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  1. need to find some sort of neutral server where i can challenge solas in jeopardy
  2. Hope they get it honestly. Didn't know this was a thing, but it certainly makes more sense than being ruled by a place a quarter of the planet away. Still definitely not a country now though
  3. since all the olds are coming back, ill try this once more @Squinty
  4. You understand incorrectly, Greenland is not recognized as a country by any official governing bodies, least of all the UN who are the ones who decide it. I don't even think Greenland has pushed for independence, and are in fact perfectly content to be a Danish territory. Saying that Greenland is basically Denmark is like saying Alaska is basically USA, it just factually is part of Denmark in every conceivable way. Greenland has at no point in its history been a country.
  5. Probably is world, but should be Nordic
  6. Singh was in Intranquilo's class so this confirms to me that my timeline and v.2's just narrowly didn't overlap. However, I'll go with two older players I've been made aware of through newer players: Gunnar-Rune Rorvik and Sebastien Perrin
  7. You'll know him soon. He's the Prague AGM - basically he's new but he's learning the ropes from me and I'll vouch for him pretty heavily. Probably my favorite new member of the last 5 or so seasons (with all due respect to the rest of the Phamily)
  8. This was me, so I'll explain the -235. GM player tied to the team. Took over GMing from @JardyB10 as we were going into a rebuild, and when I'd gotten us back to the top, I'd retire Intranquilo and bring out Marcellin. Hi, also me. Center for 5 seasons, Defense for 2 (retired in 7, again for GM reasons, needed a goalie and created Martin Brookside).
  9. Well to be fair, the punishment should have been implemented during the Malmo series, which (no offense to Malmo) we likely win anyway.
  10. 3rd week post: week ending the 2nd
  11. 2nd week post: week ending the 25th
  12. dont even need to open the games, just look at the fact there's only one of them and you know we got this
  13. Sheetz vs Wawa would like a word, please.
  14. Everyone pretty much knows at this point there are two things that go together well: the Prague Phantoms and late round draft picks (early round draft picks, not so much). However, let's say our current picks were not available to us in the last 2 drafts. With the benefit of hindsight, who should we have taken, if we were prevented from taking the people we did? S77 draft, 43rd pick: Kirby Pandora This was a particularly hard one - Nicholas Mariani @Mistxh J is already 26th in TPE for this draft class, despite being picked 43rd and being a good bit lower than 43rd at th
  15. Yeah DC came in the same year Prague came in - we actually both had really solid drafts in 68 despite ending up with picks 11 and 12 which was just the dumbest thing imaginable...
  16. While I have fought for Prague to become a team for probably about a real life decade, and would absolutely not move them if given the choice, if this was forced upon me I wouldn't hate Johannesburg or Antananarivo (I'm also probably one of about 15-20 people on the site that knows where Antananarivo is)
  17. TPE is still a thing - TPA is just the TPE that you actually have on your guy. If something is banked, it is TPE but not TPA. If you've been depreciated, you still earned the TPE, but your TPA takes a hit as it's no longer on your guy.
  18. Punctuating a sentence fragment like a full sentence doesn't make it a full sentence.
  19. This would have been grammatically terrible and I would have given you a 4.
  20. Only two people I can remember regularly losing points: GAllen (I think that was his name? The guy who kept creating Art Monk) and JCool. Even then it was usually football leagues. It's just that those two guys wrote at about a 3rd grade level despite being fully grown adults (Monk was like 50 something I think).