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Found 1 result

  1. Weekly installments to the VHL Chronicles will take place on Monday, Wednesday and Friday each week. Based off of Bleacher Reports "Game of Zones" *Note: This takes place before the Matt Thompson and Sebastian Ironside signings* Another day in the VHL world. The day is calm. A quiet offseason brings peace to the realm. Atop the Contender mountain, Sir Hedgehog of Riga as well as King Quik of Helsinki sit, alongside Beaviss of Vancouver, Devise of Toronto, and Banackock of Seattle. “Another season ahead of us, another playoff birth for us” hedgehog exclaims. “Banackock, why is thee so nervous?” “Sir Matt Thompson has threatened to leave us for Greener pastures.” “You’ll be fine.” Hedgehog responds. “It’s not like HC Davos is going to take our playoff spot.” They all chuckle at Davos’ expense. “I have the same concerns as Seattle” Devise says. “Sebastian Ironside has left us.” This time, Quik responsed to him. “You guys are coming off a victory cup! What do you have to complain about, you still have Stopko, right?” At the mention of Stopko, Devise breaks into tears. “Too soon?” Suddenly, chants erupt from the base of the hill. “Who is it?” Banackock asks. Beaviss peaks over the edge to take a look. “No need to worry, just the Wranglers” “We have Brady Stropko jr.! We will be atop the world in two years time!” “Don’t listen to them. With Canmore nearing retirement, and their trades on the 15th of December, they stand no chance.” “Maybe we should lock them up in the basement, like what we did with Davos.” Devise whimpers behind his still growing tears about Stopko. “Wouldn’t want to make it to obvious” Quik says. As the sun rises over the realm, the Russians begin to unveil themselves. Their attempts to climb the mighty mountain are not fruitful. “See the Russians down there?” Banackock points to them attempting to climb the mountain. “That was us. Now we are here. Rule #1 of contention: Don’t fall off the mountain. If you do, it’s a tough road-“ Suddenly, the sounds of a howl fills the air. “What the bloody hell? Beaviss will you cut that out?” “Not me, I swear” he responded. “Oh please” “Its not him!” Hedgehog yells. The five contending GMs quiet down. “Listen” The howls continue. “It’s getting closer!” Quik shouts. The five guys all spread out to look for any intruders. “Guys, Down-“ Beaviss’ shouts are cut short as someone rises up and impales him. “Who are you” Banackock shouts. “That’s Joseph McWolf!” Quik yells back. “You should have watched out for New York” McWolf tells them. “I warn you, by the end of the year, House America will be back.” After these remarks, he slowly faded away, and a new reality came about. “Devise, wake up! What happened!” The groggily Devise was being shaken awake by Hedgehog. As his vision became normal again, he began to sat up. “The Americans are coming! New York is powerful once again!” Their worst fears had been realized. The Americans were back.