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Found 8 results

  1. This season, Halifax has had a mixed bag of results based on a full reshuffle on the team due to the draft. Halifax has a new GM, Aranthuil, who’s been promoted from AGM. The team seems to be very top heavy and it shows by their goal difference (21), with 47 goals forward and 35 goals against. They are 7 wins, 3 losses, and 1 overtime loss and are ranked 4 in the league with 13 points as we speak. Today, I spoke with a few of the Halifax players just to gauge their thoughts on the team and how to improve and the future. What do you think of the team so far? “Been a fun group to play with. I think our locker room has a great atmosphere.” - Thorvald Gunnarsson “I think the team is on their way to a cup, we've had a rocky start but I think a lot of the holes are being filled in. It's been a mess but as we play more games the more we turn into a team instead of individual players.” - Acyd Burn “We have a great group and environment right now. We’ve also got a great set of staff that encourage us all to work harder. I can see us going deep.” - Michael Johnson Who do you think will be your MIP (Most Improved Player) this season? “Well I think Acyd Burn will take that. He has started rough, but I really see him getting hot then becoming a threat from the bottom six. Might even push for top six minutes” - Thorvald Gunnarsson “Most improved player at the end of the season, I think will be Hugh Chan. He's had a slow start but I expect him to pick it up and really contribute from the back end. Scouts should look out for him, I think he's going to be a tremendous player.” - Acyd Burn “I think it’s definitely got to be Acyd Burn. He’s been an absolute force in the gym and in practices, it’s just about time to see it translate in a game. I think maybe he’s got some nerves but let me tell ya, he’s going to be a stud.” - Michael Johnson What do you think you need to improve on as a team? “Our consistency. We can dominate one night and come out flat the next. Gotta bring our A game every night if we wanna meet our goals.” - Thorvald Gunnarsson “I think as a team we need to improve on defense, not to say defenseman. Defense overall as a team, from the forwards back. We have to be responsible for our two way play and not leave the goalies out to dry. That's how you win games, be responsible and play a two way game. The best coaches always say that offense wins games, but defense wins championships.” - Acyd Burn “I think right now, our overall defense is a bit of an issue but I can see it improving day in and day out. Our entire team, including me, has to work on communicating on defense so we can get it pumped out.” - Michael Johnson Where do you think Halifax will position by the end of the season? “I think we are middle seed for playoffs at the end of the regular season, but we get hot and win it all.” - Thorvald Gunnarsson “I think Halifax will be top 4 by the end of the season, I think we're just missing one piece from our line up and we can really be a cohesive team. I think we'll make it to the playoffs, and the finals game. I would like to think we'll win the cup but this curse is getting the better of us.” - Acyd Burn “I can see us going into the top 4 and pushing deep into the playoffs if we stay consistent and focused. I would love to give Halifax a cup.” - Michael Johnson
  2. Name: Michael Johnson Age: 18 Position: G Height: 75 Inches Weight: 210 lbs. Birthplace: Vancouver, Canada Michael Johnson is a massive goalie from the big city of Vancouver, Canada. Michael is born to his father, James, and to his mother, Mary. Michael played high school hockey and was also apart of Burnaby Winter Club where he won many accolades as a young goaltender. Michael is an only child. Michael came from an incredibly athletic family with members of his family playing in different professional sports. Mary played ringette on a national level and represented Canada in the World Ringette Championships in the past. James played as a forward on his college hockey team, SFU Hockey (Simon Fraser University), in Division 1 NCAA. James is a full-time teacher and Mary is a lawyer. Uncles of Johnson have found themselves on professional soccer, basketball and lacrosse teams in the past. Early Childhood: Michael first laced up when he was 2 years old, skating on his local pond. He made friends with his long-time best friend, Luke. They both started playing together, Luke played RW and Michael played goalie. Michael’s father, James, was the coach of their local team. Luke and Michael climbed the ladder together and became the talk of the town. They were both the prodigies. At 10 years old, they both were playing U-14. They surprised everyone in the league by being league leaders in their respective positions. Luke was starting to get scouted by WHL teams. Michael on the other hand was not due to his size, they weren’t sure he would translate on that level. Teens: At age 13, Michael started to struggle academically since he was eating, breathing, and sleeping hockey. He looked upto Roberto Luongo and wanted to be just like him in the pros. He was dreaming of one day hearing, “GRRRREEEAAATTT SAAVEE JOOOHHHNSSSON” on the recording of one of his games. Michael just wanted to make his family proud. With that, he got obsessed with the idea of the VHL. At this point, James & Mary were starting to get worried since education was a major importance in the Johnson family. They wanted Michael to have a back up plan in life, incase hockey does not work out in any way. Around this time, Michael started to act out in school. He couldn’t believe his parents wouldn’t support his dreams. Meanwhile, Luke had accepted to join a WHL team in Seattle, his best friend was leaving him and he had no idea what to do. This created a dark period in the family. At age 16, Michael had been arrested numerous times for vandalism, battery and drug possession. WHL teams stopped watching him less and less and it definitely affected him as his game started to get worse and worse. James decided enough was enough and decided to air things out with Michael. They completely hashed it out and Michael wasn’t super happy about the outcome but started to understand his parents side of the picture. His Winter Club coach also had a sit down and explained that they’re making him the back-up goalie for the upcoming season. Michael was shattered but realized that this was his doing, no matter the circumstances to lead up to it. Michael worked hard in the gym the next morning, realizing his potential. He made a vow that very day to out train everyone he knows. He quit the drugs and focused his anger for when he was on the ice. This is when the tide turned for Michael, he took back his starting spot and put up a .921 SV% and 2.28 GAA with 5 shutouts. At age 17, he was shocked the league with an MVP performance. His stats included a .938 SV% and 2.18 GAA with a record breaking 9 shutouts. Michael’s resurgence was sending waves around the league. NCAA division 1 teams were sending scouts to try and tie him up in the college scene. Michael was seriously considering taking the college route to get a degree in accounting, since education was very important but this also kept his VHL dreams alive. That was until the VHLM team, the Halifax 21st came in with an offer of their own. At this point, Michael had a major decision to make. Does he continue to further his education by going through the college route or does he take the jump straight into the VHLM? Michael had plenty of conversations with his parents and with Luke, who was struggling on the Seattle Thunderbirds but had picked up the A. Luke had presented the idea that he could potentially become a franchise keeper if the 21st came straight for him, that there was a lot of belief in his ability to go straight to the VHLM. His parents had of course, believed that college was the way to go. Especially since he had offers from Michigan and Boston College, which are great colleges to go to. Michael had made a trip out to Boston College. He found the college campus incredible especially the campus lifestyle. He had a tour of the facilities he’d be using day in and day out and absolutely fell in love. He thought to himself, Cory Schneider and Thatcher Demko are great examples of goalies at the highest level and that he found some major motivation. Michael then made a trip out to Michigan and didn’t really find it too interesting. He was very intrigued by Boston College’s offer of a starting role which Michigan didn’t offer. Halifax was the last place to go, to see the type of life he could live. He met up with Thranduil and conducted his visit. Thranduil offered him a backup role at the 21st but had shown him these incredible facilities. He was amazed, but thought, backup? Thranduil had made it clear that his every intention was to nurture him into the star goalie he can become. This was what the other offers didn’t have, that direct vision from the GM himself. James and Mary were very impressed by the presentation that was given and gave their blessings to Michael. Michael has taken up this opportunity, and intends to shock the world. Now in his first season, he knows he has full faith from his staff and teammates and intends to build upon that.
  3. The first time I had met Thranduil, which was a bout a week ago, was an incredibly motivating experience. On my past teams in the Burnaby Winter Club, I never had somebody point out the little intricacies to my game. I just knew that Thranduil will be the guy to push my game over the line after that interview. He had showed me the facilities here in Halifax and I was amazed. The gym, the recovery area and the theatre for game analysis was incredible! I originally had Boston College in mind due to the great goalies that come out of there, such as Cory Schneider and the young Thatcher Demko. Their facilities were amazing as well but nothing could touch Halifax. The small city, the fans outside the practice arena and the fact that I could stay in the country as well were all too hard to pass up. I just knew that this team was the one for me. The day had finally come for my first practice, I had missed most of the preseason due to the big decision I had to make but I’m so glad Thranduil didn’t rescind his offer. This day I had finally met Thorvald Gunnarsson, the starting goalie on the Halifax 21st team. He too, was a young goalie, and I could tell that he was ready to fight for his spot. He stopped everything in practice, literally quik as lightning. I mean he stands at 6’6” and is 225lbs. I was just 6’3” and weighed 210 lbs soaking wet. This does not deter me though. I know that my shot is there if I take it, if the opportunity arises. When I met Thorvald, he was competitive but friendly. We both knew what kind of situation we were in but we also understood that we would spend plenty of time together. We were quik to make friends and even though we’re in the predicament, I very much hope he gets drafted high in the VHL. He’s big, he’s smart and he can be a franchise goalie in the future. I also met with some of the other team members. The captain, Blake Gaudette, was an absolute help. See, he’s from the area and mentioned all the great areas to look for a home to rent. He also introduced me to many my other teammates. Nacho is an absolute gent and Blake had mentioned he has a wicked shot and gets back on the d a lot. I also spoke with Papa Gage who is our top defensemen. He was telling me what his expectations of me are during certain situations which was an experience of its own. His expectations alone were challenging, but I was up for the challenge. Another teammate that I had met was Acyd Burn, a left winger on the team who happens to also be a rookie just like me. We made good friends and went for lunch after everything was wrapped up from the video room. I genuinely believe he’s got future captain written all over him. He’s engaging, commanding yet you can easily talk to him. Here I am, in my hotel looking at RentFaster and Kijiji for places to rent for this season and I thought, what a great set of guys. These were just some of my teammates I’ve met this week. I can’t wait till I get to know the rest of my team.
  4. Michael Johnson is ready to push for a starting spot this season on the Halifax 21st. Reports out of his camp have been suggesting that he’s been meeting with goalie coach, Ian Clark, in regards of the new season. When speaking to him, he didn’t budge on the fact that his focus is on getting as many W’s this season. Sounds like he’s very focused for a long season ahead with the Halifax 21st and intends to do his part. He also added the increased focus his team has put on him since joining the VHLM.
  5. @Patpou22 Don't get me wrong you look good in Hali's colours but you looked better in the Reapers Uni lol Enjoy your Sig
  6. Good evening guys, I just wanted to address you all as a team! Just wanted to say it's great to be here and be apart of the team. I'll do the best I can in every way possible. I'm ready and capable to work hard and play the best. This is my first ever season in the VHLM so if you don't really hear from me, don't think anything bad. I'm just getting use to all of this and how it all works. I'll pop in once and a while. For now I'll try to be as converse as possible with you guys and eventually be there 24/7. Right now I'm doing everything I can to gain MAX TPE each week. I want to help this team win the cup, what ever it takes to get there, I'm in it with all of you! I hope none of you think I'm a bust or anything of that nature, I believe I'm the complete opposite and I'm ready to prove that. I'll see you all on the ice for practice and can't wait for the season to kick off! LETS GET IT BOYS! -Nacho (190 words)
  7. Newest member of the Halifax 21st
  8. I'm new to VHL and this is a logo I created after being drafted by the Halifax 21st! Tried to put my sub-par photoshop skills to the max for this one boys! let me know what ya think