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  1. 1. Who wins Gold? USA 2. Who wins Silver? World 3. Who wins Bronze? Asia 4. What player will be named tournament MVP? Virgil Ligriv
  2. 1. With our season starting out on the wrong foot, how do you keep your morale high? Just got to stay motivated and keep training. Need to work on our scoring especially if we want to have success. 2. We have been in some real hard fought games. How do you feel your about your player and his/her compete level? Jensen has has a pretty rough season thus far but it is to be expected since he is a rookie and not much of a scorer. 3. With Thanksgiving coming up fast, will you make time to stay in shape or pig out? Have to pig out a little of course but will have to work it off in the following weeks!
  3. 1) Who do you think is the star of our current roster here in Houston? Veteran Jason Connors is the star of the team in my eyes! 2) What is the biggest thing our team is lacking right now? I think unfortunately the team lacks the star power and depth that they had last season 3) GM Frostbeard is going to throw a party for the next win we are going to get - what drinks should he get? Rum, lots of rum. Hopefully I am still invited!
  4. 175 Helsinki Titans 176 Prague Phantoms 177 Moscow Menace 178 Vancouver Wolves
  5. 139 Helsinki Titans 140 Vancouver Wolves 141 Calgary Wranglers 142 Seattle Bears
  6. 97 HC Davos Dynamo @ Prague Phantoms 98 Toronto Legion @ Vancouver Wolves 99 Moscow Menace @ Calgary Wranglers 100 Riga Reign @ Helsinki Titans
  7. 1. How are you celebrating the start to the regular season? Team Dinner at the best New York Steakhouse 2. New York is sitting 2nd in NA and 5th Overall to start the season, how do we feel going forward? It's a good start but we need to keep it up to not get complacent! 3. True rookie Soren Jensen has had an exceptional start to his career with 4pts in 6 games. How does this youth production impact our program? Jensen seems to have transitioned alright to the pro level. As he continues to improve he should become a star for New York! 4. Expansion teams DC and Prauge claim to have their footing under them, coming out undefeated opening night and remaining as middle of the pack teams, do you expect any breakout seasons for their programs? I expect better seasons from both teams this seasons however I don't think they will be contenders quite yet. 5. We recently upset the cup favorite Moscow Menace, how do we feel coming out of that game? Always great to take a win off a top team. Especially against @gorlab 6. Who’s the loudest personality on the NY bench? Kevin Foreskin is always shouting something in a french accent so i will go with him!