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  1. Mervin Herding +5
  2. .sniffuM

    Quick Announcement re: VHLM Cap

    This is an absolute travesty. How can the higher ups possibly allow HHH to play in the VHLM this season in good conscience? This is a joke of a move from a joke of a commish group, the league's days are numbered with this degree of incompetence running the show. I'm silently protesting until someone gets relocated to Vasteras.
  3. .sniffuM

    Which Team Name And Logo Is The Best?

    #1 Vasteras IK20/Iron Eagles
  4. .sniffuM

    My words and stuff... and what I think...

    Isn't it past your bedtime sonny?
  5. .sniffuM

    The 50's are (more or less) gone

    Meanwhile the 60s can be called the Return of the Muff.
  6. .sniffuM

    S64 Off-Season Schedule

    Any team that moves to Vasteras will have my undying loyalty.
  7. .sniffuM

    S64 Off-Season Schedule

    It's 2019 dude, drafts happen on the portal live now.
  8. .sniffuM

    TPE: Weekly Reddit Recruitment

    dun hut buf
  9. .sniffuM

    The Tag BlaideMaidenThread

    You should have consulted with my inactive ass over this, I could have told you that. The SBA had to make a separate group called Whiny Members because these members would complain about most member tags, and even many of the TPE related ones. On the one hand, I don't understand why most members have an issue with it. On the other, for the really prominent members that often start their VHL day with 20+ notifications, I get their perspective, but that's like 5 people.
  10. .sniffuM

    Bread Sandwich, Part VIII

    Previous Entries Marvin re-materialized in a vast space filled with nothingness. To his surprise, there was no blood, or even pain emanating from the wound he had just sustained. Rather, the hole persisted in his stomach, as empty as the room around him. On the edges of his wound, a purple border resided, like the frosting of glass blown by a veteran craftsman. For minutes, Marvin was alone in the space, accompanied by nothing but a low hum resembling the chants of Gregorian Monks. Eventually, shadowy spires clashed together, creating a portal from which that one-eyed frog from the last episode appeared, only this time looking oddly humanoid. “Hello,” the frog croaked. “It is I, Ubaldo Grenouille. What do you want?” Taken aback by the directness of the Amphibian in front of him, Marvin had to think a second. “I want out of here!” Ubaldo remained still and silent. Marvin didn’t know what to do. He paced, trying to think of something that could satisfy the frog’s question. Eventually Ubaldo retorted, “What is it that will satisfy my query, you indominable slut?!” At this point Marvin was so confused he didn’t know what to do with himself. After thinking on it for another moment, Ubaldo dissipated once again into darkness, and that dark energy flooded the wound in his stomach. It was at this point that Marvin was transported to another room that looked similar, only filled with dozens of black statues. He looked down and noticed the darkness of his wound start slowly spreading across his body. “How do you feel now punk?!” Ubaldo’s voice boomed and echoed from seemingly nowhere. “How else can darkness exist if not for the absence of light?!” Ubaldo taunted. “Where would you like the paper, ma’am?!” “I’ll have the number five, no pickles?!” The room felt like a wind tunnel of dark energy threatening to knock Marvin over. The confounding confusion of Ubaldo’s statements threw Marvin’s mind increasingly from the dilemma at hand. As the darkness continued to creep, it had now spread to over half of his body, and was beginning to crack from the wound like that glass we talked about before. At this point, Marvin could think of nothing to do but shout random shit. “Blue French horn!” Marvin bellowed to the heavens. Nothing changed. “Lemonade! Jack-O-Lantern! Isotopes! Chemical engineering! Tables! Igloo! Ghost pepper!” Marvin noticed at this point that he could no longer move his arms, as his joints had become darkness. He grew increasingly frantic. “Keyboard! Telephone! Iodine! Laundry Detergent! A way out!” He really thought he was clever with that one. “Guitar! Basketballs! Lemon! Floppy Disk (ask your grandpa)! Lamp! The love of a woman! Electric eel! Box! Snowfall! Galaxies!” At this point the darkness had consumed his entire body, leaving only his head untouched. Marvin reached the point where he had accepted his fate, but as his mouth was just about to solidify, he tried one last ditch effort based on something Ubaldo had said earlier. “Dill Pickles!”
  11. .sniffuM

    Change To Carryover

    At least I helped get something done in my time on the BOG.
  12. .sniffuM

    Bread Sandwich, Part VII

    Previous Entries Marvin grabbed his sack and began making his way up the road. Thinking about Cyclops Jackson and the townspeople that had just lost so much, he couldn’t help but feel like he was becoming something of a harbinger of despair. He couldn’t ponder for long, as the sound of a tree hitting the ground off in the distance shook the whole world, or so it felt. Marvin looked over towards the noise, contemplated what could have possibly caused such a ruckus, and casually continued on his way. Skipping through the forest like a tough little guy, Marvin happened upon some strange creatures. A frog with one eye, a squirrel with seven legs, a shark that was a disappointment to his family, no idea was too out-of-bounds with this strange forest. Marvin noticed as he walked that the trees became more misshapen and darker in color, the animals became more fucked up, the sun was less and less visible above. After walking for what felt like ages, Marvin was finally able to see the path that would lead him up the hill to the house. At the foot of the path, a strange man in a suit of armor much too big for him. Before Marvin knew it, he was stabbed in the stomach by the man’s lance. All of the trees melted into darkness, and the animals soon followed suit. The darkness rushed to the end of the man’s lance, traveled up the smooth steel and rushed into Marvin’s open wound, our hero now lifted off the ground effortlessly. The darkness spread, slowly consuming Marvin until he was but a silhouette of emptiness. The knight swung his lance at the shadowy figure in his presence and watched as the darkness wisped away like a bunch of cinnamon in the breeze.
  13. .sniffuM


    Damn man, I used to respect you.
  14. .sniffuM

    Practice Facility (February 4th - February 10th)

    Harvin Marding +1