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Found 4 results

  1. STHS Grunts Week Two Welcome back to this weeks segment of STHS Grunts! Where we look at the teams playing out of their mind and other teams playing out of their mind. Because this weeks edition is so close our previous episode, they will be very close in terms of standings. Green = Standings at the end of the seasons using point % Orange = Standings according to total TPA in the locker room We can see that even though Miami has 1,152 TPA more than Houston, the two teams are tied in potential points for the end of the season. This .com series proves that
  2. Welcome again to my expectation’s media spot! Where I go through the most in-depth power rankings post you have seen yet! This is where I rank how each team will perform, and I also project their wins and losses over the season! Incredible! Mind you, I can’t account for things like trades, busts, people leaving, signings or TPA growth. Basically, all the independent variables that a teams TPA is depended on. Which is why the result at the end of the season might be VERY different. Method If you want to know my method, you can read this. There will be a bunch of for
  3. After 33 STHS days, 141 games have been played by the eleven VHLM teams. These rankings are all based on opinion and are as unbiased as I can be. Momentum in the VHLM shifts rapidly and this is seen here. 1. Ottawa Lynx (+1) | 21-3-2 | 1st | 9-1-0 | W7 | Ottawa is still on top. They’ve been showing well and continue winning their games, while dropping one game to Mississauga right before their slight decline. 2. Philadelphia Reapers (-1) | 20-4-2 | 2nd | 9-1-0 | W5 | Philadelphia was holding streaks against weaker teams like Saskatoon.
  4. After sixteen STHS days, sixty-seven games have been played by the eleven teams. Themes are starting to develop, and the teams are starting to show their abilities. The league has been showing some interesting things in the standings with the three expansion teams making some waves. These rankings are all in my opinion and are as unbiased as I can be. 1. Philadelphia Reapers No real surprise here. Philadelphia sits top of the standings despite a couple recent upsets by San Diego and Yukon. They had to strong wins recently beating the 2