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  1. .sniffuM

    GM 16: Titans vs. Meute

    @Munk fix pls
  2. .sniffuM

    GM 16: Titans vs. Meute

    gam dont werk
  3. .sniffuM

    GM 11: Meute vs. HC Dynamo

    1 hit? psshh
  4. .sniffuM

    GM 15: Meute vs. Reign

  5. .sniffuM

    HOF Articles

    I'll get Franchise Cornerstone.
  6. .sniffuM

    VHL Banner Competition Voting

    fuck me that's beautiful
  7. .sniffuM

    S62 Group 8 Fantasy Draft

    After much deliberation I have decided to select Gabriel McAllister - F @street
  8. .sniffuM

    VHL Predict the score (S62W1)

    3-2 Wranglers
  9. .sniffuM

    VHL Pickem (S62W1)

    41 Wranglers 42 Meute 43 Reign 44 Bears
  10. .sniffuM


    Made it look too much like a sig. I'll keep that in mind for the next banner competition.
  11. .sniffuM

    S62 Regular Season Index

    Marvin Harding a straight g with that 5 overall. 😂
  12. .sniffuM


    I'd update this in the draft pick tracker but I can't modify the spreadsheet on mobile and won't have computer access til tomorrow. if @Banackock doesn't get to it by then I will. The player pages have been moved though.
  13. .sniffuM

    S61 Hall of Fame Induction

    @CowboyinAmerica whatchu know about milka?