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  1. Offseason pressers 1. Malmo has beaten us out for the cup this year. What do you think we should've did differently? I think it's one of those things where we did everything we could do. We were two wins away from a cup and just couldn't get it done. Run it back next year. 2. Who is your favourite member of the team so far? Honestly it's been a great ride in DC. Getting to know all the guys has really made me fall in love with this site and community once again. Big shoutout to all the good people on this team; @Enorama@GRZ @fonziGG @BarzalGoat @bigAL@DollarAn
  2. When will contract money for this season be deposited? Just want to spend it on Depreciation Fighter for this week.
  3. Yo @Josh any chance I got missed by accident? I can remember doing this one.. I would have only got that second one right tbh.,.
  4. Good job, IR. Definitely a resume of VHL graduates to be proud of. Awesome to see you have a solid successful run.
  5. Doomsday's ability to always get Osborne a shoutout in present day, makes my heart warm
  6. eat it @rory I'm claimin 12 now
  7. I bumped my bid to $40, and paid this morning
  8. Transaction 20464455707471101 VHL Auction Payment I bumped it up to $40 for @eaglesfan0366name change. I’ll claim the Free Week + 2 TPE on the $20 I’ll use the second $20 as a gift to @GRZfor the Drive Rewards as well. Confirmed. -sterling