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Found 3 results

  1. Valentines Day with Brick and Tzuyu It is been a whirlwind romance for Brick Wahl and Tzuyu since the All-Star Game. It is no secret that these two talented players decided to take a shot on romance and it looks like Wahl is upping the anti. The wranglers didn't make the playoffs this year so Brick seems to be devoting time to his new lady. He has been attending every one of her playoff matches and cheering her on from the stands. Brick was asked what it felt like being on the sidelines. Whit a broad smile on his face he answered, "It is a fun experience to be able to sit with all of the other players partners, most of them wives or girlfriends, and talk about the game and the player who is closest to our heart." When asked about his Valentines day plans Brick responded, "I hope Tzuyu will be available but I know she can control her schedule any more than I can. If she ends up playing on the 14th it really doesn't matter because we will find time to celebrate at a time that is convenient for her. I just want my girl to do her best, she doesn't need to worry about the logistics because I can handle that. If it is up to me Tzuyu will enjoy a nice North American Valentines day, instead of having to worry about taking the reigns, as in tradition in many Asian countries." A mutual friend mentioned how devoted the couple seems of late and even showed a couples picture taken by the two VHL All_Stars. @tfong (the custom Image struggle is real lol) (264 words and 1 custom image )
  2. I may not have been Calgary's 1st pick but I beat everyone to the locker room! See you all when you finally get here @Sova, @Ty343 and @Fowll I have finally found my spot "It is the singular location in space around which revolves my entire universe." - Sheldon, The Big Bang Theory A big thank you to all my VHLM GMs ( @Jubo07 , @Peace and @Dtayl) for helping me get here! Also want to thank all the GMs who offered me a place in their organization, it was a a pleasure talking with you all and I sincerely thank you for your consideration. Lastly, thanks to @Bushito for taking a chance on me. I will do my best to exceed your expectations.
  3. 2018 Rookie Profile: Brick Wahl Name: Brick Wahl Height: 6’7 Weight: 247lbs Born: September 1st, 1997 Draft Season: Season 63, Undrafted Current Team: Las Vegas Aces Why you want him? Style Control Wahl can simply be described as a blocking type goalie. He uses the center of his body as the blocking area and anyone who has seen Wahl knows that is a lot of blocking area. His priority seems to be covering as much ice as he can. Anyone who has played against Wahl knows there is no shooting through him, if you want that puck in the net you are going to have to go around him. If you’re looking to beat the Brick my advice is to avoid ground shots, shoot high, and pray he makes a mistake. Reaction Time It is Obvious Wahl is a big goalie don’t let that put images of a slow lumbering giant in your head. Wahl is quick on the puck, most likely due to his ability to track that illusive piece of rubber. Will Crusher the Coach of the University of Saskatchewan’s Hockey team, The Huskies, once said “It’s like Wahl’s got a homing beacon on that puck, sometimes I’ll think in all that traffic there is no way he could know where it is, then boom the whistle is blown and Wahl is handing the Ref the puck.” Rebound Control Like the Cougar, native to his homeland, Wahl is always ready to pounce and once he has his hands on that puck it will not be going anywhere. Wahl uses his body to his advantage and forces players to shot at him. Once that puck heads in Wahl’s direction he makes it his mission to get his hands on it. Wahl plays his position like a five-star general, if he sees the opportunity to start a play he makes it but if the situation calls for it he will hold the puck for a strategic retreat. What needs work? Leadership: Putting a Brick Wahl in front of your net may be good for your score but Brick has a bit of a reputation for being stone faced in the locker room. Wahl is a goalie who formed himself into a marketable player though hard work and determination, but he is more than happy to let other players to take on a true leadership role. Wahl has said in the past “My position on this team is supportive in nature, I always have my teammates back covered. I do my best back in the net, so they can lead us home down in the other end.” Penalty Shot Penalty shots are proof that if you put enough pressure on Brick Wahl you can get him to crumble. As mentioned above Brick is all about the mental game when it comes to his goal-tending style. However his mental game seems to be what is failing him in tough one on one situations. Brick’s main issue is staying loose, you can tell just by looking at him in these situations that he tenses up. The most likely explanation is that because Brick is a hard worker who has fought for his every achievement, he puts a lot of pressure on himself to be the best. His Uncle Famous VHL Goalie, Brick Wahl, was a hall of famer and there is a lot of pressure on this young prospect to perform. Skating If you are looking for a goalie that is going to haul ass to the bench and gain your critical seconds when trying to get an extra attacker on the ice, Brick is not your man. It’s not that he is terrible at skating; it is just that he is terribly average. And for a game that is played on ice, it is logical to think scouts want to be wowed by a player’s skills, not say “at least he’s not terrible.” It is clear that Brick is aware of this weakness because you can often find him on the ice doing skating drills. If he hopes to make it to the big leagues Wahl will need to continue to upgrade his skills. Stats: Season Age Tm Lg GP GS W L T/O GA SV% SO MIN G A PTS PIM 2013-14 17 Moose Jaw AAA Bucks MWHL 11 8 1 2 19 1 660 2013-14 17 Moose Jaw AAA Bucks Exhib. 26 15 7 4 62 3 1480 2014-15 18 Swift Current Rapids NWHL 45 35 8 0 83 .920 5 2577 0 3 3 29 2015-16 19 University of Saskatchewan Huskies H-East 31 21 8 2 68 0 1788 0 0 0 4 2016-17 20 University of Saskatchewan Huskies H-East 34 21 9 2 68 3 1907 0 1 1 0 2017-18 21 University of Saskatchewan Huskies H-East 39 15 20 4 92 .908 2 2274 0 2 2 15 Brick Wahl just signed his first contract with the Las Vegas Aces. He is looking forward to the opportunity and anxiously awaiting his first game.