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  1. I guess now would be as good a time as any to reveal I have been secretly added to the BOG!
  2. Welcome to the squad @jacobcarson877!
  3. go efiug go woo efiug i love this guy woo go efiug
  4. *Week ending January 3* (Answer 6 questions for 2 TPE) 1. After a great season that saw us take a big step forward, we were unfortunately bounced from the playoffs against Malmo in 7. What would you say is your most lasting memory of this season? 2. Any predictions for how the team is going to handle the offseason? 3. Chicago is now the last team remaining in the playoffs from our expansion three seasons ago. Are you surprised to see it was the team that had to go up against the top team in the regular season that is the last still standing? 4. Who do you think wins
  5. I felt like I was taking a chance tagging you here and in the actual media spot but it had to be done.
  6. had to get penisson in there
  7. I meant more from the standpoint of allowing Riga to load up on good prospects, it'll allow them to rebuild quick and gives them insane amounts of ammo immediately after they finish a league-record playoff streak. Admittedly, I feel that more than Calgary does because Riga's in my conference.