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  1. What if Eno had a Brain? Big brain or no brain? Eno Rama, the legendary GM of the DC Dragons, the only GM of the DC Dragons, is one groovy dude. He does stuff, he does things, and sometimes occasionally even does GM things. But the real question is: does he do smart things? I don't think I'm revealing any state secrets here. It's widely known that Eno has a thing for first-gens. He exclusively spends his first-round picks on first-time-round players. As a first gen, I think it's great; as a member invested in the long-term success of the league, I think
  2. It is that time of year, and I need something to write about for this theme week. So, since the theme is VHL alternate reality, I figured I’d do a piece on expansion. It’s been a very vocal issue that has been discussed with the BoG and the commissioners, and nothing has been put into effect yet, although there have for sure been hints of something big coming. But perhaps the funniest thing I find about this whole situation is the April Fools prank played by Bek, where, in an official looking statement, announced that the VHLM was being disbanded and joining the VHL, with new teams also added.
  3. The date is January 25th at approximately midnight, at this time you would think that most of the Europeans would have already gone to bed and maybe have gone into sleeping mode so they can wake up the next day with plenty of sleep. but that is not what I did, I was browsing the play store for some hockey simulation games to have a good time (this is also when I found the VHL), after downloading the VHL game I decided to make a player and did not expect much to happen after that, about 2-5 min later I got a notification that I had been offered a contract, Juice ( @Juice) the AGM of M
  4. The Big Dave It was the first season of the VHL, and many teams were eager to etch their name in history right off the bat, to become the first champion of the league, and perhaps even the first dynasty; however, everyone was unaware of an undisturbed god about to make its power known to all. From the shadows, it emerged and took the league by storm. It became the champions of the first season, then the second, then the third, and continued unquestioned until the 10th championship. Maybe the GM was just really good. Maybe they’re just getting lucky in the sim. No. HC Davos was being l
  5. This pops into my head from time to time, and who knows how James Rose's career could've played out had London NOT selected Rose during the S73 expansion draft. The whole plan was for Rose to spend a third season in the VHLM with the Houston Bulls. Rose was a member with the Halifax 21st along with Timothy Brown and Viktor Mjers and we had hoped to make a playoff run. GM Dil decided to move the trio onto other teams and collect alot of picks to be competitive for S74. Sonnet, the Bulls GM at the time, chose to trade for Rose under the impression that he would stay with the Bulls
  6. So as you all know, I like pain. To the point where it's safe to say that I have masochistic tendencies. I actively try to get people to bonk me in the head for stupid reasons. I'm pretty sure there's a discord channel and thunderdome thread for people to bonk me, and I GM the Las Vegas Aces who has done nothing but lose the past 10 or so games. So why am I saying this? Well as I have expressed time and time again, my current and only player so far in the VHL has a passing build. What does that have to do with what I said earlier? Well I like pain and passing builds are somewhat pain. Well som
  7. Welcome to the 9th episode of Red Lite District, this week we discuss our alternate reality theme!
  8. Krice (or as he would have you believe "Ricer") is cursed. He has had 7, yes 7, attempts at either a Founders Cup or Continental Cup and has only brought home hardware in only one of those appearances. Krice has made it to the finals every single full season he has played except for S75, and he joined in S69. This graphic shows what he could have bragged about and what a legend he could have been had all of his appearances gone his way. @Ricer13Sorry for using you as a punching bag, I'm sure you'll turn things around.
  9. Following is a transcription from the audio logs of Captain (CPT) Thadius Sales. ---------- Audio log #SF432. The date is April 12th, 2021. Today we've made history, but the people of earth still are unaware of what has been happening here on Mars. I can hardly believe it myself. Not long ago I was just a prison inmate who fell in love with hockey, now I'm saving earth from a dangerous alien species. It's funny how things like this happen. It seems like it was just yesterday that I was supposed to play my first game as a New York American. The excitement was real,
  10. Swords Wins Continental Cup As many of you know, I have been a proponent of establishing a VHL team in my home town of Swords. The reasons are many and some of them even valid. However, since this is The Twilight Zone (a.k.a. Alternate Reality) and since some of you may not have read about Swords in the various iterations of Moose Tracks, this is an article that covers the Slashers Continental Cup win in Season 93 (also known as “The Gilmour Season”). The area known as Swords was first awarded a VHL franchise in Season 89. During that inaugural season the team was fo
  11. In this series of VHL Alternate Reality, we take a look back to S75/S76, and the curious career of Jan Hlozek, one of the top players in the VHLM this current season. If things were slightly different, Hlozek might not have needed a second season in the minors at all. Those VHL players in the know often rush to re-create at the trade deadline, ensuring that they can begin the arduous process of farming TPE ahead of the VHLM dispersal draft. Afterwards, they need just one full season in the minors before going into the VHL draft and then successfully joining the pro ranks, as top pi
  12. Gobeil’s crazy trip to Amazonia When Gobeil heard that the VHL players had a week off and everyone can travel he decided to do a trip he always wanted to do. A fishing trip in the Amazonian forest. At first, Gobeil thought this was going to be a simple trip that will go pretty well if it is well planned but things didn’t go as planned. Sunday, 10:34 AM: Gobeil arrive to Prague’s airport and gets himself ready into the plane, he brought with him his Ipad with some downloaded Netflix movies. A few hours after the plane started, the weather changes and the pilot gets
  13. After leaving his childhood home in Antarctica when he was ten years old, Lenny Sanderson had never gone back. His parents had come up to North America, to Saskatoon and Las Vegas, multiple times over the course of those 8 years, but he had always longed to breathe the cold, fresh, pollution-free Antarctic air again. As gone into in this article, he had more or less adapted to the American and Canadian culture and way of living. With a sudden announcement of a vacation for all VHL and VHLM players, Lenny was able to realize his homecoming. When Lenny called his parents in
  14. As the VHL and VHLM celebrate Theme Week, we sat down with Jan Hlozek, the Saskatoon Wild's promising young defenseman, to give us his guide to the Czech Republic. "So I'm from a very small village in eastern Czech Republic. It's on the border with Slovakia, and the scenery is amazing, but I'm going to run through some of the things that you have to see if you ever have the chance to visit," Hlozek said. Prague: Many will already be familiar with the Czech capital, given that the Phantoms have made their mark on the VHL over the past few seasons. Prague is known as the
  15. Shawty has had a tough time getting in some much needed rest and relaxation. Although there always seems to be a good amount of time between each season, something always ends up going wrong. Everything is planned out and they’re ready to go then BOOM, it falls through. Season 72 Offseason After coming over from Norway to play a handful of games with the Houston Bulls, Shawty looked to go back to their home country before the draft and spend time with their family at their summer home. Houston is way too hot in the summer anyway, especially by Scandinavian standards. Wi
  16. So lets say you were given a few days off to relax. You've been working hard for the past who knows how long and you were finally given a break. One might think that this is the perfect opportunity to go out on a vacation. Go to somewhere away from home and explore a bit. Just y'know, enjoy life. For our ol' pal Jiggs on the other hand, vacation is a lot more different for the LA Stars Defenseman. The first day of vacation. Jiggs would wake up at one in the afternoon. Seemingly sleeping in as there's no games or practice. He would hop off of bed onto a rather messy room, still wear
  17. THE BOBO POST EDITION 4, 5C USD, 6C CAD. This week's edition is linked below. It's all about my opinion on VHL vacations, and the Marimoto Vacation Experience. LINK: The Bobo Post Ed. 4: Theme Week - Topic (CLICK TO READ) WORD COUNT: 536 WORDS, 3016 CHARACTERS.
  18. It's theme week and we need to talk vacation, and what a beautiful subject that is to have. Welcome to the second episode of the Red Lite District, enjoy!
  19. An Entry from Thadius Sales’ Journal I got home from yesterday’s game and just collapsed on my bed. We’ve had a rough season in New York. I’m getting peppered in net, and it seems like my work at the gym and in practice doesn’t show up on the ice in-game, but we’re turning it around. We had a tightly contested game against London. We were almost shot for shot against them, but Malone @WentzKneeFan036 and I were on fire. We both faced more than 40 shots, but ultimately, he let in two more goals in the shootout, so we got the win. It was nice to battle against the guy I used to be th
  20. Alright, alright, alright, here we are- Theme Week! It is of course one of my favorite weeks in a VHL season and this season it is my second favorite week as it will be the last update I put in for my player, Lincoln Tate. That’s right folks, next Monday I will be recreating, and Lincoln Tate will get one final chance at another cup before he is retired. I happen to love the theme for this week as there have been many great players before me (and more to come), and what better way to spend my last week’s update then on thinking about what kind of stars I could dress on a team if I
  21. So theme week arrives once more. This season's theme is making your own dream team. This is honestly something I wasn't really looking forward for. Mostly because I'll have to take a look at individual players and actually think what players would be good for a "dream team." At first I thought that I should do VHL. Looking at the greatest players of all time and then forming a team from there. Then I said fuck it, I'm doing a VHLM one with emphasis on recent memory. So let's just get on with it. And by recent memory, I mean S72 at the earliest. Adam Syreck - LW @Spade18
  22. This season's Theme Week is focused on future players, so I guess that's what I'll talk about here. My current player, Woody McPine, is only in his 4th season so still lots of time to iron out all the details or change my mind, but here's what I think I'll be doing. My next create will be a speedy, flashy left winger hailing from the happiest country in the world in 2019, Finland. Most likely a descendant of Vikings and named after a former NHL player, this player will not only be speedy and have silky soft hands, but will hopefully be a tough bugger to play against. Gr
  23. Look out for America's next Hockey Phenom out of Scranton, Pennsylvania Joakim Winsalot. The young 15 year old talent is already projected to be a top pick in the S75 VHL draft. Joakim has broken ALL( Literrally EVERY SINGLE) US-HIGH Prep School Records for Goals, Assists, Points in a season as well as most career Points, Goals and Assists by any US-HIGH Prep School EVER throughout his three season playing HS as an 8th Grader playing on the Senior team to most recently as a sophomore in only the 10th grade with another three seasons of HS eligibility. The season that recently came to an end w
  24. So... Because I want to claim theme week, why not talk about future VHL players that may come out from me? I've had quite a number of potential ideas I want to make a player once Jiggly Gumballs eventually retires. So why not share what I may have in store?? Some of these concepts are stuff I felt like are interesting to actually create into players, and since I think I'll be staying around for quite some time, I feel like I may get a chance to make at least 2 of these concepts into real players. So without further delay, let's get on with the fucking thing. (Also there's no particular order t