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  1. I like those hits. That's more like it
  2. Marleau's Murmurings #48 This podcast series are for my 3-pointers. Talk about whatever tinkles Marleau's fancy. Usually I got on one rant per podcast. On This Episode: - Stats and Standings Update - Marleau's great brain in action Song: Dancin' In the Dark - Bruce Springstein KnightTime Podcast Question Thread This is a division of KnightTime Radio. Run Time: 7.75 minutes
  3. 1. YES... welll no... okay, so possibly. Marleau hasn't been hitting as much as I'd like but and we aren't winning as much as we should but otherwise it's been a decent start. Getting a feeling for the new season! 2. They are pretty real, but they will also fall back a bit down. They've not had the most difficult schedule so far so it will even out a little bit. 5. They should do whatever Hedge thinks is needed. He's a proven GM now and the reigning (a-oh, pun) champion so let's just let him do his thang. 6. We are going to MCDonalds for the $2.00 Sundaes. I just spent a shit-ton of money on not depreciating so much so I gotta go on the cheap! Doing Drive-through and then socially distancing in the park. That's how it's done in COVID times. 7. 13 for forward - gotta love Mats Sundin (and Mike Modano) 31 for goalie (all Hail Chris Osgood) 8. Lionel, of course. Say you. Say me.
  4. oh crap! First ejection of my career!