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Found 14 results

  1. Can any of you work out the location of the next team concept?
  2. So I know this topic kinda died down a bit as the new creates slowed down as well, but I thought of bringing this topic up again since it's a serious discussion that needs to be brought back especially since it's the playoffs as of now. And as an AGM who has no rights, this is probably the best way for me to express my thoughts and opinions on this. Anyways, this should be a something that people should at least take a look at. The way for me to properly show my point is to express certain pros and cons I think is relevant on whether or not the league should decide to expand or not. I don't wa
  3. I was just reading @Spence King’s great article on a possible expansion franchise on the VHLM, and I was intrigued. There is a really good reason for expansion. There is one glaring issue in the league right now that has sparked all this clamouring first expansion. It is the influx of new players from social media platforms such as YouTube and Facebook. The VHL has put some energy into marketing on these platforms, and the result is thirty or so new recruits. Only problem? The teams in the M are getting full. There is a maximum player limit on teams, and a lot of teams have
  4. Because of the sudden influx of new players, including my self, due to the pandemic, I feel that an expansion might be needed. The draft is upon us and that would be a perfect time to add new teams, I would think 2 new teams in both the VHL and VHLM. I think a team in both Milwaukee and Boston for the VHL and then for the VHL Bern and Detroit. This is not for TPE but just an idea I wanted to get out there.
  5. I promised this last week but my internet was not working. It still is not but i do now have accesss to mobile date. Now without further delay! Let's get onto the Kashima Kitsune! So let's start with the first thing. Why Kashima, Saga and not Kashima, Ibaraki? The main reason behind this is for two things really. First of all we have the fact i did not want to put a team in Tokyo. I decided that is what most people would think of if they wanted to a team in Japan. I decided that the best thing to do would be to make it be based on the slightly less know
  6. Hello and welcome to part 2 of The Only Expansion Draft Article You Need. In this article @Plate and I will be taking a look at each of the existing VHL teams and who we think they will be protecting for the upcoming expansion draft. We’ve also highlighted a few players who we feel will be the best options made available. Teams will submit protection lists of players eligible to play in S73. That is anyone drafted from S66 to 72, which includes both skaters and goalies. Draft picks cannot be selected directly from existing teams. Any player left unprotected is eligible to be taken
  7. The Only Expansion Draft Article You Need Expansion drafts are some of the biggest highlights we can bring to the VHL. They are a time for stress as players live with uncertainty. Will you be protected? Will you move and be part of a potential Cinderella story? I am going to break down for you everything you need to know about the expansion draft format. I teamed up with @SirRupertBarnes to tackle a huge project where we made a protection list for every single team in the VHL. Huge shoutout to him. You can find the link to the second part of this series at the end of the article.
  8. Close to 70 seasons ago there was a plan in action and it was a plan put in motion by several members of the VHL executives. That plan was to expand and that plan wasn't one they were considering very quickly as the league had just opened up. When opening a league you do need to think of what happens if your member base reaches a bigger number and we need to expand. Who becomes the General Manager(s) and how to do we reward these franchises draft picks in the next entry draft. Not only that but you have to think about branding and other things that create a lasting impression on your new recru
  9. The Pennsylvania Vipers are an up and coming team that are being considered for the VHL, coming straight out of the capital Harrisburg the team are looking to take the league by storm and sky rocket straight through to the top of the VHL, the majority of the players are all local some studying at Penn State university others are just locals who fell in love with the game at a young age. There star player Bob Wilson Sr, is looking to retire soon and become a coach helping the youngsters keep on top of their game as they attempt to enter the VHL. It will not be an easy task for the Vipers h
  10. Last week I projected a few destinations for a future VHL team in the European Conference, the Munich Monsters. Since Munich would make the VHL 11 teams, this week I’ll look at the top three cities destined for a North American club in the VHL to put the league at 12 teams. Right now, the North American Conference consists of five teams: Vancouver, Seattle, Toronto, Calgary, and New York (see the map below). These cities are nothing but frigid cold in the winter and leave the VHL players wondering why they don’t get sunshine all-year-round like fellow professional in the SBA and E
  11. Howdy Partner. Welcome to the 65th season of the VHLM. It's a new frontier in the minor leagues with two brand new expansion teams and an exciting, unpredictable dispersal draft behind us. Some teams are rebuilding, some are trying to stay on top of the scoring sheet. There were some great steals and jumps in the draft that are up in the air and may make or break a team, so the rest of this offseason should be interesting. I don't think the big moves are over just yet - from what it seemed, some GM's may still have some tricks up their sleeves. Expansion teams, I'm talking to you.
  12. There is a great deal of excitement going on in the VHLM at the moment with talks of the expansion draft happening in a mere couple of hours. Not one, but two new teams will tear up the ice this upcoming season alongside Yukon Rush, Ottawa Lynx, Halifax 21st, Las Vegas Acres, Oslo Storm, and the Saskatoon Wild. Hailing from two hockey-rich parts of North America, here is a brief introduction on one of these future organizations. Philadelphia Reapers GM: @BladeMaiden As a new member of the VHL community and upon observing the preexisting teams, I was very surpri
  13. I haven't been this excited about the league in so long. I mean, the last time I felt this excited was when I made it to the finals with the Bears and went dancing all the way. Best moment of my time so far on this site and this expansion and everything else going on in both leagues is up there in my personal rankings. In the VHL, you got @Victor returning to GMing - while we can bump heads or whatever, I still like the guy, respect him and see him as an extremely valuable member to the VHL. It's fun to see him get another GM job and it's more fun and exciting to see the new team and logo. It'