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  1. It says "this just happened. Also it's a duology" and a picture that says "the end of book one"
  2. She tells the sauciest jokes. Mouth like a sailor, that one.
  3. 1 - totally indifferent 2 - I refer to it as my "fake hockey league". I share news like how the community donated a ton of money to the ACLU and food banks 3 - depends on the person 4 - Edinburgh, without hesitation 5 - Putting a lot of TPE into strength to win those board battles. Hoping for a return to form. 6 - As a vegetarian, everyone's getting the same burger out of the box. If they don't like it, it's a condiment problem.
  4. ***for the week ending 1/24*** In the case of the NHL, however, they are attempting to be "neutral". Neutrality at this point is not an option. They may believe that silence is security, but in this case silence is acquiescence. The NHL's unwillingness to put out a statement decrying the actions of domestic terrorists shows not only a lack of foresight, but also a lack of moral fiber an courage, especially in light of Deangelo's outspoke stance and his history of issues off the ice. I'm not suggesting that the NHL should suspend Deangelo for his political views; I am, however, in f
  5. Rejection one from my full manuscript, this from the agent. Sigh.
  6. I meant i would delete half and post in a different thread. Just seems like a waste of time.
  7. I like hockey but honestly kinda hate the NHL. Ah. The shut up and dribble mentality comes up again, from police. How shocking. @bigAL https://sports.yahoo.com/kentucky-backs-players-right-to-kneel-after-local-cops-burn-gear-in-protest-052523461.html
  8. ****week ending 1/17**** The VHL playoffs are finally over. Congratulations to the Malmo Nighthawks on their championship. I doubt many people predicted them to win it all this year. Now that that's out of the way, I want to briefly talk about my disgust with the current political climate in the United States, specifically focusing on the lack of response from NHL-related personnel. In fact, really the only thing I've heard about is support for the traitorous insurrectionists, coming from New York Rangers defenseman Tony Deangelo. This particular morally-bankrupt
  9. Now that London has lost, who if anyone are you / were you rooting for in the playoffs? no one. Don't care. 2) Do you think London is in a good place to take the next step next year? I certainly hope so. A bounce back season from Trivium would help make that happen. 3) What do you think was the issue that stopped us from advancing in the playoffs this year? Relied too much on my player, who shit himself all year. 4) Who is your favorite NHL player who does not play for your favorite team? Honestly kind of hate
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      Not my style of music. Only rapper I like is Gambino. I do like that clean guitar though. Adds a nice touch.

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      Gambino bro eyyyyyy

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      He's a little Childish :P