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  1. .sniffuM

    (S65) RW - Brian Strong, TPE: 30

    Oh hey it's Wheaties!
  2. .sniffuM

    Oh my god

    How did I know Nyko was gonna be the one like on this post? 😄
  3. .sniffuM

    Top 10 Goaltenders of All Time

    Also D'Artagnan O'McLeCouloulihanmansteinberg will crush all these goalies.
  4. .sniffuM

    Top 10 Goaltenders of All Time

    Remember when he stole ROY in his third season because he technically didn't play enough games as your backup to lose his rookie status? 😩
  5. .sniffuM

    Top 10 Playoff Performers of All Time

    Nice one. Wonder where Reik would rank here, iirc he had two or three really strong playoff performances. Hopefully at least top 20, although the competition is tight to say the least.
  6. .sniffuM

    S64 WJC Fantasy Prediction

  7. Previous Entries The dejected townsfolk looked on in stunned silence as Cyclops Jackson squirmed through the last moments of his life. Sonnet sprung into action, commanding everyone to help Jardy and all the other injured to one of the lone untouched buildings for medical assistance. Marvin just sat on the ground with a distant gaze, before being joined by Reives. “Hey there,” Reives said. “How could one man be so evil?” Marvin asked Reives in reference to the treacherous Pennypenny. Reives sat silent for a moment, before patting Marvin on the back. “If not for your heroic acts, we’d all be dead right now,” Reives said, attempting to cheer up his new friend. That didn’t satisfy Marvin, who continued his brooding. Reives looked around a bit, then perked up. “Hey Marvin,” Reives said. “I have an idea for you. When we were first transported here, there was nothing in this area except for a house atop a cliff up Death Path. No one that has gone to investigate the house has ever come back, hence the name for the path. If you’re really looking for answers on Pennypenny, maybe that can be a start for you.” Marvin looked up the way and faintly saw the house in the distance. “Are you sure? I feel like I should stay and help.” “We can handle ourselves,” Reives weakly replied. “We have my amazing wife to tend to everyone, after all.” Reives fetched some food and healing tonics for Marvin, and he said goodbye to the townsfolk before setting off for the house. Off in the distance, away from everyone, a rift opened, dropping Pennypenny’s top henchman Robert Malenko, as well as a terrified Banackock. Still incensed that he had been disallowed from participating in the first revival of the World Junior Championships in Season 62, Malenko had a bone to pick with ‘Ckock, and was salivating at the chance to get his revenge. He tied up the former WJC head, placed him in the shadow of a giant tree, and proceeded to ram the tree repeatedly, until it fell on top of a crying Banackock. The Season 64 WJC must find a new organizer just a short while before the tournament begins.
  8. .sniffuM

    VHL Predict the score (S64W4)

    4-1 Riga
  9. .sniffuM

    VHL Pickem (S64W4)

    Riga Seattle Quebec Helsinki
  10. .sniffuM

    S64 WJC Uncapped TPE Opportunity

    Welp guess I gotta shoehorn a sentence about the WJC into Bread Sandwich.
  11. .sniffuM

    Keaton Louth Rule

    All good. As bana said though, there is a lot currently being discussed (VHLM and otherwise), so hit us with a reminder on this in a couple weeks when things are hopefully a little more fleshed out and we should be able to give more attention to it.
  12. .sniffuM

    Bread Sandwich, Parts III, IV, & V

    Humble beginnings my friend.
  13. .sniffuM

    Bread Sandwich, Parts III, IV, & V

    So by implying a fish couldn't possibly be useful to an epic tale you've shown the true colors of your fish prejudice.
  14. .sniffuM

    Bread Sandwich, Parts III, IV, & V

    Who said you won't?