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  1. My favourite memory is today. To know this thing is still alive and well is an incredible feeling. The sheer volatility of sim leagues around 2006-2008 meant that if you lasted beyond 6 months you were doing something very well. And here we are 10 years later. People come and people go, but the VHL was so very fortunate to have such a passionate and giving community who kept driving this thing forward - even during the rough stretches. I'd glad people are still deriving enjoyment from the league, makes the effort everyone put in worth it. I'm still a fucking prick, but
  2. They don't know. They never will.
  3. Oh you're THE Hickey? I thought you were another Hickey. Of course I remember you haha.
  4. Don't really know you, but hell yeah dude come back
  5. If @Phil does not win this, I will go inactive in protest.
  6. Just gonna brag now, because it obviously won't last. TOP OF THE TABLE BOYSSSS!!!!
  7. My first day back training legs (been just under a month) so I decided to throw down 100 squats to kick my ass back into shape. Yeah. Never again.
  8. Imagine watching this game as a fan.
  9. Btw, good job on the award ceremony. We literally couldn't have done it without you