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Found 1 result

  1. Hi everyone, The WJC Commissioners team ( @Banackock, @Sonnet and myself) are starting the General Managers hiring process for the upcoming World Junior Championship. We are looking for 5 dedicated members of our community to manage each of one of our five WJC teams. It's a good position to learn what being a GM is all about (mostly) in this league and what better way than chasing after sweet, sweet gold. As a GM, you'll be tasked with: - Selecting a roster of players to represent your country - Helping to generate discussion with your selected team-mates in both your respective team forum and in game threads. - Submitting lines for each game (If you have no prior experience of this, then a teammate or the WJC Commissioners will be more than happy to assist). Team List: Team Canada Team USA Team Europe (All Europe, excluding Russia) Team Asia (All Asia, including Russia) Team World (All other countries and players not selected for the above four teams) Things To Consider: - A 2 capped TPE pay will be awarded to General Managers, providing an extra incentive for those thinking about applying for the role. - Primarily, we will be looking to have teams represented by General Managers that own players of the same nationality. - If you're someone with no previous management experience in the VHL, then a role as WJC General Manager is a great way to introduce you to the basic concepts of managing a team. Resources: WJC Section on Forum S64 Eligibility List WJC Rules Championship History + Player and GM all-time stats Nation Rankings