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VHL Portal - 20.10.28

Release Date: 10/28/2020

Key Changes


  • Added WC/WCJ statistics and separated stats into new tabs
  • Slight display modifications 



  • Expanded the Portal's stats databases to include:
    • World Juniors player, goalie and team statistics from inception to now 
    • World Cup player, goalie and team statistics from S60 to now 
    • VHL player and goalie statistics from S1 to S48
  • I'd like to thank and give a shoutout to @Corco  for compiling the S1-48 VHL stats (and apologies it took so long to add) 



  • Career Statistics and Single Season Records now have additional filtering options that enable both custom season ranges and switching between all four leagues (VHL/VHLM/WC/WCJ) 
  • General cleanup of all HOF areas
  • Improvements to the admin side of Award's 



  • Fixed an issue where the player search list was barely visible