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Found 7 results

  1. so my idea is to expand the teams for vhl. with the 1st being the pittsburgh steelhawks and the 2nd being the cleveland bulldogs. so that way the divisions still have the same amount of teams and give players a chance to become gms. even though im a rookie and this is probley a low possible chance but i would like to try and take the job as gm of pittsburgh steelhawks.
  2. Can any of you work out the location of the next team concept?
  3. Dear BoG With the recent surge in VHL recruits and the continuous amazing efforts and evident success of marketing this community and advertising/managing everything has been truly mind blowing this season and since I've joined the community . I know now that i am more than ready to take over the role of a VHLM GM and i think with this recent surge in players and users , its time for another new team in the VHLM , and i know three great cities with AMAZING facilities and fans that would be ecstatic to have a VHLM franchise in their city. To this point i am suggested the proposal of
  4. Kashima Kitsune (Kashima Foxes) Team Name: Kashima Kitsune Arena: Yūtoku Ice Arena Capacity: 7,500 Saga Flag: Kashima City Flag: Altered Flag: Alternative Logo: Fox Tail: Home Logo: Away Logo: Alternative Logo: Concept Logo (Not Used): Home Jersey: Away Jersey: Alternative Jersey: Mascot (Yūtoku - Inari) - By @Riley_Couture Hex Colours: Main Colour: #006462 Secondary Colour: #e40150 Accent Colour: #FFFFF
  5. In today's article i'd like to explain some of the things behind the Sapporo Dogs and why everything has been made the way it had been in the remake. So first of all let's start with some history of Hokkaido as that ties very much into the Sapporo Dogs. The thing above is the flag of Hokkaido. The colours in the flag are the same as that of my hockey team. The reason for this that they all have a representation and a meaning. First off the dark blue is a reference to Hokkaido's Sea and sky. I thought it would be a good base for a main colour of the team as it is
  6. The Pennsylvania Vipers are an up and coming team that are being considered for the VHL, coming straight out of the capital Harrisburg the team are looking to take the league by storm and sky rocket straight through to the top of the VHL, the majority of the players are all local some studying at Penn State university others are just locals who fell in love with the game at a young age. There star player Bob Wilson Sr, is looking to retire soon and become a coach helping the youngsters keep on top of their game as they attempt to enter the VHL. It will not be an easy task for the Vipers h
  7. Friends Confirms Relationship and Breakup with Kastelic, finds her Wahl of fortitude www.VHLHockeyNews.com By now, you’ve probably heard (or seen pictures) of Tzuyu and Ryan Kastelic and their mostly secret relationship since their days in the VHL Minors. It initially started with fans spotting both Tzuyu and Kastelic at a bubble tea shop in Halifax, but since then the appearances have been mostly kept a secret. While neither person has officially confirmed or denied their relationship, many believe that whatever it was they had, is now over. Recent photos spotting Tzuy