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Found 1 result

  1. Many moons ago I created some pretty solid players in Robert Gow III and Tim TebowGow. However, it has been forever since that has been the case, and I'm out to prove the world wrong #TheyHateUsCauseTheyAintUs #GrittySquad. I've already had two GMs reach out to me already, which is fun because most of my players were when I was a GM so I knew where they were going. The randomness of where I could go is pretty fun. According to some laughably bad mock drafts Gritty is going in the 2nd round, which if that happens I will take a video of me eating hot sauce. While I am mad that New York got the 1st overall pick (I swear New York and Helsinki get every break), at least that means I won't be going to that cesspool. I am also curious to see who Moscow takes with the 6th overall pick, or whether they trade it for future stuff.