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  1. The Toronto Maple Leafs. I guess. They've disappointed me so much I really have zero faith in their ability to do anything. On our team, it's gotta be Danny boy!! Has the second most points on the team, the plus/minus leader by a large margin and has 4 game winning goals.. and I'm pretty sure we've only won 3 games, so that's extra impressive! We definitely do but for whatever reason, SimonT is shitting on Marleau STILL and a lot of our players are getting the cold icy should of the simulation. 1. What's with Malmo's season? Does SimonT hate us? 2. If you could commission any member (present or past) to do a special sig for you - who would it be? 3. Who's your favourite player you've created and why? (If you're on your first - how's the building going?)
  2. Phil

    KnightTime #1038

    Claim for Week Ending Tonight
  3. Gratz @McWolf mcwolfie! ❤️
  4. In that second period, I took a PIM every time I stepped onto the ice lol
  5. 268 D.C. Dragons @ Riga Reign 269 Toronto Legion @ Vancouver Wolves 270 Malmo Nighthawks @ Seattle Bears 271 Helsinki Titans @ Calgary Wranglers
  6. 240 Prague Phantoms @ Seattle Bears 241 Helsinki Titans @ Moscow Menace 242 Riga Reign @ D.C. Dragons 243 Vancouver Wolves @ Calgary Wranglers
  8. Phil Marleau beats up Tyler Barabash Jr at 13:42 of 2nd period sorry, not sorry @Bushito ❤️
  9. Phil

    KnightTime #1038

    KnightTime #1038 Welcome back to another edition of KnightTime Podcast! I'm your host, Phil Knight. Today we: - Fail at the intro - Fail at counting the episodes - Fail at player building - Answer questions from @GustavMattias & @Berocka Enjoy this edition! KnightTime Podcast Questions Thread Songs: Where I Belong - Simple Plan (ft. We The Kings) This is a division of KnightTime Radio. Run Time: 30 minutes
  10. Marleau's Murmurings #40 This podcast series are for my 3-pointers. Talk about whatever tinkles Marleau's fancy. Usually I got on one rant per podcast. On This Episode: - TRIVIA RANT - MARLEAU RANT - CALGARY ARE GOOD NOW? KnightTime Podcast Question Thread This is a division of KnightTime Radio. Run Time: 8.5 minutes