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  1. This didn’t age well version: 1. Not great 2. I still think Wolski is the catalyst for our teams success. 3. Get gooder 4. I would play anywhere 5. I think that would have been a tough matchup if we did get in. But anything is possible once you’re in. 6. No it’s a hot dog
  2. 1. Glory days of with Osborne w/ @Higgins @fever95 @Will 2. All-Time DC Player Records 3. I think we are taking a weekend trip to Niagra Falls. 3 hr drive, wish I could go down south. 4. If we can sustain as a league, pretty cool. Easy to get lost in the shuffle with this many teams, only 8 seasons to do anything. Makes being a top star even more special. 5. Pizza Sub with bacon, garlic aoli, hot sauce, onions thrown on before being toasted 6. I low-key hope that management believes in the core. I really love DC, and hope to stay here and with a lot of the guys we've been grinding with.
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  5. This seems pretty cool. Kinda hard to believe we have this many teams, but definitely a big step for the league. Not overly keen on any of the team logo designs, but I like the concept idea of an English team. Definitely like a few GMs announced. Think the added teams have inspired a goalie create after Graves.
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    thanks for the love you guys
  7. 1. What do you think we need to do to turn this ship around? Pray harder to SimonT 2. Who has been putting in the work outside of practice? I think we are all watching Wolski's TPE numbers go up and hoping that will solve the issues. DAAD has been putting in the work to make him the best player possible, so def gotta recognize the hard work there. 3. What is your favourite sport outside of hockey? To watch, Basketball. To play, Golf. 4. Who will you be working your pt on for theme week? Already made a sig for @flatl99 5. Whats your favourite meal the night before a game? Big Mac 10 piece nuggies 6. What do you listen to pregame? JRE spittin dem dank conspiracies
  8. We’ve come a long way of accusing every female on this site of being Meg..
  9. @Dil first link doesn’t go to a VHL thread