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  1. Congrats to American cops for not even being able to make it 2 hours after the conviction for murdering a black man before murdering a 15 year old black girl. A 15 year old, by the way, who called the cops for protection because she was being attacked. Well done, you racist fuckers. Well done. 

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    2. Berocka


      @Devise I would appreciate if you deleted your ACAB post as it's not really a great look. What if a police officer joined the league and saw a blue saying that. It's not a great look for the league.

    3. Jericho


      Ok there are some really REALLY bad takes in here. As someone who grew ho in Police Culture (Father served for 25+ years) it is INCREDIBLY problematic. Taking shitty opinions on what should be allowed vs what is allowed aside, you can't shoot someone just for holding a knife. Devise's point about the Moncton shooter I'd a great example. My dad was still working then, and this dude had a full blown assault rifle and was specifically trying to kill cops, and somehow they had the restraint that these cops don't. It was absolutely a racial issue, we see this fime and time again when people like Kyle Rittenhouse can murder two people and be brought in.


      And Bana, save the "this is a hockey league don't tall about that here". It's a fucking stupid take that reeks if priveledge. I'm sorry your escape is complicated sometimes but there are marginalized groups of people who don't get the ignore this stuff. The least we can do is fucking talk about it.

    4. Jericho


      and guys getting hung up on the ACAB thing is the same as hopping into a post when a woman says to be cautious of men with a "Not all men." If you know you're doing your shit right then you know when it doesn't apply to you. I don't see ACAB and get triggered for my dad. I know what the point is and I move on. The same way I know my wife posting about how men are predators doesn't apply to me. If THAT is the point you want to die on you are completely missing the point.

  2. Not a great sim for me personally, but not terrible. Meh. Giving up 10 pp opportunities in a wind sprint of a game is a risk for sure.
  3. Get your shit together Telkster. I'm going for the threepeat
  4. London United winger and offensive face of the franchise The Terrible Trivium is having a career year. With 25 goals and 65 points in just 49 games, Trivium's on pace for a 96 point season, good for a 13 point increase over his current career best. On pace for 37 goals, it would mark Trivium's second-highest single season goal total, and the fifth time in five seasons that Trivium eclipses the 30 goal marker. For the first time in his career, though, Trivium's at risk of not leading the team in goals. "I love seeing other guys pushing the 30 goal mark," Trivium said following a rec
  5. 1 - Trivium sets single season scoring record, leads expansion United to league championship 2 - that's above my pay grade. I trust them to make the moves that make sense. 3 - Shadowrun Hong Kong soundtrack 4 - not raising my little finger as I sip my tea 5 - I boo this joke through my giggles 6 - I'm guessing it's a copyright thing. Even though he's clearly a monkey, monkey kong was already a thing from the 1930s. Either that or just a bad translation, Like PakkuPakku -> PukMan -> PacMan
  6. Nothing quite like a generalized feeling of irritation for no particular reason. ❤️

    1. JardyB10


      Have you tried using an anti-itch cream?

    2. der meister

      der meister

      I'm waiting for her to come to bed.

    3. Banackock
  7. German winger Christoph Klose had a pretty remarkable career. Initially drafted as a scoring winger, he became a two-way powerhouse as one of the top power forwards of his day. While he never won a Boulet as the top two-way forward during Karnage's reign of terror, Klose was a player who made every team he was on better. A three time Cup winner, Klose was a hairsbreadth away from an even more remarkable achievement - five Cups in six seasons with three different teams. After winning a championship with the New York Americans as a rookie on the second line, scoring an admirable 21 g
  8. 1-1 is meh, but I do like my 5 points.
  9. Recommend me an anime that isn't for little kids and isn't hundreds of episodes long. 

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    2. der meister

      der meister

      I mentioned Hataraku Maou-sama! (The devil's a part timer) above :)


    3. der meister

      der meister

      Kono Suba was fun, as was No Game No Life. Would like more from each of those series tbqh

    4. Sonnet


      no game no life is the only anime that prompted me to read the light novels afterwards- would definitely recommend if youd like to see where the story goes!

  10. I need to call out our lack of offense more often.
  11. With the VHL regular season just about halfway over, London United winger The Terrible Trivium has a lot of thoughts on how things are going so far. "Well obviously I would like to see us higher in the standings," he said, referring to London's middle-of-the-pack record. "Our offense had been a little too hit or miss for my liking, and I'm 100 percent including myself in that description." Trivium, historically a 10 percent shooter, is falling below that number so far this season, with 14 goals on 180 shots. Likewise, London's offense in general is lagging behind, having scored 106