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Found 2 results

  1. Brody’s Pros 1.Fast Learner Brody is a quick learner he’s always trying to improve is hockey iq and his ability to read plays .He can learn new stuff in a week or so.With a good or bad team Brody will continue to improve is knowledge 2.Rebound Control Brody has quick rebound control.He continues to get the puck in the corner to reduce the scoring chances.He will strive to continue his good rebound control. 3.Speed Brody has great speed he can stop a pick even though a couple seconds later he was out of the play. Brody's Cons 1.Inexperience Since Brody his a rookie he doesn’t have very good experience even though he is playing great back at home.Brody hasn’t faced has hard of shots that the vhl has to offer. 2.Puck Handling Brody isn’t has good outside the crease playing the puck he struggles to play the puck with pressure situations.Brody can play the puck with not much pressure. 3.Screened Shots Brody has a bit of trouble with screened shots.He can’t stop the puck has much when there are a bunch of people in front of the net .
  2. Broalie34

    G - Brody Neufeld

    Player InformationUsername:Broalie34 Full Name: Brody Neufeld Position:GoalieAge:18Handedness: LeftRecruited By:Player AttributesTotal Points Earned:SK = Skating: 35SZ = Size: 40AG = Agility: 35RB = Rebound Control:65SC = Style Control: 35HS = Hand Speed: 35RT = Reaction Time: 45PS = Penalty Shot: 35EX = Experience: 40LD = Leadership: 40OtherJersey Number: 34Height (inches): 6-4Weight (lbs.): 220Birthplace:Winnipeg Manitoba Awards Career Stats Player Movement