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  1. Hard Markinson.. I'll do an interview
  2. 1) We're 32-3, 10 points up on the rest of the VHLM. Are we going to hold onto that and remain the #1 seed? For sure. We are too strong, too deep, and have too much of a lead not to finish in 1st. 2) What do we need to do as a team to hoist the Founders Cup at season's end? Keep it going, stay consistent. We have a lot of guys who should hit the 250 TPE Cap, if that happens, there's nothing more that we can do. 3) Name 1 thing you're happy with about your performance this year and 1 you think needs work. I'm happy about my physicality. My hit total and de
  3. What is @diamond_acedecided to go with the top ranked power forward center, Benny Graves? Graves' career could have been completely different. The Phantoms might have built their first roster differently. Instead they selected a defense-woman who ended hup having an incredible, yet different career than Benny. Could that have made Prague more successful? Could that had given DC the opportunity to select Cinnamon Block and have a different leadership role through their rebuilding phase. The long-time DC Dragons Captain's fate could have been altered with one decision made by Jason Glasser.
  4. Not quite GOAT level? Higgy top dog. He’s better served as a chel streamer 2 months of the year than being here.
  5. STZ

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    I just needed to pump out a sig... I don't even know what this ended up being....
  6. Mississauge, Ont. The S77 VHLM season has been dominated by one team, the Mississauga Hounds. Led by GM @Zetterbergthey have been on top of the standings all season, and currently holds a record of 39-3-2. They have been a force all year long, but have their eye on a Founder's Cup. Their biggest fear is to fall like the S76 Houston Bulls, who also had a dominating regular season, only to lose to the Mexico City Kings in the finals. The difference between the two is that there is not really a huge threat to the Hounds, as the Kings were a hot team going into playoffs. "W
  7. STZ

    Games: 227-251

    Hounds literally putting up 9 goal games...
  8. Malmo Nighthawks Press Conference Answer all 6 questions for 2 TPE for the Week ending in 4/4 -------------------- 1. We currently sit 10-10-1 on the season. How do you think the team is doing, and what can your expect for the rest of the season? 2. Malmo just finalized a deal where we send MJ Frostbeard and a 3rd Round Pick to Seattle for Randy Marsh and a 1st Round pick. What are your thoughts on the deal and any last parting words for Frosty? 3. How do you feel your player is playing so far this season? 4. Who has been the Most Valu