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Found 5 results

  1. Evan R. Lawson Just Got Popped, In a good way! Toronto Legion have released that there will be a limited edition pop figure of Evan R. Lawson Available to Fans that attend home games in Toronto. This special edition figure features Lawson in the teams away jersey. Another version with Lawson in his home jersey will be made available at the same time. However the away game version will only be available in limited quantities at home games, while the home jersey version will be available throughout Canada. Rumor has it that as part of this merchandise deal Lawson asked for a handful of both versions so that he could send them home to his family in the States, and of course have few to place in his trophy case. @diamond_ace This is for you!
  2. Newly Released VHL Limited Edition Ryuu Crimson Pop! Vinyl The VHL collaboration with VSN would like to announce that the next player to be preserved in plastic will be none other than the self-proclaimed Weirdest Left Winger in the VHL and S63 Continental Cup Champion Ryuu Crimson @SlapshotDragon! Something tells me that this figure of the Continental Cup Champion will be flying off the shelves and will quickly become a collectors item, so get yours while you can.
  3. VSN With The Release Of A Brand New Pop! Figure Katie Warren @ShawnGlade is the First VHLM Player to be immortalized in plastic. I heard Ottawa is looking pretty good at the minute @diamond_ace and no one shows off that Ottawa uniform like Katie does
  4. McWolf Getting Some Action -VSN Exclusive VSN Exclusive Look At The Joseph McWolf Action Figure! When rookie goaltender Brick Wahl was seen playing with VHL figurines on the bench during his last few games, it has fans who were not at the games wondering what these new VHL Figures look like as they are not even released yet. VSN Wasn't able to get their hands on the whole collection yet but we do have a picture of the Joseph McWolf @McWolf figure that Wahl was making do unspeakable things to Jake Davis @Reives. There have been no comments from McWolf or Davis yet on the incident or how they plan on Dealing with Wahl.
  5. Rhett Stoffiday (Limited Edition POP! Vinyl) The VHL(M), VSN, and POP! Have teamed up to make Limited Edition VHL POP figurines. This is part of our BRANDED segments which aims at creating more content that focuses on brands, advertisements and merchandise that are VHL(M) related. @Stoffiday If you would like to see your player Immortalized in plastic leave a comment below (Players will be chosen at random).