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  1. Cast was third in goals, fifth in points, and had the best shooting percentage among qualified players by nearly a full percentage point. He had only 8 less goals than Thompson (again, the main candidate going against him in the debate) on around 60% of the shot attempts. Stopko had a great season, but again, historically goalies win MVP when they have a near all-time season. Otherwise the MVP race would be dominated by goalies year in and year out. You won the Shaw, because you deserved it, like all the other times you deserved it and won. You won the Kanou, because you deserve it. While I give no weight to the 'Toronto wouldn’t even be in the playoffs without Stopko' statement (unless you test sim them with another goalie, you can't quantify that), it's obvious Toronto's subpar roster wouldn't have won a championship without Stopko. To sit here and say we rigged MVP voting against you because people like someone else more is asinine and nonsensical.
  2. Umm... what? I was in the awards committee last season and I can guarantee you there was no (public) bias on the vote. The debate was mainly Thompson vs. Cast, your name was brought up once or twice but I think people were mainly swept up in discerning how close Thompson and Cast were to each other. Maybe your season got glossed over a bit, in my eyes goalie stats weren't atrocious last season so your season didn't really stand out enough for me to fight for you to win the award. Historically, has the goalie position not proven to require an outstanding, historic performance to win the MVP? Really the only comparable season I can see to Stopko where the goalie won the award is Kanou in S21 (other seasons had lower save percentages but better GAAs, much better records and many more shutouts). Not to mention, a longtime Wrangler, omgitshim, was running the award's committee last season, why would he possibly want to rig things against you? Maybe instead of crying conspiracy you apply Occam's Razor here and realize there isn't some grand plot to go against you.
  3. Hard Marvin with the nice third period.
  4. New York Seattle Vancouver Helsinki
  5. I don't see it say to tag you anywhere but under the TPA recall purchase.
  6. How the fuck is that even possible if I scored the only goal in a 3-1 loss.
  7. On the one hand this is bullshit. On the other hand Marvin had a goal sooo
  8. Harding nearly carried Vancouver to a win tbh
  9. Seattle's the first team I ever made the pros with as an active member in sim leagues (not counting the baseball leagues I was in before, but those were such a different format I don't really count them nor do I remember much about them). The team will always have my heart.
  10. 4. Do you think we should do something fun with our fans after every win? Bit like the Hurricanes in NHL? I think we should all come out wearing the same stupid ****ing suit that old **** wears to every game while complaining about a small bit of gamesmanship. 5. If you could decide, what would be your goal horn song/sound? Stairway to Heaven by Taurus. 7. What has been the worst media event you have done? Anything with Beau. He hogs the microphone and smells like bull penis, it's unbecoming.