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  1. 1. We're off to a solid start! What are your first impressions of the season so far? Not a bad start thus far! Hopefully we can keep on improving and keep the wins coming. 2. Are you happy with your role on the team? No complaints from me, happy to be one of the top forwards on the team. 3. Where do you see yourself as a league member in five seasons? Hard to say really. I find myself getting busier as I grow older so I'm not sure what my plans are after Jensen is done. 4. Who's your all-time favorite sports figure, in any sport? Was a big fan of Mark
  2. G Rayz Funk F Soren Jensen @Jtv123
  3. My apologies for the error change to: F Kris Rice @Jtv123
  4. D Vladimir Pavlov F Chad Magnum @Xflexz
  5. F RJ Jubis D Lincoln Tate @Xflexz
  6. 1. Joakim Bruden goes missing before a game. Where do you find him? Hopefully in a quiet place getting mentally prepared for the game! 2. Davos can't stop winning lately--we're #1 in the EU and #2 in the league! Does this mean anything for the long run, or is it just a good phase? I think it definitely is a good sign and that we have a legitimate shot at the cup. Also always nice to have a higher seed in the playoffs! 3. The coach puts you in charge of practice for a day. What unique hockey drill do you drag out? Can always practice some more breakouts!
  7. 1. Which expansion team does the best out of the four this season? I think Warsaw will do alright with Hunter Hearst Helmsley winning them some games. 2. Going off of that, which does the worst? Chicago seems to be doing the worst currently and they don't seem to have much firepower. 3. Predict what our record will be at the end of the season (we play 72 games in total!) 50 Ws 22 Ls/OTLs. 4. Pick a stat and predict what you'll have for that stat at the end of the season. I think Soren Jensen will have a 50 goal season! 5. Wh
  8. D Hulk Hogan @hedgehog337
  9. F Hiroshi Okada @hedgehog337
  10. 1. A couple rights deals have been put through! The rights to ACL TEAR have gone off to Calgary, while the rights to Samuel Ross have been moved to Helsinki. Do you think they sign with their teams, or do they go to free agency? I think there is a decent chance they sign with the team that traded for them unless they were already eyeing another team. 2. With the departure of Ross, it looks like Davos (likely) has its first new starting goalie of the Gustav era, as Joakim Bruden currently sits at #1 on the list. How do you think he'll do stats-wise--better, worse, or about the