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  1. 49 Prague Phantoms @ Moscow Menace 50 Calgary Wranglers @ Vancouver Wolves 51 Seattle Bears @ Helsinki Titans 52 HC Davos Dynamo @ Malmo Nighthawks
  2. Kastelic's a forward now just so you know. D - Brady Stropko Jr. @VanCanWin twice
  3. Never care for what they doooooooooo Never care for what they knowwwwowowwwwwwwowow But I knowwwwwwwwwwww
  4. Where the fuck is the campfire song song in all this
  5. I'm way too ashamed of my nerdiness to wear gear for a pretend hockey league.
  6. If you enjoy engaging with every thread, great. Don't feel like you have to do it, or that you're forcing yourself to, as that's where the burnout's gonna come from.
  7. Agreed. DMax is a premium member and Davos is getting a pick in the back of the first round, then two threes at a point where recruitment could potentially drop off with Beaviss not running it anymore.
  8. I can't claim part 2 for another few weeks but I might write it soon. I'll post it somewhere if I do.