leader in points: Joel Ylonen Series leader in goals: Matt Thompson Series leader in assists: Joel Ylonen Who has the series PIM lead: Hulk Hogan Who scores the series winning goal: Henrik Zoiderberg