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  1. 1- potatoes. A giant plate of potatoes, probably as crispy homefries, with a fried egg on top. 2 - id say it depends. I've gm'd in other places and have gone both ways with high picks. If I can trade down from 1 to 3 and pick up a 2nd rounder, and still get a player I like, then I'm game. 3 - I've been working on my defensive positioning and strengthening my shot. I don't think I have too much more to gain there, but if I can score 50 instead of 41, maybe we make the playoffs. 4 - Probably not, but Lanny MacDonald wins the playoff facial hair race and it's not even close.
  2. ^ goddamn furious at the audacity of the GOP

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      Always. but what is the arrow pointing at?

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      I always expect my name on the left from BBS days 😂

  3. "I'm anxious to get back at it," London United winger The Terrible Trivium told reporters during locker cleanout day. "I hate not playing right now. We should be in the playoffs, not standing around talking to you guys. No offense." Trivium put up career numbers in almost every category this past season. His 41 goals paced the team, as did his 83 points, 420 shots, and 14 power play goals. He is now just above a point-per-game pace in his career, with 145 points in 144 games, but the sportsmanlike sniper from Pitcairn is ready for the next challenge. "There are all the
  4. @fishystill owes me tpe from last year tbqh
  5. 1 - a bigger step, yes, but not by much. I was hoping for mid60s in points. 2- my plus/minus sucked but I can't complain too much about my point totals. 41 goals? I'll take it 3 - Alex Volchenkov. Dude was almost a point per game rookie. I mean, feeding me the puck probably helped (casual flex) but hey, that's a hell of a season. 4 - honestly no idea. I'm excited to have an early draft pick though. Lots of good players available to choose from. 5 - London is the only team I root for. 6 - Condor Adrienne killed it again this season. H
  6. Updated. Can answer one more question this week
  7. And go! @McWolfsays: Why are you not doing commute podcasts anymore? The biggest reason is that my commute has radically changed since the last podcast I recorded. I used to have 25-30 minutes in the morning and talking helped me stay awake, but now my commute is about 8 minutes. Recording in that amount of time leads to multiple files, which when I had my iphone was a giant pain in the ass. I've switched to a Motorola android phone and it would be much easier to piece the recordings together, but it's also hard to maintain a coherent train of thought from 7
  8. He would know better than I (because I can't remember the player names) but I'm 99% sure he has enough pre-portal to cover it.
  9. As my recruit (second time I've recruited you to a sim league!), I think you'll find that @Beketov can square it away in the portal. You should be able to claim +5 each week given your past players, even if they were pre-portal.
  10. Hey, they threw their entire city at our election. Fair's fair.
  11. Who says I haven't? *Wipes Moscow off my screen*