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  1. should have left that trash dusty
  2. GM corner in discord is basically genchat 2.0 so yes
  3. I still don't know how anyone voted for anything in this poll lol
  4. That was my go-to for a year or two after college
  5. Define... community lol. How should I rank 16 teams when I've only played on two in the last 10+ seasons?
  6. my favorite memory was the jardy drivecast (sp?) plz return @JardyB10
  7. sounds good i fly into vegas early sunday
  8. Greetings VHL I will be out of office 7/4-7/8 with limited availability Backpacking/hiking in AZ/UT/NV
  9. Gucci with the hatty
  10. you son of a bitch I will listen while I fall asleep because you just have that kind of voice
  11. Nothing personal but that's how I feel about everyone
  12. sentences seem like an arbitrary milestone to ensure completion, you can achieve the same value in responses effectively by requiring a minimum amount of tasks, items, subjects, etc.. imo tbh irl iirc