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Found 5 results

  1. Valentines Day with Brick and Tzuyu It is been a whirlwind romance for Brick Wahl and Tzuyu since the All-Star Game. It is no secret that these two talented players decided to take a shot on romance and it looks like Wahl is upping the anti. The wranglers didn't make the playoffs this year so Brick seems to be devoting time to his new lady. He has been attending every one of her playoff matches and cheering her on from the stands. Brick was asked what it felt like being on the sidelines. Whit a broad smile on his face he answered, "It is a fun experience to be able to sit with all of the other players partners, most of them wives or girlfriends, and talk about the game and the player who is closest to our heart." When asked about his Valentines day plans Brick responded, "I hope Tzuyu will be available but I know she can control her schedule any more than I can. If she ends up playing on the 14th it really doesn't matter because we will find time to celebrate at a time that is convenient for her. I just want my girl to do her best, she doesn't need to worry about the logistics because I can handle that. If it is up to me Tzuyu will enjoy a nice North American Valentines day, instead of having to worry about taking the reigns, as in tradition in many Asian countries." A mutual friend mentioned how devoted the couple seems of late and even showed a couples picture taken by the two VHL All_Stars. @tfong (the custom Image struggle is real lol) (264 words and 1 custom image )
  2. Who Knew A Bubble Tea Shop Was Fun? It was a late practice and we were playing Halifax tomorrow so when I had gone back to my hotel, for some reason I felt like something sweet and cooling. So I went to this place that my Tzuyu always talked about on her instagram, some local bubble tea shop that she frequented when she was in the area. Yes I followed her Instagram. I mean who wouldn’t? She was hot and she was a star in the VHLM and well…yeah hard not to follow her. So there I am drinking an Okinawa milk tea, which was surprisingly refreshing, cool with hints of brown sugar and the smoothness of a milk tea. Not bad I thought. The bigger thing here for me was that it was a great spot for people watching. Honestly I’m not sure why I didn’t come here earlier. This place had a special vibe and a lot of very attractive people. Not Slovenians but hey I can make do. I’m a guy first and foremost, so I’m looking around and checking them out, but not in a creep way I think. Plenty of Asians for sure but then low and behold I saw Tzuyu. Of all the damn times I had to visit this place, she was here too. She looked great as usual. I mean she was some kind of pop idol from overseas anyways so I figure she had to at least look the part. She was wearing a white blouse, that was light and feathery and what amounted to be a short summer dress it seemed like. Yeah… people were definitely looking at her. Guys and girls alike, probably jealously too I gather as she spotted me and waved at me before coming over to sit near to me while we were at the drink bar. “Hey Kastelic right?” “Tzuyu right? Hey nice recommendation on the place. I kinda like this haha.” In this kind of situation though, I’m normally pretty introverted. I’ve been to bars enough so that I’d just kind of hang out there and not need to talk much to random people next to me. But this was different, Tzuyu and I had been playing against each other several times now and we were well aware of whom each of us played for, but I mean being both pro athletes, I think it just helped connect us together easier. We just begin jabbering away like old friends. You know, at this point it’s hard not to notice how beautiful she is, I’ve never really seen her without her gear on the ice or in game or just in a non-hockey environment. I start to get drawn in by her eyes especially as we’re just kind of rambling about our lives and it kind of got to the point where I was really only just responding with things that I think probably sounded stupid. Like how I think she is too good for hockey. Like how she is too good looking to get all scarred up from playing. Just generally random stupid things that she laughed at for no good reason to be honest. After seemingly like forever about us gradually revealing my prior history she proceeds to ask If I’ve been seeing anyone. Her surprise showed when I said I wasn’t. “Well maybe if you weren’t only in 5th place, someone would’ve wanted to claim you already.” She teased. “Wow…that’s just underhanded. You’re lucky I’m a gentleman and I’ll wait to settle this on the ice.” I countered. She laughed as I tell her I’ve just been too busy and haven’t really met anyone. Maybe until now I thought to myself. I’m no stranger to women, it wasn’t my first rodeo for certain but something about this all made me feel like a kid again. She flipped her hair and was laughing and leaning in close to me to talk. I was basically squeezing my leg, didn’t want to do anything that could be misconstrued as harassment given how seriously the league was protecting her from it as part of the agreement and all. I do kind of lean towards her as well though and she doesn’t back away. At this point I’m leaning even closer towards her and she is turning her body to me. At some point I think we’re shoulder to shoulder and she is still moving towards me, trapping my hand between my right leg and her left thigh. I can’t help but try and sneak a look down and notice that the blouse has parted somewhat (not even sure how that happened to be honest). I can definitely see the cleavage now and she’s whispering to me how interesting it has been to meet me and I mumble something along the lines of “yeah me too” though I’m basically paraphrasing since I can’t even remember the words. Her head lowers a bit and her hair basically is what I get a whiff of as she looks around. Boy she smells good. This is like being in high school again and I’ve basically lost track of my surroundings at this time. She looked back up to me and I can feel us edging towards each other and those lips look delicious, I just want to feel them… “Oh shit is that Tzuyu?” God whomever said that I felt Like I wanted to just put them through the glass right now. (Like really… SON OF A BITCH) Tzuyu jumps a bit with a start and pulls away now at this moment as she looks around to see who has spotted her. (GOD DAMNIT) She’s laughing now as she see that fans have started to spot her. She looks up at me and tilts her head a bit and gives me a fake safe face. She is way too cute now and I can only just sigh in despair as she hops off the bar chair as the crowd of fans have finally started converging on our spot. She evades them, like how she evades the guys on the ice, and she’s laughing and smiling as she runs out the door. Leaving me to my thoughts. (Fuck….my….life….) (1040 words) To be continued….? @Enorama
  3. Tzuyu Dating Ban Soon To End Your first thought is. Dating ban? What dating ban? Well little known to the rest of the world since is that many of the entertainment groups in Asia typically include “no dating/relationship” clauses in their contracts with their entertainers. Tzuyu is no exception. Since her debut at age 16 with TWICE, as part of her contract with JYP she signed a 3 year no dating clause in her contract. Why do companies do this exactly? Well for one thing, entertainment companies in Korea and generally Asia want to protect the image of their idols or groups, as each of the groups or performers typically appeal to a certain audience. Messing around with the image could lead to a loss in sales of merchandise and ticket sales. Secondly, as bad as it may sound, the lonely fans are typically the most hardcore and the ones that will spend the most money on albums, merchandise and show the most support for the idols themselves. You want to play along with their mind by making them think that “technically” they have a chance. Sadly for them, it’s mostly a marketing gimmick, most idols are likely never going to look at, much less date a fan. Most of their social groups revolve around other entertainers or people outside of their fandom. The other parts include just keeping their minds focused on raising the popularity of the group or their product. With the practice schedule and appearances, any kind of distraction not only would be bad for the idol, but for the entire group as well if any member were to be distracted from their practices. Thus most companies will have a certain time limit ban or a permanent “official” ban in order to protect their assets (the entertainers). Tzuyu is no different. We had a chance to ask her thoughts on the matter on the dating ban coming to an end soon (after three years, they are free to engage in relationships officially). “Tzuyu, what kind of person do you envision yourself being with?” “A pet person for sure! They have to love dogs, especially my dog Gucci. She’s been there since the start with me and has always kept me company. My boyfriend and her need to get along or else…well sorry, this won’t work.” “They would need to be ok that I’m 5’7, I think some guys are put off if the girl is too tall but I can sometimes reach six feet with my heels on. He’d need to be independent since between hockey and being part of TWICE, I’d be on the road a lot and we’d likely be separated for days if not weeks at a time. But when we’re together it will be the best times.” “So have there ever been unofficial relationships?” Tzuyu giggled at that, “I think you have to consider that while we’re in the public eye and no we’re not allowed to be in relationships because we’re busy and you don’t want a scandal of sorts to happen and tarnish the image of the groups, everyone has friends. We just want to hang out like any other person would and it doesn’t matter if it’s with another guy or girl. Sometimes things happen in this business. I haven’t had anything haha, but for sure in the industry and other groups I know of the occurrence and it happens more often than you think. It’s just a natural thing to seek other people to spend time with. I’ve even heard of some of them hanging out with a bunch of the players in the Asia Hockey Academy so I’m sure sometimes it can happen where it’s a little bit more than just being friends. But that’s about all I have to say about that.” Obviously reading between the lines and her stifling a laugh that its clear what she is hinting towards and to be fair, it really comes to no surprise. You have a bunch of good looking and talented young people together and as the saying goes….things happen. With that said, we are fast approaching the deadline where the official dating ban is lifted. October of 2018 exactly is when JYP (Tzuyu’s entertainment group) had the clause active to and we shall soon see who, if any lucky person ends up with her. Till then…perhaps…you have a chance too?
  4. Tzuyu’s First Encounter with the VHLM Playoffs Today we managed to catch up with Hall of Famer Terence Fong as part of our coverage over the VHLM and VHL playoffs. Terence Fong as most know was one of the first Asian players to cross over the from Asia to play in the VHL. While not a considered a superstar on the ice, his contributions over the years to the development of the league as an owner and administrator solidified his spot in the Hall of Fame. To this day, he serves as the founder and CEO of Hockey Asia, one of the world’s most prestigious hockey academy’s that has developed other Hall of Famers like Daisuke Kanou, and more recently Xin Xie Xiao. Terence Fong: “I think Tzuyu had a really good start in her limited time in the VHLM sofar and her playoff production and play showed that despite the limited usage that Ottawa got from her. Clearly and not necessarily in a bad way, the GM leaned more heavily on players that he was familiar with. Unfortunately Ottawa could not progress through and she didn’t have any other opportunities to impress. That being said, she managed to get solid minutes in game one and five. Of this I think she had 3 points or something along those lines? Pretty good I’d say considering she didn’t play much aside from those two games.” Analyst Joe: “So what did think stood out for her good and bad?” Terence Fong: “The good I think was her playing well within her means, she skated well and she moved the puck and generated some offense. That’s the type of player I think she’ll become as we go further on. She was really quick on transition plays and her two goals are proof that she has the shot to score goals and create offense from the back end. On the back end of it I think she has a lot to work on her defensive game. I think that might be why the coach was hesitant to lean on her too much there. Certainly her lack of size and strength are contributing factors and the lack of familiarity. But hey shes new in the league and her progress thus far already is quite good for her short stint. I think she’ll be one of the best players in the VHLM next season and she could look at transitioning to the VHL quickly at this rate. She just needs to tighten up her defensive zone play a bit more and she’d be good to go.” Analyst Joe: “What do you think her potential will be?” Terence Fong: “I think she has the potential to be a good player, I’m not quite sure yet if she’s the type of player I’d build a franchise around, but I definitely see her as part of the winning core of strong team. I think she is improving fast but there will always be certain limitations in her game I think. The best course of action of course would be her proving me wrong of course and going on to become that face of the franchise of course, but I guess we’ll see now won’t we?” Analyst Joe: “Haha of course, well thank you for taking the time out of your day here to talk to us. Its been a pleasure as always to see your take on new graduates from your system.” Terence Fong: “Thanks Joe. Till next time.”
  5. Tzuyu Growing Fanbase On All Fronts The start of the VHLM season has had Tzuyu show off her scoring prowess as the Halifax sit currently in first place with three wins in the first four games of the minor league season. Among the top scorers of the team are none other than the two defensemen from the Halifax 21st. Tzuyu currently with three goals, just one back from team leader Shawn Glade, the other core defender for the team. GM Glade has chosen for the time being to split up the two elite VHLM defenders, each manning their own pairing and only playing together when on special teams. Until anything happens to interrupt their success, one can assume that Halifax will move forward for the time being with that setup despite the recent setback against Las Vegas. Hopefully as the season progresses, Halifax's offense will get stronger as by all accounts it seems potent enough, but for now is playing the roles of sleeping giants. From pre-season, Tzuyu has also seen lots of progress in her skating ability, which still isn't the best but is on its way to getting stronger including her defensive game. That however isn't the only thing going on with Tzuyu. She has released her new album labelled "TT" with her group TWICE. With her group TWICE, Tzuyu is looking cute, sporting a demon costume in the Halloween themed music video. The music video describes the feeling of falling in love and the feeling of a girls heart. The music video has already seen over 380 million views. A bunch of various cosplays are seen throughout the music video. Pinochhio, Tinker bell, White Rabbit, The Little Mermaid, Elsa and the White Queen feature appearances throughout the music video. The music video ends with a hint at another sequential video coming soon to continue the theme. The song has already been noted as one of the best performing songs in Asia this year, currently holding Number two and three on Billboard World and Billboard Japan already at certain points. Despite being one of the youngest in the group, Tzuyu has been building her appearances and has gained an incredible following. The combination of her onstage performance as well as her interviews have shown an incredibly charming (if not blunt) personality, in which often the tv show hosts and her own fans will tease her for her honesty and lack of ability to lie. As if that wasn't enough, Tzuyu also competed recently in Idol Championship sports 2018 where she took home the top spot in archery again as the same in 2016. With a point difference of more than 13 points, her calm demeanor reflecting her incredibly accurate shooting. Her flair for dramatics reached viral status as her final shot to seal the championship included a hair flip shot where she had her hair tucked into the shot itself. With her being a star in multiple disciplines, is it any wonder that her fan base has been growing at an exponential rate? Tune in next time as we explore more sides of the hottest player in the VHLM. Whats next on the horizon even? Cooking? Dating? Sex life?? Netflix preferences???