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  1. The Quebec Meute haven't had the best start to their season, but have come away with a point in every game, standing at 2-0-2. The team has established an early rival as well, with a scheduling anomaly resulting in the team playing the Riga Reign in four consecutive games to start things off. Riga stands to be one of the most improved VHL squads this season, and it showed, as the team was able to pull away from the four game stretch against last season's game 7 losers with a solid 5 points. Rumor has it that in the team's constant back and forth with Riga, Beau Louth impregnated two strippers and a gigolo, with at least two of those being on the Latvian side of things. Marvin Harding did well for himself as well, picking up some points and some hits, and DJing for the biggest nightclub in Latvia. The performance was attended by 29 people, a club record, although most were just Meute and Reign players. No word on if Harding will be looking to expand upon his fledgling side hustle, as he's actually starting to play like a professional hockey player.
  2. .sniffuM

    Have we Exhausted V1?

    For reference in case there is interest in exploring FHM, here are attributes in the game. Hidden Attributes Mental Attributes Offense Attributes Defense Attributes Physical Attributes (Not used by goalies) Goalie Attributes There are also 1-20 position ratings for G, LD, RD, LW, RW, and C. It also appears as if attributes actually go 1-40 rather than 1-20, but anything over 20 is god tier, and I've never seen higher than a 22 in a regular game although I only have like 30 hours into the entire series.
  3. .sniffuM

    Have we Exhausted V1?

    Franchise Hockey Manager has made some forward steps but isn't there yet imo. They have a lot more attributes, which go 1-20, wouldn't allow for our current playoff system (for an 8 team league they can do 2 teams, 3 teams, 4 teams, 6 teams, 8 teams, 8 teams reseeding, and something called FHL playoffs [4 teams]), and the game generally doesn't have the type of polish necessary for what we need, plus it can crash from time to time. If people reeeeeeeeeeally want me to put in the effort to test sim with it I can but that starts with me figuring out how I'd convert VHL attributes from STHS to FHM so I'd certainly need some more hockey savvy people to help.
  4. .sniffuM

    S62 Experience Points

    Would appear to be 5, I'm not 100% on that but I presume since finals are part of the playoffs you're good for 5.
  5. .sniffuM

    GM 15: Riga Reign vs. Quebec City Meute

    Too much Riga
  6. .sniffuM

    GM 6: Riga Reign vs. Quebec City Meute

    9 hits for the ole Marvinator
  7. .sniffuM

    GM 2: Quebec City Meute vs. Riga Reign

    Palo for Cast-level season.
  8. .sniffuM

    S62 Hall of Fame Induction

    Everyone was fairly deadset on Quik being the builder nominee until someone realized late in the process that Devise wasn't a builder yet, and with both being deserving candidates it split the vote (tbh I was surprised to see as many 'no one' votes as we did).
  9. .sniffuM

    S62 Hall of Fame Induction

    Holy shit I was a deciding vote
  10. .sniffuM

    S63 Group 7 Fantasy Draft

    Beau Louth @Bushito
  11. .sniffuM

    S63 Group 7 Fantasy Draft

    Dragomir's a winger, also I picked him already.
  12. .sniffuM

    S63 Group 7 Fantasy Draft

    Ryan Kastelic @Peace