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  1. Player Name:gunnar skovsgard VHL Team:vastera iron egle Cash you have:4,500,000 Purchase Name:welfare upgrade Cost of Purchase:2,000,000 Cash Left:2,500,000
  2. Championship - Continental Cup: New York Americans Best Regular Season Record - Victory Cup: New York Americans North American Conference Champion - Devon Marlow-Marta Trophy: New York Americans European Conference Champion - Terence Fong Trophy: Helsinki Titans MVP - Scotty Campbell Trophy: Odin Tordahl (NYA) Playoff MVP - Daisuke Kanou Trophy: Willem Janssen (HEL) Leading Points - Mike Szatkowski Trophy: Odin Tordahl (NYA) Leading Goals - Kevin Brooks Trophy: Odin Tordahl (NYA) Leading Assists - Alexander Beketov Trophy: Damon Tyrael (HEL) Top Defenseman - Sterling Labatte Trophy: Conner Low (NYA) Top Goalie - Aidan Shaw Trophy: Brick Wahl (NYA) Top Rookie - Christian Stolzschweiger Trophy: Mason Richardson (COL) Best Two-way Forward - Scott Boulet Trophy: Brennan McQueen (RIG) Executive of the Year - David Knight Trophy: Vince Wong (HEL) Top Leader - Grimm Jonsson Trophy: Vojczek Svoboda (HEL) Most Sportsmanlike - Mikka Virkkunen Trophy: Tom Slaughter (NYA) Most Improved - Dustin Funk Trophy: Don Draper (HEL)
  3. 300 Americans 301 Wranglers 302 Bears 304 HC Dynamo
  4. 273 Red Wolves 274 Blades 275 Outlaws 276 Lynx
  5. i am hate you brampton blades. look at that logo it look so bad. actually i really like it nevermind that point. they are only have inactive player and use tactic like score all when he should have be tank this season for high pick. maybe blade will have weak forever and never return to proper winning place. my team will pass them soon because we have me in net and good defensemen and forward. they should have face me face to face and i will stop all shot because i very upset with them. jakobssen and hunter are destroy them with iginla. they are awful team with awful gm. i am see you tfong but you are no see me because i am too good for you. i am feel sorry for all player picked up by brampton because they must have burn like BoG. seeing them in top of standing almost as bad as have see soren douffet's stat it make me want to throw up. roses are read and violets are blue. brampton is bad and so are you.
  6. VHLM: Power Rankings Here we return with the power rankings for the VHLM and decide who the top teams in the league are. We will go into an in depth deep analysis of a two teams, each from different conferences and list the rankings of the entire league. If you want to know who is where and which player is doing good then these are the rankings you should tune into. We're winding down into the final stretch and the time is winding down on some teams to get up higher in the rankings. Last season we awarded the best team to the Moscow Red Wolves but who will it be this time around? We will find out at the end of the season. 1) Ottawa Lynx They might currently be third place in the North American Conference but are only displaced by a total of six points with three games in hand. The O'Malley and Erikson dynamic remains strong as they have both scored over a hundred points to lead the Ottawa offense. Aksel Thomassen has turned the ship around and has now scored 85 points in fifty games. He started the season off on a slow stretch but has finally caught up with talent on full display. If Ottawa wants to get any further then he needs to start stepping it up again. James Faraday might just be a disappointment given his draft status. He is still well above a point per game and could score 0 points while still keep that pace but is not as explosive as some might have thought. Here's hoping that he will explode come post-season. They added a new defenseman in Teuvo Ruutu recently and he has actually been steadily producing. Maybe Poole will not be alone when it comes to manning the blue line. Soren Douffet is still as awful as before. Sometimes I wish I did not have to look at his stats but that save percentage is getting them nowhere in the league. They need a new goaltender coach or a new goaltender all together. I hear that Klaus fellow is a good one. 4) Moscow Red Wolves They take the fourth overall spot in our rankings. Yes, fourth! They also happen to be the highest ranking team from the European Conference on our rankings. Miller has scored over forty goals so far and he been a vital key to the Moscow offense. What really has impressed us this season is Tyler Cote. He gets overshadowed by other top prospects in the draft but has put up a wonderful season. Over a point per game with more than two hundred hits. Amazing season by him and a wonderful surprise for Moscow management. Simons has slowed down but they added a new person in P.K. Subban. Canseco has left his mark in Moscow and has flashes of brilliance but is just decent when it comes to his overall player. He needs to maintain the dominance he has for some games through more consistency. Sundberg and 3 Moons jerseys are selling out Power Rankings: 1) Ottawa Lynx 2) Saskatoon Wild 3) Brampton Blades 4) Moscow Red Wolves 5) Yukon Rush 6) Bern Royals 7) Oslo Storm 8) Minot Gladiators 9) Turku Outlaws 10) Bratislava Watchmen
  7. 7. Goalie Achievements (All APPLICABLE) WINS/5 40 Games Started = 5 TPE Save % 0.900+ = 5 TPE Save % Sub 0.900 = 2TPE Shutouts = 3 TPE per SO am skovsgard
  8. 255 - Red Wolves 256 Wild 257 Rush 258 Lynx