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  1. Link the Parts so I can find them easily!!
  2. Phil


  3. Phil

    KnightTime #1022

    KnightTime #1022 Welcome back to another edition of KnightTime Podcast! I'm your host, Phil Knight. Answered some great questions from @Tate!!! I haven't move yet but it's coming soon!!! Enjoy this edition! KnightTime Podcast Questions Thread Songs: Cross My Mind Pt. 2 - A R I Z O N A ft Kiiara This is a division of KnightTime Radio. Run Time: 27 minutes
  4. Marleau's Murmurings #21 This podcast series are for my 3-pointers. Usually an update of whatever strikes Marleau's fancy! KnightTime Podcast Question Thread This is a division of KnightTime Radio. Run Time: 8 minutes
  5. Phil

    Tatertime Radio Ep. 2

    LR activity is always important to me
  6. If I was hitting people, I wouldn't be as concerned that I'm not getting points lol But good win! Nice job!@!!
  7. What an article @Victor!!! Loooooove seeing Rafter Smalling on there at #1. Looking back on it we were rather ridiculously dominant.
  8. MORE QUESTIONS: So how's Tate starting off this season? Seen any improvements? Are Riga one of the top contenders for the Cup this season? You want to relax and listen to a chill song. Which song is it? In two seasons, you become Commissioner of the VHL. Activity has died off drastically and you think the VHL needs to be contracted back down to EIGHT teams. Which teams don't make the cut and why? You're an author making a series of books about the VHL. What would you make the title starting with "LEGEND OF ________"? Sports are an important way to stay physically active and socialize. Have you thought about what sport(s) you'll be putting your little one in? Go into the Ban Thread and pick a random post and read it. Give us your thoughts! Should I have my top signature remade or have a different one that reflects the colours of Malmo? Have you considered leaving Riga once your Rookie Contract is over if you don't get the stat numbers you'd like by that time? Give a shout-out to a member of the league!! (That's not me!)
  9. Review: - Well that is certainly a ridiculous way to start out your career in NY! Wonderful, energetic, and full of pep, this story has gone from a humble rookie stepping off a plane to a superstar loose in the Big Apple. It's got everything! I would have personally centered the picture under the title but that's small stuff in the big city. Good luck there! See you around! Can't wait to read Part 2 @Dalton Wilcox