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  1. 1. We just can't seem to get any solid momentum going, what do we need to do to get a win streak started? Just got to keep trying our best and hopefully the wins will come! 2. We're chasing Seattle right now for home ice advantage in the playoffs. How big of an advantage does that home ice bring? Hmm I don't think the advantage is that big of a deal. If we are the better team we can win. 3. How are you preparing yourself for the playoffs this season? Working on my defense and getting a lot of pucks on net!
  2. 1. Esso pulled off another trade, acquiring Acyd Burn from Davos. Is this the final piece we need to make a Cup run? I definitely hope so, we seem to be trending upwards and that should help us with a cup run. 2. We have finally started to play like the team we knew we could be. What do you think the reason for that is? Probably just a better mix of players working together. 3. What do you think we should focus on as a team to solidify a playoff spot for this season? Get as prepared defensively as we can for some tough playoff series.
  3. 1. Mastermind GM Esso made a whirlwind of a trade this week. What are your thoughts on it? Happy to have Freeman onboard, hope he can help the team push further towards the playoffs! 2. As veterans of the Americans, what advice would you give our new player, RJ? Just keep working hard and doing your best to help the team out! 3. We're only 1 point behind Vancouver with a game in hand. What can we do as a team to leapfrog them? Hopefully we can improve defensively to limit the amount of goals scored on us.
  4. 1. After 22 games, we sit firmly in the middle of the rankings in the VHL, and tied with Vancouver for 4th in the NA. What are your thoughts on the team's performance? Hopefully we can improve and make a push up the standings in the latter half of the season. 2. Which game has been your personal favorite this season, and why? After a long offseason just being able to get back on the ice for the first game of the season was great! 3. Our goaler has the 4th most shots against in the league. How can we try to reduce the amount of shots on goal? I suggest everyone gets their scoring and defense to 99 while keeping passing and skating low.
  5. 1. Due to Esso's conflict with work, AGM Spartan submitted lines for the first two games of S72. What were your thoughts on my line management debut? Looks like we are off to a better start this season than last season, so happy to see an improvement! 2. Realized that I never asked this key question, but what is your goal for this season? Hopefully the team can contend for the cup and my player can have a solid individual season points wise. 3. After 7 games, what are your thoughts on the team's performances? Could be better, could be worse. Hopefully we can work out the kinks and be a top team! 4. What have you been most proud about your performance so far? Definitely happy to see my increase in points thus far. 5. What are you going to try to improve the most after our first slate of games? Getting to a point where I am starting to max out on most important stats so not much I can do. I would lower some stats if I could to help improve my play but will probably need regression to help with that. 6. Lastly, what are your thoughts on our captain selections (which can be found here)? Cowboy is an awesome member with a great history, couldn't ask for a better captain!