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  1. I have much to say when it comes to the VHLM
  2. I'm claiming the gif version as a VHL.com next week, the time I spent doing the animation is worth 2 and no one can stop me
  3. idc about any jc this is a legendary piece
  4. Mind you this was before VHFL became as organized as it is but I'm pretty sure I remember there being a scenario a few seasons ago where a few players switched positions while drafts were still going on and they were kept at their initial drafted positions. Don't remember when this was though, probably late 60s sometime.
  5. Transaction ID: 20703047998643366 S79 Doubles Week 5 Uncapped $1 mil store cash
  6. Most underrated player in the VHL during your time. Thank you again for your service sid
  7. I will accept my copy of NHL 21 for the gameboy advance pls If I win any of the raffles I'd probably give them to someone else so exclude me if you'd like