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  1. Phil

    Tatertime Radio Ep. 8

    Review: - Love Actually Intro lol - Mrs Taterade the Meteorologist! - Nice home in the countryside sounds so nice @Elmebeck - Phil the thrill was actually a member here that wasn't me! @philthethrill81 - Not annoyed by the Xmas questions don't worry! - Believe it or not, I was a "mentor" as a job a few years back. I'd welcome members in a PM and answer questions and give them guidance. - Thanks for the xmas music section! - Great show! @Tate
  2. How's your neighbourhood? What are some ways we could improve league engagement, if any? Did you listen to the most recent KnightTime? What did you think of my new segment? Worth it or no? Since it's in gorlab's sig, should we ban @gorlab and if yes, for what? What a video game you really want to start to play? How's the little Tateraider? Thoughts about Tate's performance in the sim so far? It's the season of colds and flu! Have you managed to avoid it? What's your favourite Christmas music (top 3 tracks) What are Christmas songs you HATE!?
  3. ugh that's who! No, I couldn't remember who you support.. Man U? nah that wrong and that was my scumbag brother... Plymouth? no that doesn't sound right either haha
  4. 3:08 of 1st overtime period - Lincoln Tate is hit by Phil Marleau and loses puck @Tate muhahhaa again!
  5. AH! I see! Makes sense! Thanks for clarifying!
  6. Phil

    KnightTime #1030

    KnightTime #1030 Welcome back to another edition of KnightTime Podcast! I'm your host, Phil Knight. On This Episode: - Standings Update - Section's not the right word.. - NEW SECTION! - Questions from @Tate - Theme song from the Past - CHRISTMAS KNOWLEDGE Enjoy this edition! KnightTime Podcast Questions Thread Songs: I'm On Fire - Mumford & Sons (Boss cover) This is a division of KnightTime Radio. Run Time: 30 minutes
  7. Marleau's Murmurings #30 This podcast series are for my 3-pointers. Talk about whatever tinkles Marleau's fancy. Usually I got on one rant per podcast. On This Episode: - I talk about Marleau - I talk about @Victor's prem team... I think. I don't know. - I talk about Altonen - I talk about Marleau KnightTime Podcast Question Thread This is a division of KnightTime Radio. Run Time: 10 minutes
  8. Team Phil F - Kronos Bailey F - Gritty F - Elias Dahlberg D - Joseph McWolf D - Kronos Bailey G - Michael Johnson back to @Josh Thanks for the heads up @Greg_Di