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  1. der meister

    Pain 101 - 45
  2. der meister

    GM 282: Legion vs. Meute

    What is this bull? How can we lose against a team that doesn’t exist?
  3. der meister

    Der Podcast 188

    Well, the +/- is the most notable statistical difference in the top 5 scorers, so that’s why I focused on it. Nothing personal. I just found it an interesting note. I say 7 because Toronto doesn’t count. 😛
  4. der meister

    S62 Mid-Season PT Special!

    Talked about the top 5 scorers: Cast Thompson Smirnov Edwin Canmore
  5. der meister

    Der Podcast 188

    Theme PT
  6. der meister

    GM 261: Wranglers vs. Meute

  7. der meister

    GM 255: Americans vs. Meute

    3 more assists. I dig it
  8. der meister

    GM 249: Legion vs. Meute

    I gotchu fam
  9. der meister

    Pain 101 - 44
  10. der meister

    GM 243: Meute vs. Bears

    Theatre of the mind. you can read the full play by play in the link if you really want to, but no visual.
  11. der meister

    Der Podcast 187
  12. der meister

    der podcast questions

    Question for me to chat about?
  13. der meister

    S62 Award Committee + All-VHL Teams

    This is an outrage! You only pulled me to attempt to silence the vote of Casey Jones for all the awards!
  14. der meister

    Beketov CoDCast Questions

    Why is it so hot and humid?
  15. der meister

    Der Podcast 186

    Four parter. Not worth your time.