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  1. STZ

    Moreau PC

    @Frank S80 Moscow Menace Cards Duncan Idaho
  2. STZ


    Review: I thought I reviewed this, but must not have posted.. I love your work, this is one of your best pieces. Simple and effective. I love the textwork, used. I think the colouring is really nice and the textures are also really well chosen and used in the sig. I love the blur on the bottom right texture, really gives the depth to the whole graphic. I wonder if the border text on the right could have been blurred slightly too. Overall just a really strong graphic, great job! 9.5/10
  3. STZ


    Review: I like the look of this too. It might look better if I had the forum in white-mode, but I like what you are going for. I really like the text and the grunge effects used. The face is pretty orange, I would probably tone it down whether you desaturated a bit or just used the sponge tool. I think overall it's pretty solid! good job 8/10
  4. 1. Gotta say Spartan keeps things goin - n0body was the clown but he no more. 2. I’m happy with my role. I think whatever I can do to contribute to a win is all that matters. 3. Mexico 4. Markinson is 5 only for the gfx render. I used to always take 10 in hockey. 5. Probably my Rookie season. Securing ROTY was so far the top moment of Markinson’s career. 6. I’ve been to a couple. My first Leaf game was pretty cool - there were three fights in the game.
  5. @qripll overall was just his overall in the index lol. Thanks for the review
  6. @OrbitingDeath @Dil I'll get to yours in 2043
  7. STZ

    Acyd Reflux

    Review: Getting my fill of Frank gfx for the week. Delivered like always. Colouring is really great, I think the vibrant colours work well for the jersey change, and doesn't look fake. The BG works perfectly with the style of the render effects. The text is cool, fits well with the rest of the sig. 9/10
  8. Review: I think this is pretty good. Obviously it's a bit washed out with the light layer on top. I think there's a lot of stocks going on for the background as well, which makes it a bit busy. I like the text, and the layout is good. I think if that top layer was just a little less overwhelming this woulfd be a lot better. 7/10
  9. 1. I hope Markinson invests all his money and can just retire in peace. 2. Hopefully they can turn out for us! I know when we start hitting max cap those sleeper guys are what we need! 3. I like our chances with the team we have. 4. I do. I'd love to see him break the goals record. 5. Idaho 6. Corn Pops
  10. Review: This is a solid stat-graphic. Nice, clean, easy to read. The smaller render looks kinda low quality and pixelated around the edges, which is weird because the larger one isn't.. The jersey change is good, but you should have the logo underneath the red screen layer. This all the critique I have. Overall simple and effective 8.5/10
  11. STZ


    Review: So good. I really love what you do with colouring. I think the pixel effect works well, and you were creative with it more than just adding to random spots. I like how the pixels run through the sig and into the text. I really love the textwork here - super strong and original. Jersey change on point as always. The sharp look looks good, I like how the border is pixelated too, don't see that effect often. Only thing is that the bg is kinda boring... but points for the Chrlie Brown vibe.. 9.5/10
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