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  1. 1. I hope to have another good season with hits and points. Would love to see us go on a playoff run! 2. Yes. 3. I like the team, I'm only in my second year but we have a lot of good active max earning members. I think we will be very competitive! 4. Blue 5. I didn't follow too closely as my team traded their top picks.. 6. Of course. The more time we get the better. We have a young team, and with Hatter and OD entering their prime they can only do so much. Once our defense and goalie gets into a higher TPE class, we should be good!
  2. STZ


    Review: Wow, I didn't know this was yours! I think I actually voted for this one. I really like the creativity, as it seems like the other submissions just followed a formula. The jersey changes are nice and the logos mapped onto the text is a good tough. I think the team colours as the render stroke is cool, but could have even went further with a secondary team colour. Something with the stroke and the render effects just make the players seem flat or something. Overall it's a really well-done piece!! 9/10
  3. review: Really cool all round. A little different than your other work I've seen as this is B&W. Overall I really like the effects and lighting. The Vancouver Wolves text I think looks a little weird with the glow. Overall it's a really nice sig! 9.5/10
  4. STZ

    Games: 62-78

    Where those Odinsson haters now??
  5. STZ


  6. Review: Good looking sig. There's a few things I like in this sig right off the bat. Jersey swap is really strong. I think the X's are a cool effect, but I would have added even more. You could have done a larger set in the background behind the render to create some depth. I really like the text. The font and alignment is cool. I would have brought it even closer to the center of the sig. Maybe even just the "Patrik" text could be moved left (really just personal preference I guess). I think the only real problem I have is the amount of white, and how it's kind of hard to see the render
  7. Review: I'm a fan of this one. I like the colouring and jersey change is nice. The text is cool, but I agree with a couple of the other reviews in that the Riga Reign text could use some work.. Also, I generally don't like to use three different fonts that are that prominant in the sig. The render face could use some work to show more detail. I like the orange spatter effect. I think when blending it out I would have used a less soft prush, just as the spatter is pretty sharp looking, so I don't think it should gade the way it does. Great work tho! 8/10
  8. STZ

    Games: 29-45

    "wow" @hylands
  9. I love it. Great work!
  10. STZ

    Games: 15-28

    Malmo is a wagonnnn