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  1. Remember when we averaged less than 2 goals allowed per game all season?
  2. In the Vasteras Hockey League Vasteras has every championship. @Munk
  3. Riga would make a great farm team for Vasteras that's for sure.
  4. BREAKING: The Victory Hockey League has rebranded to the Vasteras Hockey League, with all teams relocating to Vasteras. More to follow.
  5. Don't act like you wouldn't be the same way if the league got rid of Riga.
  6. When it comes to expansion locations, the league will obviously be looking to stay within its usual bounds of North America and Europe. In this Fan590 I will outline why Chicago and Vasteras will be the two teams that ultimately join (or re-join) the VHL. First, Chicago. When you look at North America from a VHL standpoint, there is a real glut of teams that deserve a shot. If D_A gets the North American team, I can see him pushing for Pittsburgh, as he lives right outside of there and they make a ton of sense as a location. However, so does Chicago, Boston, Detroit, and plenty others; this goes without mentioning Canada, which will quickly begin to feel underrepresented if these American teams begin to find their way into the VHL. With so many locations that make sense, I just get the feeling Chicago will ultimately be the one to join the league. And then you have Vasteras. Basically everyone in the league wants Vasteras back, is lying to themselves, or doesn't know much about the team. Considering Higgins complained about boubabi being banned and then made a podcast with him, ultimately getting him unbanned, I've deduced that this same path will work for Vasteras. I will track down Pensfan and record a podcast with him, as well as members of the real life Vasteras IK20, and that should make the league realize a little bit of Vasteras is what they need.
  7. With the Season 67 playoffs rapidly approaching, the VHL is closer than ever to the expansion that will increase the league to its largest size in history. A string of strong drafts, excellent recruiting and partnerships with other leagues have allowed the league to grow at a rate never before seen across more than a decade of action. The writing was on the wall for expansion for a while. Teams are more full than ever, with simmer Devise regularly musing that the worst team in the league today would be a title contender 10 seasons ago. With rosters once again reaching bloated capacity, the stage has finally been set for the league to push its team count to a league-high 12. At the rate recruiting has been going for the last generation of players, Chicago and Vasteras likely won't be the last teams added (or re-added) into the league. There was some consternation about the selection of GMs, although that has died down and all parties seem content to move on. One of the selections was Enorama, who works as the speech writer for the president of Canada in real life and will be spending a few months in Germany for Oktoberfest. Eno's selection was seen as controversial in some circles, as he has no GMing experience in the league (except for probably WJC, I dunno I'm writing this on my phone at work). Eno does, however, have plenty of experience participating in about 322 EHM leagues at once and is just one of those high-end, steady members that used to come around once or twice an in-game decade. Those members oftentimes took on big responsibilities in the league quickly, so it's been a long time coming for Eno. I have full faith that he'll do a great job. As an aside, the league's recent penchant for forgiveness makes me think that affected parties of the fallout from the GM announcement thread will get the full consideration they deserve on the inevitable next round of expansions. Anyways, the other expansion GM has been seen as a no-brainer. Diamond_Ace, aka Jason Glasser, had one of the longest single team GM runs in league history when he ran the Calgary Wranglers. More recently, Glasser furthered his legacy as the best VHLM GM in history with a sensational run heading up Ottawa. He has since taken on a prominent role in more widespread VHLM development, becoming VHLM co-commissioner and replacing some scrub in the role. Jason is a steady presence who has already proven his abilities as a GM, as a strong trade negotiator and fervent scout of incoming drafts. Having him as a GM in the VHL once again is a great thing for the league. The league is set to reach uncharted waters as it looks to expand to a larger size than ever before. There is still a lot of detail that has yet to be announced, such as the expansion draft process, how the new teams will fit into the Season 68 draft fold, and whether the league will remain at six playoff teams or expand to eight. We'll see how that all shakes out in the coming days. Claiming this for 8/19-8/25, just wanted to post now to make sure I get the theme week bonus.
  8. That kriketers sig is fire
  9. In the case of VHFL you're spending that time doing something related to the league. In the case of VHL esports you're doing something that has nothing to do with the VHL, plus people with shitty internet or that just don't enjoy online multiplayer don't have anything to do here.
  10. vancouver riga moscow helsinki