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  1. remove.bg actually did a pre good job with the hair but I duplicated the render a few times and it made the wispier parts thicker, then the blue around it is probably from my smudged render layer that I have on color dodge. I'll say I'll clean it up and then probably end up too lazy to do it.
  2. An inside look at Beaviss from when he saw this thread to when it finished loading.
  3. This was the most relatable thing I've ever read on this website.
  4. @Enorama Wanted to put subtext on it but I'm trash at subtext. Anyways, CnC.
  5. Considering I hit my stride learning under CoachReilly it's an honor to be put in the same tier as him by you.
  6. One of these days I'll make a comprehensive tier list, I was figuring 6 or 7 tiers would probably cover it.
  7. Fomba da god! Also @Laflamme with the first hat trick in Warsaw history
  8. Big game for HHH, then BigShotty lives up to his name in the shootout!
  9. Forgot to post these yesterday. 1: @Jeffie43 2: @GustavMattias 3: @Hylands 4: @Zetterberg 5: @Lefty_S 6: @gregreg 7: @solas 8: @jhatty8 9: @dlamb 10: @Acydburn 11: @InstantRockstar 12: @Enorama 13: Someone on discord, idk his forum username 14: @Nykonax