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Found 5 results

  1. HALIFAX--Though T-Series may be nothing but a bitch lasagna, they seem to have gained a few loyal supporters among Halifax management. The Indian corporate-owned music and entertainment YouTube channel, which within the past year has been a consistent threat to overtake Swedish creator Pewdiepie (Felix Kjellberg) as the most-subscribed to channel on YouTube, has within recent weeks managed to briefly claim the number-one spot for a few short moments of time before Kjellberg's loyal fanbase stepped up with a wave of new subscribers. The battle, aptly dubbed "Pewdiepie vs. T-Series," has been a strong focal point of Internet culture for months, being the topic of many a meme and most recently generating renewed interest as the channels race to the 100-million subscriber mark. It's even relevant and entertaining enough that it was mentioned a grand total of zero times in YouTube Rewind 2018 ("Everyone" Controls Rewind). And though freedom of expression is of paramount importance to the values of a democratic civilization, it is a generally accepted truth here in North America that supporters of T-Series are traitorous filth. Hell, I don't even watch Pewdiepie's stuff, and I'd agree with that statement. This shared belief among us Westerners with anything at all in our heads, whether it be brains or a can of tuna, makes the latest revelation about the Halifax 21st, a consistent top-3 finisher in the VHLM, all the more shocking. Google's advanced analytics team, when sorting through subscriber counts of both channels to ensure the battle's integrity (as supporters of both sides have been known to resort to cheap tactics such as the use of bots), discovered a minor discrepancy in the distribution of subscriber count by location. T-Series' subscribers are, obviously, largely concentrated in India. A few subscribers may be scattered here and there throughout the globe, but the channel's powerful main form of support stems from the country of over 1.3 billion people (fun fact: the USA is the 3rd-largest country in the world in terms of population, and if it gained a whole billion people, it would still be the 3rd-largest). And while many experienced hackers have been known to disguise their servers as European (due to Europe's strong reputation for cyber security), the team found a small clump of subscribers in Eastern Canada that they felt were worth checking out. And as it turns out, every one of these subscribers was a player, coach, or manager of the Halifax 21st. Google is thought to have asked for details, as they themselves released a statement explaining the nature of the situation: With regards to the recent emergence of subscribers in Halifax, we are told that the Halifax 21st organization is subscribed to T-Series by orders of management. We are not authorized to remove these subscriptions unless a subscribed individual directly asks for their removal in writing, and as of now are, by our own policy, unable to alter the situation in any way. When met with questions from the media, Halifax players, coaches, and management declined to comment.
  2. Good evening guys, I just wanted to address you all as a team! Just wanted to say it's great to be here and be apart of the team. I'll do the best I can in every way possible. I'm ready and capable to work hard and play the best. This is my first ever season in the VHLM so if you don't really hear from me, don't think anything bad. I'm just getting use to all of this and how it all works. I'll pop in once and a while. For now I'll try to be as converse as possible with you guys and eventually be there 24/7. Right now I'm doing everything I can to gain MAX TPE each week. I want to help this team win the cup, what ever it takes to get there, I'm in it with all of you! I hope none of you think I'm a bust or anything of that nature, I believe I'm the complete opposite and I'm ready to prove that. I'll see you all on the ice for practice and can't wait for the season to kick off! LETS GET IT BOYS! -Nacho (190 words)
  3. Newest member of the Halifax 21st
  4. I'm new to VHL and this is a logo I created after being drafted by the Halifax 21st! Tried to put my sub-par photoshop skills to the max for this one boys! let me know what ya think