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  1. That Houston logo 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
  2. 3- Are you excited that you might live on in the Reapers history books? Would be pretty cool. I've been lucky enough to have my players be named after a couple of VHL/VHLM Awards so it's definitely cool to be a part of history. I highly doubt Graves would be given an award, but if I was to be drafted to Philly, I would do my best to shoot for an award! 5- How many should we give out? They are fictional awards, so you could literally have multiple for each member - however, I would suggest maybe just a handful, make it feel special to actually gain the award. 6-How do you feel about the VHL expanding? Very exciting, no doubt. More teams and more competition in the league. After seeing so many seaqsons where we were struggling to have each team in an 8 team league get a full first line - to now, where we need more teams so that top stars can actually get ice time, is a real positive for the league. 7-How do you feel about the league and it's constant expansion? It's a good trend to be in. I think this expansion feels right, it doesn't seem as though we are expanding for the sake of it. The league seems very active, and it is exciting to once again be in a draft class where there is legitimate competition. 8-Philly had a number of it's own announcements, now that the smoke has cleared how do you feel about having a GM that quit and came back in under 48 hours. It happens, I think for the most part everyone is just happy to see Blade stay. I think she is a great manager in the VHLM, and she will shine when she gets an opportunity in the VHL. Impulsive decisions happen, people make mistakes and are allowed to take them back. I really don't think it's a big deal. It's a good lesson to perhaps always sleep on a decision before making it, and always have a clear head when doing so. 9-If you were to GM a team in the VHL what would it be and how you you brand it? It would depend on the team. I think the VHL has such a rich history and I really have loved all the teams and their history. I think if I was forced to rebrand or relocate (either/or) I would say just bring back the Stockholm Vikings. Boubabi made what I believe is the best logo we've ever had with the Vikings, and Stockholm is a great hockey city. I'm assuming when they were dismembered from the league it was because it was a newer franchise, which had less history to lose. IMO it would be a great franchise to bring back.
  3. You’re fucked on weed ain’t you