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  1. 331 Vancouver Wolves 332 Riga Reign 333 Moscow Menace 334 Helsinki Titans
  2. 1. Who's winning the cup in the VHLM this season? The Ottawa Lynx seem to have a slight edge over Philly thus far so I would vote for them. 2. Who's winning the cup in the VHL this season? I would have to bet my money on the Toronto Legion personally. 3. Who on your team has made the biggest impact on you this season? Hiromu Takahashi has made me feel welcome and is great at passing the puck in Mexico City 4. Who on a different team has made the biggest impact on you this season? Codrick Past on VAN has been constantly flaming me and thus motivating me to improve more 5. If you could be drafted to any one VHL team, which would it be and why? One of the new expansion teams would be pretty cool 6. What are your goals for your player's career? Multiple MVPs and Cups!
  3. It took my 8 seasons, but I have finally reached my final form!
  4. 291 Calgary Wranglers 292 Toronto Legion 293 HC Davos Dynamo 294 Moscow Menace
  5. Gold - Canada Silver - USA Bronze - Europe  MVP - Don Draper
  6. 1. If you're new to the league, are you enjoying it? What do you like and what don't you like? I am not new to the league but still enjoy it as a hobby. I enjoy creating a simulated player and watching his stats/ 2. Tell us one thing about your team that other players may not know. Nyko can be a pretty funny dude and perhaps even a decent GM 3. Tell us one thing about your player that other players may not know. He is danish and looks up to Janiik Hansen 4. Take a look at some other teams' rosters--does your team have a shot to win it all? God no, Mexico City looks awful. 5. If you were being traded to any other VHLM team, but you were able to pick which one, where would you go? Just signed with Mexico City, probably will regret my choice but I don't really have a team preference. Any team who would want me and give me decent ice time. 6. If you could be drafted by any VHL team next season, where would you go? Toronto but that won't happen cause Devise doesn't like draft picks
  7. Accept. Thanks everyone for the offers and kind words don't know how active I will be so figure I will go for the first line minutes plus Nyko will bother me if I don't sign with him 😛
  8. Player Information Username: Velevra Player Name: Soren Jensen Recruited From: Member (Gorlab) Age: 26 Position: LW Height: 74 in. Weight: 220 lbs. Birthplace: Denmark Player Page @VHLM GM