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  1. How I make them: beef or chicken (depends on what is in the fridge), shredded and cooked on med-low heat w/ diced veggies (jalapeno, onion, cherry tomatoes) seasoned with some tajin, pepper and red pepper flake. CORN street taco (soft shell) toasted over the fire and then topped w/ some tobasco and maybe cheese... i'll make about 3-4 of them for lunch occasionally now if I go out: GRANDE BURRITO
  2. 1.499999 doesn't round up
  3. Oh I LOVED calling that out hahahaha I also probably wasted like 4-6 hours a week reading mindless articles
  4. It was! Grading was a fun but could be a time-consuming job
  5. IIRC it was a minimum of 250 but you were also graded, which members no longer are (600 was the sweet spot for a 3/3 content but also under consideration was what you actually wrote about, its relevance to the VHL, flow, etc...) content 3/3 grammar/spelling 2/2 presentation 1/1
  6. Sounds like something recruitment should look into @MexicanCow123
  7. The link goes to season 78 for some reason
  8. Wait, I can be a real pro-gamer AND a Chad??!
  9. you should move this to fan 590 and claim TPE
  10. Gucci to test free agency after season Chicago, IL Veteran Its Gucci, now in his sixth season (old AF) with the same franchise that drafted him, has debated whether or not it is worth it for him to re-sign and play his final remaining two seasons in Los Angeles. "This city is dirty as all hell, can't get anywhere with all this traffic and the food scene is average. Nothing really unique about the place; huge suburb basically," Gucci affirmed with reporters. "I've spent the better half of a decade between here and Las Vegas. A change in scenery might be good for my game, but it will definitely be good for my sanity." Fourth on the team in total points and second in assists, Gucci has worn a few different hats this season with the departure of a few good players. While on pace for a career-high in points, he feels as tough it is not enough. "There's definitely a different vibe, different mood in the locker room. One week we will go 3-0, the next 0-3. Inconsistency has really hurt our morale." On the season, Los Angeles has held their own in most team statistics, however the losses against conference foes have really started to add up. "Calgary and Vancouver has been tough outs this season. Combined 3-8-1 against them. Not gonna make much noise with that. Hopefully we can make up for it playing some of the other North American opponents," Gucci finished.
  11. I might have to recreate as Boolean Operator now Thanks @bigAL
  12. We move and hide threads all of the time for various reasons, if you want more details please call officer fong.
  13. PBR is amazing, great representation @rory
  14. So mean I wrote about you as we agreed
  15. Member @Beaviss on 9/21/21 - "I think id look good in a pencil shirt" - I think he meant pencil skirt, which is even more horrifying. God save us all. Member @Spartan on 2/8/21 - "Tom Brady & The Canucks, COMBINED... Have 7 championships...." - this is a great hot take. Cannot stress enough how many titles Tom Brady has (7). We was once a 6th round pick. Member @Josh on 1/21/21 - "this is wild lol" - probably the longest thing I've ever seen him write. He's right. Member @Quik on 12/16/20 - "charity auction raised $1835.50" - my real question is, canadian or freedom bucks? But nice. Member @Will on 12/11/20 - "I find the elderly are the worst lol" - Amen. Member @Victor on 10/22/20 - "This leagues problem is that I'm actually its moral compass" - it remains true today. Member @Beaviss11/17/2020 - "Egg Salad is bad" - this is actually about as correct as Beav has ever been. Member @Victor on 10/14/20 - "Wrath - Fong" - lol.
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