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  1. It's that time again! Time for another mock draft. This one not quite so early, so I expect all my predictions to be spot on. I get to match players with teams this time too, as the draft lottery went down yesterday(RIP LA). It appears the first five or so picks should be a shoo in, although after that it is a dogfight. I know my predictions are going to turn out wrong because there are so many capable players that are available. I also get to compare this mock draft to the 'wayyy to early' one I did a couple weeks ago. Now, without further ado, into the mock draft! With the
  2. This is the first article of the new VHL.com series "Ice and Hockey". In this series I will dive deep into players, teams and the whole VHL community. Today we have interview and deep dive of the Houston Bulls defenceman Teppo Mcbighit. McBighit started in VHLM in the late season 74. He comes from Lappeenranta, Finland. A small finnish town near the border of Russia. He has played in finnish minors for couple seasons before becoming Houston Bull player. He most likes to play physically and defensively. A true defenceman. This 19 yo player has really made an impact in th
  3. Because of the sudden influx of new players, including my self, due to the pandemic, I feel that an expansion might be needed. The draft is upon us and that would be a perfect time to add new teams, I would think 2 new teams in both the VHL and VHLM. I think a team in both Milwaukee and Boston for the VHL and then for the VHL Bern and Detroit. This is not for TPE but just an idea I wanted to get out there.
  4. So this is my second time ever watching/participating in a VHLM draft. This time I wasn't a player exposed to it but rather part of management helping out make decisions about the picks. I personally had a lot of fun being in the draft stream, though there were some mistakes on my end, I think we did pretty well. So now I'm gonna do a sort of draft review of Las Vegas' picks. Kinda show how I thought of the picks and maybe a bit of the thought process behind the picks and what I expect out of them. No pressure though as I think everyone has a chance of being great here in the VHLM and VHL. Wit
  5. Greetings, VHL community! Another eight weeks or so has flown by and with another Continental Cup awarded (congratulations to the Seattle Bears!), it’s time for the next crop of fresh talent to come join the ranks of the VHL elite. We will be presenting the first round to you, so let’s hope you folks at home can keep up! We have seven writers contributing here, bringing you the juicy details on the future talents that the players that have made this top 16 list are worthy of bringing. As you may have heard, this particular draft is absolutely stacked with young talent! You real
  6. from the desk of MattyIce: Looks like my work has taken notice.. It's been such a pleasure putting forward my work, connecting the dots in my own way, learning about how this league and community works and it's desire to move forward with fresh new ideas. This is where I come in with my new partner, @Plate. We have been spitballing some ideas back and forth and I want to know more about what the people of this great community want. Whatever anyone wants to see, let us know. We've got a great team of researchers, information analysts and writers, and we're
  7. DISCLAIMER: This scouting report is brought to you by MattyIce, and this has no affiliation to the VSN Scouting department. These are simply rankings, not who will go where based on recreates or favoritism, nor will I make any predictions. This is a monster list, so we will keep this moving quickly: Rank 1-20 @Renomitsu @Jtv123 @BladeMaiden @fonziGG @Quik @Esso2264 @Emi @Enorama @Plate @flyersfan1453 @okochastar@Banackock @Smarch @AW13 @Jeffie43 @Z16 @InstantRockstar @Blazzer @Matmenzinger @Riley_Couture Yeah, this a stacked top end. Pretty certain the top 1
  8. Draft Groovy Dood 1st Overall by: bigAL, agent Groovy Dood, hockey player extraordinaire The S73 VHL draft is just around the corner, and there’s some controversy at the top of the list. My man Groovy Dood is at the centre of it, but I’m here to tell you that it’s all good, man . The traditional scouting and drafting philosophies inherently favour a recreated player. And really, fair enough. Recreated players are handled by agents with a proven track record. Each GM may value that track record differently, but at least there’s proof of longevity, com
  9. Markus Schauer was selected 25th overall in the S73 VHLM Dispersal Draft. He was projected to go between 18th and 24th. Falling to the 3rd round came as a surprise to him. We caught up with Schauer at the bus stop in Houston on his way to practice. Are you happy with where you ended up? Houston has a great locker room and a lot of really solid players. I've been talking a lot with Thigh strap and Aloe Dear. We all got drafted in the same year so it lets us bond over it. Did you know Aloe Dear likes pulp in his orange juice? Disgusting. You fell below where you wer
  10. What up!? Are you ready for the best idea ever? Do you have money?? Do you want even more money? Guess what? We've got a great idea for you. FIGHT MILK! First Alcoholic, Diary based protein drink for bodyguards...BY BODYGUARDS! We here at FIGHT MILK support Jeff Odinson in the upcoming draft! Remember, a pick for Odinson is a pick for FIGHT MILK! Context: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BEMlvjJ9uxo
  11. Groovy Dood’s Wild Draft Night Groovy Dood was beaming as he pulled his brand new Minnesota Storm jersey over top of his Miami Marauders hoodie. Dood knew how big of a deal it was to be drafted to the State of Hockey, but he was having a hard time enjoying it. Groovy Dood was a lifelong Miami Marauders fan. As long as he knew about the VHL, Dood was fascinated with the Miami Marauders. The first VHL logo he saw was the majestic skeleton captain, decked out its menacing black and red pirate hat. “It’s just so damn cool,” he was quoted as saying at the time. “The captain is a skel
  12. May 11, 2020. Growing up on a farm in rural Belgium Gregg Stallion’s dream of becoming a hockey star seemed impossible to reach, now he is one week away from seeing his dream fully realized and getting drafted into the world renowned Victory Hockey League. Stallion burst onto the scene in the VHLM as an early season waiver pick up for the Houston Bulls, expectations were not high for the Belgian sensation but that did not stop Stallion from quickly finding his place in the VHLM. “A lot of the cockier players from North America seem to really care about going in the first round or being fi
  13. Elsby is quintessential definition of a team player, voted captain on his AAA team in Finland since they started wearing letters and was even named Captain of his U20 Team as 15 year old following his rooking year as the youngest player to play the top JR A U20 in Finland at 14 and being named assistant captain at the request of his teammates by December. This is a special young man, coming out of Finlands HIFK Program Highly Recruited 2- way Defenceman has chosen to go play in Mississauga where he has family members King is a great 2 way defenceman with size , skill and IQ off th
  14. Season 67 Draft Recap Part 1: North American Conference The Season 67 Draft was one of many emotions and storylines. Lincoln Tate going #1, ACL TEAR falling, Seattle owning the draft. The list goes on. This VSN article will take a deep dive into the exciting S67 VHL draft that took place last night. Specifically, I will walk through each teams draft in the North American Conference. Part 2 will come over the next couple days from @Matt_O New York Americans 1st Round | 10th Overall – Boris the Forest, Center 2nd Round | 12th Overall – ACL
  15. Season 67 Mock Draft Series | 3rd Round Part 4 Previous Articles: Part 1: Top 5 Part 2: Next 5 Part 3: Round 2 In case anyone missed it, above are the links to my previous parts to this S67 Mock Draft Series. In this installment, we cover the third round of this class. There are definitely some sleeper prospects and solid members in this round. This will be the last part of this mock draft series, thank you everyone for reading and support! 3.01 – Seattle Bears - W|23 – L|40 – OTL|9 Previous Picks: Marleau (1), Funk (5), Je
  16. Season 67 Mock Draft Series | 1st Round Part 2: The Next 5 In case you missed it: Click here for the Top-5 Mock Draft from earlier this week and see below for the picks. 1.01 - Phil Marleau - C 1.02 - Bjorn Scoringsson - W 1.03 - Hulk Hogan- D 1.04 - Aston Martin - C 1.05 - Rayz Funk - G 1.06 – Vancouver Wolves – W|39 – L|29 – OTL|4 The Vancouver Wolves sneak into the playoffs with the fifth best record in the regular season thanks to their dynamic offense led by veterans Beau Louth, Jake Davis and Rauno Palo – all
  17. Season 67 Mock Draft Series | 2nd Round Part 3 @VSN In case you missed it here is the complete first round mock draft published last week on VSN: 1.01 - Phil Marleau - C 1.02 - Bjorn Scoringsson - W 1.03 - Hulk Hogan- D 1.04 - Aston Martin - C 1.05 - Rayz Funk - G 1.06 - ACL TEAR - W 1.07 - Lincoln Tate - D 1.08 - Boone Jenton - D 1.09 - Michael Gary Scott - C 1.10 - Acyd Burn - W 2.01 – Seattle Bears - W|23 – L|40 – OTL|9 Previous Picks: Marleau (1), Funk (5), Jenton (8)
  18. Season 67 Mock Draft Series | 1st Round Part 1: Top 5 The VHLM regular season just concluded, which means the exciting VHLM playoffs are about to begin over the next couple days. It also means that we are that much closer to the highly anticipated S67 VHL Entry Draft. In case you missed it, I will be reporting on various draft and prospect related league content for the Victory Sports Network (VSN). Over the past few weeks, I have been highlighting the Top-3 draft prospects at each position and this week I will begin my Season 67 Mock Draft Series. This is Part 1 and
  19. Can you belive that New Jersy Devils got the first overall pick again. This is their 2nd in the past 3 years. And who do u think is going to play the bruins for the Stanly Cup, and who will win it. I think Boston will win even though they beat my FAVORITE team the COLUMBUS BLUE JACKETS. So who do u think will win, but first can u belive that the jackets swept the Lighting in the first round. Talk about hard work. I hope that Bobrovsky and Panarin r going to stay, because i know we can win a stanley cup with them. And did u guys notice that this year in the stanley cup playoffs that a
  20. With the draft closing in quickly, much talk has revolved around Rayz Funk and Wrike Chyrnoble. Two net-minders with different stories and drastically different makes, is the talk on many draft boards. Funk, an 18 year old Canadian, stands a meager 6’0” and touches the scale at 165 pounds. All the while, Chyrnoble, only 16 year old, already has hit 6’4” while filling out the measurements by adding 220 pounds. Advantage, probably not... but to say Chyrnoble definitely fills up the crease a bit more would be a drastic understatement. ”I grew up fast and I just attained mu
  21. Draft Interviews ECN draft interviews is a way how to understand what draftees want in their future teams and what are their expectations for the next season. A player that has been vocal and outspoken about lots of issues is on the table today. A player of great talent and dedication to achieve what they want. Shawnomir Jagr has proven to be an unstoppable force in VHLM. Putting up 102 points in 72 games played is a great feat no matter what and that combined with 53 goals is a truly impressive showing of offensive abilities. Questions - Huge thanks for freeing up
  22. ECN Draft Interviews ECN draft interviews is a way how to understand what draftees want in their future teams and what are their expectations for the next season. Young and promising French defenceman has been showing already well-developed skills that are more than capable to be effective in VHLM. Only playing 39 games this season, Guillaume was a + player and finished the season with 16 points. We could argue that his defence itself needs more work, but in general, he should be a great pickup for anyone who is willing to wait another season for a solid young defenceman.
  23. Draft Interviews ECN draft interviews is a way how to understand what draftees want in their future teams and what are their expectations for the next season. This time we are looking at one of the most promising young players coming into VHL this season. Probably, the closest competitor to HHH when it comes to the first-year impact. Shane Mars had a truly monstrous season in VHLM - his team won Founder's Cup and he personally was able to finish being Top 5 in points and 2nd in VHLM in goals. An amazing player worth every bit of recognition before the draft. Questions
  24. ECN Draft Interviews ECN draft interviews is a way how to understand what draftees want in their future teams and what are their expectations for the next season. This time we are looking at one of the best defensive defencemen coming into VHL this season - Charlie Paddywagon. His skill defensively was highly recognised in VHLM this season. With defence rating at 90, he was second in blocked shots in VHLM. For blocked shots, you could make an argument that his second place (Charlie Paddywagon 119 / Basaraba Moose 120) is not really accurate because of his far lower average ice time.
  25. ECN Draft Interviews ECN draft interviews is a way how to understand what draftees want in their future teams and what are their expectations for the next season. This interview features a very popular guy on VHL forums and a phenomenal player who took VHLM by storm and now is hoping to be one of the top draft picks in the upcoming VHL draft - Julius Freeman. Julius Freeman finished the season with 100 points in 72 games. He was 9th in the league in points category and lead Halifax to VHLM Finals losing only to overstacked Minnesota Storm. Questions - First off, than