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  1. WOW! Didn't let up a shot in OT and came back to win! I honestly think Lincoln Tate is the MVP of this league. He's a sim god. Doing Fantastic!
  2. Feels good. A great team performance here. All lines firing!
  4. EAGLES WITH THE SHUTOUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. - Create CLEAR guidelines on what constitutes as a "non-spam" post. - The lottery should randomly pick a game - The lottery should then then randomly pick a comment from that game - The Lottery manager should double check to ensure the comment qualifies as a "non-spam" comment. - If the comment qualifies - ANNOUNCE THE WINNER! If the comment does not - REDO THE FULL PROCESS.
  6. Indeed I was. I was always there for you
  7. Phil

    KnightTime #1005

    KnightTime #1005 Welcome back to another edition of KnightTime Podcast! I'm your host, Phil Knight. Today we look answer questions from @Lincoln Tate & @Beaviss We talk Standings, changes, positions and builds, and more! Enjoy this edition! KnightTime Podcast Questions Thread Songs: Crash Into Me - Dave Matthews Band This is a division of KnightTime Radio. Run Time: 25 minutes
  8. Marleau's Murmurings #4 This podcast series are for my 3-pointers. Usually an update of whatever strikes Marleau's fancy! This episode it's me discovering what the heck the VHL World Juniors are! KnightTime Podcast Question Thread This is a division of KnightTime Radio. Run Time: 7 minutes
  9. @Devise @Jericho @Advantage trolling the site with "Red 5 Standing by" Nagger getting the Naggerwolves he deserved The Bears S43 Cup run Nick Barr disappearing in a hurricane My successful #Beke4___ campaigns @Beketov MSN group chat with @Sandro & @CoachReilly for me to enter the VHL with Seattle Group call on Skpe with the Legion for me to sign with them ( when @sterling didn't hate me) That time I finally got banned by sterling Meeting some Members in REAL LIFE!
  10. Amazing! Also, fun fact - Marleau had 20 hits that sim!