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Found 11 results

  1. This isn't the first time either. I'm coming back to the position after S65 where I was a writer for a couple of weeks. I'm really excited for this scouting opportunity and I think that there are a lot of things that will help the department really step up their game. Here are some suggestions that I had for my interview: Interviews (Interviewing prospects during the post-season/off-season) First-Gen Rankings (Ranking the best first-gen players in the drafts, both in character and TPE earnings) Mock Drafts And More! Is there anything else I should do?
  2. Before you are a media spot and a huge excel spreadsheet. For all intents and purposes, I had a quick formula to calculate a score based on 10 different stats from a player. When that score was calculated I added their current TPE onto it as well. Then I listed off each player score from largest to smallest and that is their new draft position. If you had the highest score of them all you were 1st overall. If you had the second highest score you were 2nd overall. If you had the third highest score you were 3rd overall, and so on and so forth. I subtracted each player’s new dra
  3. The VHL has some pretty decent logos. It also has some misses. I'm gonna rank all of my favourites and least favourites. Before you get mad at me, this is completely based on opinion. It is a qualitative list. You can disagree, just like how I have such a controversial opinion on corn on the cob, but lets be civil in our discussion. (Before you say anything about referring to my older post about colours, these are the ones they gave me and I don't know how to change it). This is also only a ranking of the LOGOS and nothing else. It's a bold thing to write about, especially with th
  4. From falling out of the second round Markus Schauer would finish in a three way tie for 7th in points in the VHLM, second in the league for assists at 85, and second in points for defense men. Schauer also tied for 10th in powerplay goals at 14. To say that he is an offensive dynamo in this upcoming draft is an understatement. Even more interesting than that, Schauer is a defenseman. This is a draft that is D-light for a heavy market on the back end. Will we see the opposite happen to Schauer in this draft, where he rises a couple spots to fix a need for a team? Or will he suffer
  5. A lot of older members (Anyone from S64 to S66) may remember a player by the name of Rhye Tyr. It's pronounced "retire", and was my first real player in the VHL. At first, I wanted to make a goalie, Markus Schauer, an ode to a franchise goalie that my cousin and I managed to draft in NHL GM mode. He played 1100 games, 750~ of those being wins, 100+ shutouts and had a career 0.935 SV% and a career GAA of less than 2. There were two seasons in his career where he was above a GAA of 2,00, but never less than 2.30. He was insane. But as the goalie markets are in the VHL, every team needs one or te
  6. I read a lot of VHL media spots. I think they're fun, creative, and it's the backbone of activity in the VHL. It makes them important to be interesting to read. And that's what I'm disappointed in. There are so many good articles that would be great if they implemented a couple of tips. Think of it as a hearty meal. You wouldn't eat corn on the cob without butter, salt and pepper would you? Then why would you write an article without all the extra flavours and spices? Sure, corn on the cob alone is a treat. But it is much better with all the nuts and bolts. I'm gonna be throwing down my top ti
  7. Team World finished off the S73 WJC with a shiny bronze medal. A notable feat that the team should be proud of. We sat down with their general manager to garner some thoughts on the tournament. Reporter Was Team World your first choice when you threw your hat in for the many possible general manager positions? Plate Unless you were very fond of the set of players that come specifically from the world region, I hardly think that it's anyone's first choice. The beauty of Team World is that you come in with an "Us Vs. the rest of the world" mentality. There are
  8. The Meta It's clear that there's a meta in terms of builds in the VHL. High scoring, high defense and high puck handling. Doesn't matter who you are. You always get those three as high as possible. Having more points is fun. There's no secret as to why most people do it. Using the categories they have in the NHL games for players, I'm going to attempt to recreate them by saying the three highest attributes that should be invested in when attempting to create that kind of player. Then share my thoughts on those that are most interesting. And before you even say anything, yes sc
  9. STHS Grunts Week Two Welcome back to this weeks segment of STHS Grunts! Where we look at the teams playing out of their mind and other teams playing out of their mind. Because this weeks edition is so close our previous episode, they will be very close in terms of standings. Green = Standings at the end of the seasons using point % Orange = Standings according to total TPA in the locker room We can see that even though Miami has 1,152 TPA more than Houston, the two teams are tied in potential points for the end of the season. This .com series proves that
  10. Welcome again to my expectation’s media spot! Where I go through the most in-depth power rankings post you have seen yet! This is where I rank how each team will perform, and I also project their wins and losses over the season! Incredible! Mind you, I can’t account for things like trades, busts, people leaving, signings or TPA growth. Basically, all the independent variables that a teams TPA is depended on. Which is why the result at the end of the season might be VERY different. Method If you want to know my method, you can read this. There will be a bunch of for
  11. The Only Expansion Draft Article You Need Expansion drafts are some of the biggest highlights we can bring to the VHL. They are a time for stress as players live with uncertainty. Will you be protected? Will you move and be part of a potential Cinderella story? I am going to break down for you everything you need to know about the expansion draft format. I teamed up with @SirRupertBarnes to tackle a huge project where we made a protection list for every single team in the VHL. Huge shoutout to him. You can find the link to the second part of this series at the end of the article.