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  1. Review Always like reading this meta articles that look at things like league structure and organisation and you provide some nice thoughts on that. The formattting was decent enough for being on mobile and the struggles you mentioned, I've definitely seen worse from people with better equipment. 8.5/10
  2. 1) The Reapers are champions! How did you feel after the buzzer sounded and the Reapers won the final game? I was ecstatic, we worked so hard for this all season so it felt great to reap the rewards! 2) For those entering the draft, What team do you think will draft you? Well since the draft already happened, I can say that I was picked up by a team that I had talked to a decent bit before the draft and that selected me right in the range where I was predicted to go, so not a huge surprise. 3) What are your plans for your
  3. Review Damn what a great read, nice write-ups on people and a lot of them as well. It's great to see so many of the mid-round picks mentioned as well that didn't get to see themselves included in most of the other mocks so far and to see the effort going into the layout and the presentation of this, good stuff! 10/10
  4. Review: Wooooo Reaaaapers!!!! EAGLES MR GWG WE THE BEST LETS GOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! Also, good article. Edit: Apparently this wasn't enough to count as a "constructive review". So here we go: Well-written article, giving some good personal insight as well as providing stats and context. The layout wasn't flash but got the job done and I didn't catch any glaring mistakes either. Nice job both with this article and your player this season! 10/10
  5. Review: Great job, nicely researched and well-written write-ups on the individual players presented in a nice format and adequate layout that wasn't needlessly flashy yet provided a lot of information. Nice read and certainly has me looking forward to the Draft more! Rating: 9.5/10
  6. 1. My player had a pretty slow start to the playoff but has been picking it up lately, so combined with how the team has performed so far I'm pretty happy. 2. No thank you, I just never really had the drive to be a GM in a league like this even though I have held the job in the past when nobody else was there to do it. 3. Sure! It depends on the exact set-up of people and the topics of course but I would probably enjoy being on one. 4. Don't really have a preference yet but I'm looking forward to the process! 5. Some spot around the Mediterannean, could be Greece, Italy, Sp
  7. Review To be completely honest I did not see any of the drama that seemed to have happened regarding the sim lately, but it's always good to see someone find nice for all the people in this community that are actively working to try and make this a better place for everyone! Rating: 9/10
  8. Review: I found it very interesting to read your thoughts on the recruitment process and to also get a rundown of some of the things I have happened that I wasn't aware of. The article was a little bit rambly and could have used some fine-tuning in regards to punctuation and capitalization but it was a good read nontheless. Grade: 8/10
  9. 1) I think that first series went as most people expected it but that makes it even more dangerous because it makes it easy for complacency to set in even though we have achieved nothing yet. 2) The comraderie, since you spent so much time with your teammates and go through high pressure situations together. 3) It will be a tough one, we did pretty well against them in the regular season but they added some reinforcements since then so it will be a whole new game. 4) I try to focus on myself more than on the opposition but of course they have some great players and I respect guy
  10. Review Nice summary and write-up on your player, providing lots of information and statistics, I really quite like the focus on numbers here and how you put them into perspective. The layout is nothing fancy but good and clean enough to get the job done! Rating: 8.5/10
  11. Review Wooooo hey blues :)! Cool to see another player who is following the trend of historically themed figures and this is definitely one of the more wacky ones! I enjoyed reading this write-up and liked your style and the info you provided quite a bit, the layout could use a little bit of work though, be it through better spacing or some optical highlights. Rating: 8/10