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  1. 1. Since the trade last week that brought in Latrell Mitchell and Willie Dredge the Preds have gone 6-8-1. Do you feel the team has improved with that trade? I think we've improved, 5-game losing streak be damned. 2. Speaking of trades, today is trade deadline! Do you feel that Warsaw will be involved in the market or keep quiet and why? (If it is passed the deadline why or why not were they active?) We put most of our eggs in the one basket with the Mitchell trade so we otherwise remained quiet. 3. Are there any trades that you think will or hav
  2. @MattyIce Calgary has Warsaw's pick and we have Seattle's so Muffbeav will be a late 1st round pick.
  3. We need Jericho and Noah too!
  4. So many Hall-of-Famers
  5. I apologize for the unattractive look of the stats in quote tags. I didn't know the league was horrible monsters and got rid of the spoilers tag. With this season’s theme week being dream teams, I wanted to shine a light on an era that is very near and dear to my heart but that doesn’t get as much love because of time passed: the S20s. Our index archives go back to S20, allowing me to paint a full picture of this era that following the league-defining S18 superdraft. I’ll go through each of these ten seasons, note the key teams and players for them, and then build a S20s VHL dream
  6. I appreciate all the interest in the Warsaw AGM job, in the end we have decided to go with a person who is already in the organization in @dasboot! Congrats buddy!
  7. *Week ending October 11* (remember you only have to do 6 for your 2 capped TPE) 1. Coming off the biggest trade in team history, how do you think this team will gel with the addition of Latrell Mitchell and WIllie Dredge? 2. If we were to shore up a position through another deal leading up to the trade deadline, which position would it be and why? 3. Now that we've passed mid-season, what has been your main focus to help us convert some of these close losses into points in the standings? 4. Former Predator Arthur Dayne has scored 3 goals in his last 2 games for the C