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  1. @Dil I am suing you for clearly and blatantly ripping off this idea for your SFC sim league.
  2. .sniffuM

    WAR/MAL; S77

    Because the league has passed game 346, both teams must pay 60% of the salary of the players they are receiving. Where you may be getting mixed up is that Warsaw shows as having 0 cap space on the portal, there is also a rule that backup goalies don't count against a team's cap if they are making up to $2 million so we had $2 mil more in space than what the portal shows. hylands is ruthless
  3. Yo Berocka. I know we don't interact a ton but I wanna say I have always appreciated your presence in the league. I can't attest to what you may deal with re: the racist meme, but I wholeheartedly understand when you're part of a meme like that and it starts to make you feel like it's how people legitimately perceive you. I will say I definitely do not see you that way. The league is a better place with you in it. ❤
  4. claim 2 of 3 (week ending 4/4) claim 3 of 3 (week ending 4/11)
  5. we gotta get this one to 2 pages so it can legally be classified as drama
  6. Like for the sig, love for the song
  7. I dunno man, most threads that make it to page 2 get pretty spicy nowadays
  8. it took me about 2 years of making graphics every week to get my first set of 5.5s to round up to 6. but I wouldn't have it any other way, it really motivated me to keep at it and improve, and I was hyped as hell when I got it for the first time.
  9. They play in New Jersey and don't try to pretend they're from New York