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Found 3 results

  1. Valentines Day with Brick and Tzuyu It is been a whirlwind romance for Brick Wahl and Tzuyu since the All-Star Game. It is no secret that these two talented players decided to take a shot on romance and it looks like Wahl is upping the anti. The wranglers didn't make the playoffs this year so Brick seems to be devoting time to his new lady. He has been attending every one of her playoff matches and cheering her on from the stands. Brick was asked what it felt like being on the sidelines. Whit a broad smile on his face he answered, "It is a fun experience to be able to sit with all of the other players partners, most of them wives or girlfriends, and talk about the game and the player who is closest to our heart." When asked about his Valentines day plans Brick responded, "I hope Tzuyu will be available but I know she can control her schedule any more than I can. If she ends up playing on the 14th it really doesn't matter because we will find time to celebrate at a time that is convenient for her. I just want my girl to do her best, she doesn't need to worry about the logistics because I can handle that. If it is up to me Tzuyu will enjoy a nice North American Valentines day, instead of having to worry about taking the reigns, as in tradition in many Asian countries." A mutual friend mentioned how devoted the couple seems of late and even showed a couples picture taken by the two VHL All_Stars. @tfong (the custom Image struggle is real lol) (264 words and 1 custom image )
  2. @AndrewWarren13 I hope you enjoy my take on Revchenko. Made you a custom Wranglers Logo with your player name in it too.
  3. This Is Why You Don't Bench a Wahl S64 has defiantly started out differently that Rookie goaltender Brick Wahl of The Calgary Wranglers had anticipated. Brick was hoping to see some ice time in the first couple games of the season but instead this feisty tendie has been benched. Most people aren't blinking at the fact that The Wranglers GM @Bushito is starting Shawn Brodeur @TheLastOlympian07 because at this time although he is in his season he is currently the better goalie of the two, some people do find it odd to not give your rookie goalie a start now at the beginning of the season while the stakes are low and all the teams are trying to figure out their lines. (Above is the only action Wahl has seen in these first games of the season, look at those reflexes...Why wouldn't you want this rookie in your net?) You can't feel to bad for brick when you hear of the antics that he has been up to while he has been forced to be a bench warmer. Brick as seems to be biding his time with humor. There is a specific moment that was caught on camera when Wahl had two S64 Rookies action figures of himself and @Nykonax Dahlberg. Wahl ended up doing an impression of the chirping that happens when the two go face to face. " Eh Brickie not to say you suck, but you get dangled more than a fricken' yoyo" Wahl said in a feminine high pitched tone meant to mock Dahlberg with his impersonation. Then Wahl replied as himself "Dahlberg, I'm in every state farm insurance commercial. They love me because represent saving a-hole" Funny enough when Brick was asked what other action figures he used to make his bench mates laugh he mentioned that he brought out his S63 Rhett Stoffiday @Stoffiday and S64 Fin Davison @Poptart and made them do a battle royal for the starting position in Davos. When asked who won the battle Wahl replied, "Davos has 2 amazing goalies, too bad they only need one. @ShawnGlade is going to have to make some tough decisions eventually. You can't ride two horses with one ass as Stoff would say." The last set of figures Brick mentioned cracking out of their pristine boxes were two players who are not even on the same team. S62's Jake Davis @Reives and S63's Joseph Mcwolf @McWolf both have a certain reputation in the league, although Wahl would not describe for the press what he did with the figures in this case his team mate Mark Gebauer @Sova described it as highly suggestive and more than a bit salacious. At this point we are all hoping to see Brick put away the action figures and make his way out on the ice, only question is how will the other VHLers react to Wahls wild antics. (480 words)