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VHL Portal - August 26/19

Release Date: 08/26/2019

Key Changes

Team Management 


  • Completely overhauled the trading interface 
  • 3-way trades are now supported
  • Added a new trade tracker
  • Improved VHL Bot's trade posts 


Free Agency

  • All-new Free Agency/Waivers interface. The interface has been simplified and is much more mobile friendly. 
  • Greatly improved forum posting for keeping you updated on FA. Instead of only posting when a player signs, VHL Bot will now also post all offers that are made to a player, creating a topic or adding a post as appropriate. 



  • Completely overhauled the draft board
  • Improved the drafting interface for GMs 
  • PASSing on picks is now supported
  • Can now view a draft pick's history in the same way as the old forum drafts 
  • Drafts will no longer automatically close when there are no picks, giving the GMs/Commish's time to decide if they want to add another round


Team Pages

  • Improved the look of the draft picks tab (especially this one)
  • Improved the trade and other transaction tracking 
  • Re-implement All-time Player, Goalie, and GM stats 



  • Brand new Transaction Tracker to make it very easy to keep track of roster/contract movement  
  • General Manager's can now set Assistant GM's. Setting someone as AGM will give them full GM permissions over your team, therefore it is recommended that you use this setting wisely. It should not be considered a requirement that AGMs have this permission. 
  • VHL Bot will now make forum posts for:
    • Call-ups and Send-downs
    • Exercising/picking up options 
    • Releases
    • Accepting a bonus or extension



  • Re-organized the nav bar
  • Fixed an issue where certain stat pages would give you a 500 if you weren't logged in 
  • Fixed broken player links on League Overall