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Found 15 results

  1. This week in our full media coverage we will look at the situation in VHL and current standings, look at teams and players that are showing their best hockey and call our ones that are doing less favourably. As always, all ECN coverage is brought to you by Frostbeard Entertainment, independent network of quality news covering everything VHL Sports. To start off, ECN has been following VHL from the start of the season but hasn’t commented anything about it because we never thought there was a necessity to do so, league was moving forward with its reintroduced conference system that is quite a nice addition as it brings more character and a lot more to talk about for us – media. “Conferences and Differences” At the start of the season, ECN Chief editor had a talk in our office and said that he believed that both conferences will be equal, and we will see teams on both sides playing amazing hockey. Currently, it seems that our chief editor was dead wrong. European Conference is dominating over North American Conference in all categories. If we look at points – first two teams of European Conference – Helsinki Titans (18 points ahead of NYA and CGY, who both are at 60 points) and Riga Reign (8 points ahead of NYA and CGY) – are both in a pretty good lead over North Americans. HC Davos Dynamo who are in 3rd place in European Conference with 58 points would be biting both NYA and CGY ankles. If we compare goals for, North American conference in 51 games played has scored 713 goals while European Conference in 51 games has scored 806 goals. We are talking about almost 100 goal difference between both conferences. Goals against are in a very similar situation too, so it begs a question – will North American Conference’s playoff teams be able to compete against juggernauts that we see in European side? Well, in last 10 games when teams from difference conferences played each other European Conference won 7 of those games, surely something to think about. “Did anyone expect this?” An interesting situation has occurred that we at ECN didn’t ever consider as a possibility – Julian Borwinn is leading VHL with 74 points in 51 games played. We always thought he was a dedicated player that can show up in big games, but to show up on this stage with such a great passion was remarkable, to say the least. We expected that he will be again on pace to be at 75/80 points in total but never imagined that he will be there with more than 20 games left to play. We at ECN are proud of his hard work and would like to say that Helsinki Titans with his leadership on ice will prove to be deadly opponents to anyone who faces them in Playoffs. We are truly rooting for you Julian and we are calling it – your first 100-point season is incoming! Another player that has been full of surprises is a Canadian sniper from Toronto Legion, Roctrion King. Even though he doesn’t have even close to the amount of TPE that others are having, he is tied for the first place in all VHL for goals with 46 in 51 games played. He is tied with one of the best players in all VHL currently Matt Thompson. Roctrion King has been shooting the puck quite a few times as he currently sits with 42 more shots than 2nd in that category in VHL. He has shot puck 75 more times than Matt Thompson. He is surely an interesting player and one to look out for as he is deadly with his shot and doesn’t make many mistakes as currently after 51 games played, he has been penalized only 2 times. “Best Two-way forward in VHL?” There were quite a few conversations about who is the best two-way forward in VHL last season, before the award ceremony, so it is quite important to look into that right now when the season is at full swing and evaluate players who really do deserve and who really do not deserve the award. A lot of people will go and look at a player like Beau Louth and scream that he deserves the award because of many reasons that are just wrong. After asking our Chief editor his opinion about who currently seems to be on pace to get that award, he mentioned two very well-established names in VHL – Sebastian Ironside and Kronos Bailey. They both are great faceoff takers, a heavy hitter that don’t take as many penalties and someone like Beau Louth and added to all that, they both are in Top 10 in +/- category too. ECN would strongly suggest putting a higher value on the +/- category as no matter how good defensively you might be – your team has to win. And that will be all for this weeks ECN’s coverage of what is going on in VHL. I hope you liked this post and will enjoy the next editions of it too. Stay tuned and follow Frostbeard Entertainment. People mentioned in this post: @Jubo07, @Romaris, @Beketov, @Beaviss, @Quik and @DollarAndADream
  2. So recently Xander Hawley has told us, that his brother Emir might want to take a chance at the VHL, or atleast the VHLM. Emir is Xander's twin and as Emir is doing quite well in his team right now Xander has told him, that he could very well be succeeding in the VHLM and/or the VHL. Emir has played 13 games this season in Quebec and scored 5 goals and added 12 assists to that for 17 points, but he hasn't always shined through that bright. Here are Emir's thoughts: Why do you think you should take a chance at the VHL? "I mean with Xander obviously already playing in the VHLM going for the VHL as his dream I would really want to be a part of it. When we were young we always had big dreams together and not just on our own, so recently he asked me if I wanted to take a chance and told me I am definitely good enough for it. I don't really know about it though " How well do you think you will do in the VHLM? "I mean I think I will probably do decently well. Maybe not a point-per-game like I am right now getting here in Quebec, but maybe atleast for an example, 30 points in 45 games or something along the line of that." And how about the VHL? How good will you do there? "Well, not as good as in the VHLM probably. Maybe 10-15 points in 35 games. I really don't think I will be a superstar, even though I would really want to be one. So yeah, not too well I guess" Will you be as good as Xander, what do you think? "Well, I've never really been as good as Xan, so I don't think so. He has always been alot better than I have, except when he got the mild concussion and was out for almost a year. That's when I really had developed more than he had, and I was better than him for a little bit." What line do you think you could play at the best? "I mean definitely I could play in the first line, as it really depends on the team. I could be a first line winger on a team and a depth winger on another. So yea, first line at best, but again, it really depends on the team I eventually go to" What do you think is the biggest reason for your success in your current league? "This question is though. There are alot of good things in our team, for an example our offense and goaltending are both really stacked, but I'd say the biggest reason for my success is my teammates in many ways. They can finish from my passes and I can do the same from their good passes. They are also really funny in the locker room and many respect and cheer me alot, so that is another key reason." So overall I think Emir will atleast have a chance in the VHLM, and if he plays good, the VHL. He himself thinks he can succeed on that level, which obviously is a good start if he wants to play in the league. Xander also has similar thoughts on Emir. More on that later maybe
  3. Oyorra Arroyo led the league in goals and points this season
  4. Hello VHL Community, I'm Nacho (Nacci25) and I'm a new rookie, a new guy in general to the VHL. I do a lot of graphic designing as a hobby and at the same time find myself wanting to do things for tpe on the go. I'll be for example at the store or a Tim Hortons waiting in line and want to check up on stats or looking to see if my tpe claim was approved. Yes I can just go to my web browsing app and go to the website but then I thought how convenient it would be to have an app to quickly and easily browse forums and my player profile. Have notifications pushed to my lock screen when my teams game stats are in or a reminder I have TPE to apply. is what I propose. The VHL app! I have a couple mock up concept art I made up. I'll post them attached to this post and as I continue to make more I will comment them here. I will take ALL FEEDBACK. Good or bad. constructive or positive! Let me know what you guys think. P.S I don't know how many people this will reach or who exactly it reaches but I hope it reaches many! *This is a mock-up of what could be the login page*
  5. Some time ago, @Renomitsu released a long article detailing just about everything about the upcoming VHL draft's defensemen--not only the top-rated prospects but just about every single one (read that here). While much has changed with the league since, with some players having their draft stock rise quite a bit (going to casually mention Beau Buefordsson here) and others seeing a significant decline (noted semi-active, radically offensive built, mid-to-late-round prospects Srraxxarrakex II and DWin Championship haven't been on in a few weeks), the top three mentioned in this article are still, well, the top three (and the only ones above 200 TPE at the moment). And some distance has been put between them and the others, too: there's a 16-TPE difference between our lowest-TPE defensemen here and Codrick Past, the next-highest on the board. Anyway, though, since I don't think anyone likes to sit around here and listen to me talk, here we go with a closer look at our top three... *Note: this board will use TPE numbers as of the end of last week, as not all of the below have done all they can this week although I certainly believe that they plan on it. #1: Aron Nielsen, Minnesota Storm (@solas)--222 TPE (+56 since previous article) Nielsen went through most of this league's run of mock drafts being picked to go later in the draft, with many putting him somewhere in the second round, somewhere below both of our next two. Though solas is a former great, having reached the Hall of Fame a couple times in the VHL, Nielsen was under a bit of speculation as a potential unsafe draft choice as, while he was taking advantage of welfare and getting by on about 10 TPE every week, he really hadn't been creating content to his full potential--welfare (though 6-point welfare) was the choice about half the time, while the other two players here have done everything possible to earn every last point available. With that being said, however, Nielsen's activity has gone up quite a bit lately--creating a biography during theme week earned our number-one player here an absurd 32 TPE for that week, and Nielsen finds himself comfortably on top of the TPE standings. Current build and stats: While Nielsen is an offensive-type player, we can see that he's fairly balanced--a scoring rating of 76 is complemented by defense, skating, and puck handling all significantly upgraded, making Nielsen dangerous on both ends of the rink. While it's possible that solas' welfare-claiming may bother some GMs, this may be canceled by reputation alone--both of our other choices are rookies. Look for Nielsen to be a serious consideration for the first team to pick a defenseman. 2. Jerry Garcia, Houston Bulls--206 TPE (+56 since previous article) Garcia is my player, so I won't go on too long about what I've done. Last week, a lucky win of a doubles week in the monthly lottery enabled Garcia to overtake our #3, Charlie Paddywagon, in TPE, though only by a little bit. Lately, Garcia has been projected in a few mock drafts--Tagger's included--to be the first defenseman off the board, being picked by defense-hungry Davos around #7 (depending on where the Malmo pick falls). The same can be said about both Garcia and Paddywagon--they're both solid prospects who earn every possible point available, and there's nothing negative to be said against either in terms of activity. Current build and stats: Garcia has a passing rating of 70, but beyond that he's purely defensive--he put up arguably the most impressive defensive numbers this year at 238 hits and 110 shots blocked, albeit running up 154 penalty minutes. 3. Charlie Paddywagon, Las Vegas Aces (@DMaximus) --204 TPE (+50 since previous article) One could say that Garcia is the defensive version of Nielsen--definitely on the defensive side of things but with a nice offensive stat or two to even things out. Paddywagon, though, is more like the defensive version of nobody, unless you know someone who put everything they had in the VHL into scoring. Not that that's a bad thing--defense is one of the most important stats out there and it's easily the single most important stat there is for a defenseman. Paddywagon has a defense rating of 90 already, more than enough to do well in the VHL. Last season's first defenseman off the board, Smitty Werbenjagermanjensen, has topped 400 TPE and is below Paddywagon in this regard with a defense rating of 85. Paddywagon spent much of this past season leading the league in blocked shots, only losing the crown by one on the last game of the season. While a fairly unbalanced and concentrated build has put Paddywagon under Garcia in most mock drafts, most have him being picked a little bit farther back, with another Davos selection around #9. He's still a safe bet, though--not only has he been a consistent TPE machine, but he knows what he's doing stat-wise. DMaximus wrote a quite impressive script to analyze the stats of Team USA in the World Juniors, and was almost my AGM in Mississauga--though the decision made was eventually different than he would have hoped, it was certainly a tough one, and I recommended (and still recommend) him to any GM interested in taking him on. Current build and stats: Defense, defense, defense--that's all Paddywagon is about. If you want someone purely for their ability to defend, Paddywagon is your guy in the draft. Many have complained about the lack of a "franchise defenseman" in this upcoming draft, but these three (and more!) have done quite a bit to legitimize themselves as solid prospects. A case could be made for any of them as the draft's best, and this shouldn't be a topic to overlook when the draft rolls around.
  6. Behold! This is (I think) the first article of mine that isn't some dumb story about what stupid things have happened in Halifax over the course of the past week. Not that there's anything wrong with that, of course. I've been seeing quite a few "destination rankings" threads done by (probably more experienced) members of this league, in which destinations are ranked based on not a whole lot. Reading these, I thought one of these would be perfect for a person such as myself. I can demonstrate my far-reaching expertise on the inner workings of this league by talking about the very-little-to-nothing-at-all I know about each team here, while also potentially being horribly wrong about everything I'm going to say. Just like any professional sportswriter. *Disclaimer: Though I've ranked every team on this list, I have no particularly strong feelings about any team here, positive or negative. These rankings are simply based on gut feelings and slight edges I think some teams have over others for my personal development. In no way is this thread supposed to mean "I have to play for my #1" or "I won't play for my #10." I'd be thrilled to be a part of any team here, and if you're a GM of a team ranked low on this list, feel free to change my mind. Anyway... 1. Helsinki Titans (GM: @Quik). Big shout-out to @Sonnet right away here for being the best GM I could hope to play for in my first season. He's the reason why this team is at #1 (plus I hear Quik is cool). I'd love to have an established teammate (and, mind you, best goaltender in the league) that I can count on from the start. Fun fact about this one: until yesterday I always read the spelling of the city as "Helsinski," and I've even read it correctly a few times and thought "wait, that isn't right." But yeah, let's go Titans for the time being. Besides, Tagger did a podcast a while ago saying that Helsinki could make good use out of a defenseman, and I trust Tagger. 2. Seattle Bears (GM: @Banackock). Yeah, yeah, first in the league. But check this out--3 defensemen on the roster, one of which is a S63 player with 260 TPE. If Garcia is drafted here, he's guaranteed ice time from the start. Banackock seems nice and this seems like a particularly good fit for a developing player in terms of exposure. 3. Malmo Nighthawks (GM: @Advantage). An expansion team this high on the list? Sure! I play for an expansion team and I love it. I'm going to be the millionth person to say it, but the sick logo doesn't hurt. Though I'm sure the expansion draft (and possibly the draft itself) will bring a few higher-TPE defensemen to Malmo, right now the roster is entirely empty, and if Advantage has me lined up as a potential draft choice, this team has a lot more freedom (and probably a lot more inclination, given their expansion status) to make Garcia a present and future priority. 4. Moscow Menace (GM: @Victor). Same thing here with the expansion teams--Garcia will be #1 on the depth chart in Moscow before he knows it if they don't make any big trades. The only defenseman above 300 TPE is at 318 and is from S64. The only problems here? I have no sort of connection with anyone remotely related to Moscow (though I'm sure they're nice people, and, again, I'd be thrilled to play anywhere) and, to be frank, they don't look great on paper. May be headed to the #1 pick so there's a chance I'll end up playing with Helmsley but other than that I don't see this team succeeding immediately. 5. Vancouver Wolves (GM: @Beaviss). Admittedly, this team went up a few spots in the rankings because Beaviss was one of the first people, if not the first person, to help me at all in this league, even managing to do so before Sonnet (I think McWolf was the other one to beat him to it, making that the best thing Halifax has done all season). 3 defensemen on this roster, too, but Garcia is practically guaranteed to be a second-line player for quite some time here--the top line of Harding and Philliefan figures to continue to be that way until one of them retires. 6. HC Davos Dynamo (GM: @ShawnGlade). Garcia can definitely make it up to the first line here, but first he has to catch up to Cayden Saint (S62, 429 TPE) and Alvaro Jokinen (S61, 501 TPE). Besides, Smitty Werbenjagermanjensen is the defenseman of the future for this team, at 433 TPE already despite being from S65. Even if Garcia makes it up to the top line, he'll only ever be second-in-command. 7. Calgary Wranglers (GM: @Bushito). Here's our final team with 3 defensemen. The difference here? Two of them are from S65 and at 297 TPE, showing that they're at least active enough that Garcia will be behind them for a good while. Being #4 on the chart for a while would make him not only a second-line player, but also fairly expendable, as many teams only use three defensemen and the most he'd bring to this team would be valuable trade material as a prospect. 8. Riga Reign (GM: @hedgehog337). Hedgehog seems pretty nice and I wouldn't mind being a part of this team. In fact, a 5-round mock draft today by @gregreg (go check that out here) placed both Garcia and fellow defensive defenseman Charlie Paddywagon in Riga as two second-round picks. Ryan Kastelic and Shawn Glade figure to be the top line in Riga for a good amount of time to come, though, and with all the picks Riga has in store for this draft, it's hard to envision Garcia playing a whole lot in Riga from the start. 9. Toronto Legion (GM: @Devise). Same situation as Riga: solid top line (Robert Malenko and Tzuyu). While Garcia could certainly get playing time here as well, first-line status is a long way away. Below Riga as Riga has the edge in both current and future success. 10. New York Americans (GM: @Spade18). This team's roster is absolutely saturated with defensemen, and while players like Dragon McDragon (S58, 115 TPE) don't figure to be much of a threat, their top line is still great (Joseph McWolf and Ryan Sullivan Jr.). Besides, the Americans seem to have gone all in on winning NOW, as they only have one pick in the upcoming draft. Very difficult to see Garcia being drafted by New York in the first place, but if he does, this team doesn't seem to be set for success in the future.
  7. Hey! My name is Dil and today I will be starting one of my new 2 series. I will be doing both a mock draft and Memedex bi weekly. In the mock draft I will obviously be ranking my picks for the upcoming VHL draft. The memedex will be a massive shitpost full of VHL related memes created by both me and other users in the VHL. Here is the first mock draft: Mock Draft 1. Carles Puigdemont C | 6'3" | 220 lb. | Age: 18 | TPE: 215 @Eudaldkp Still quite early but It is pretty obvious who the two candidates for 1st overall are. Carles is definitely one of them. Already at 215 tpe, this kid can do a lot of things. This season in the minors he has been tearing it up. 37 points in 26 games, is quite a record for this young player. He is playing on a stacked Oslo team who has been struggling lately but his stats don't show it. He was drafted 1st Overall in the VHLM dispersal draft for a reason. He is already at 80 passing and 80 scoring at the cap and will be banking tons of tpe before he reaches the bigs where he will make a massive splash. 2. Smitty Werbenjagermanjensen D | 6'3" | 220lb. | Age: 25 | TPE: 180 @flyersfan1453 Smitty is the second candidate who I stated earlier could go 1st overall. I have him at 2nd for now since I think Carles is still a better pick at this point. Smitty has had quite the year so far as he has put up 31 points in 26 games as a defenceman. He still has 20 tpe left to allocate before he hits the cap and if done wisely he will become an even better player. Both Carles and Smitty have separated themselves from the rest of the pack and are the two top players in the draft. 3. Dallas Jones D | 6'4" | 205 lb. | Age: 16 | TPE: 153 @Trifecta Dallas Jones goes at third overall at this point. Another big D-Man expected to go in the top 3. Dallas has allocated his tpe almost evenly in most of his categories and become a well rounded defenceman. Currently playing for the Oslo Storm, he has put up 15 points in 26 games. He has an good +/- of 15. He is defensively responsible and can also help out on both the powerplay and penalty kill as he has for Oslo this season. I think he can be a safe bet for third overall. 4. Brady Stropko Jr. D | 6'3" | 225 lb. | Age: 19 | TPE: 140 @Bushito Brady Stropko Jr. has some big shoes to fill due to coming after Norris Stopko and Jasper Canmore. This draft seems to have a lot of great defensive prospects because here is another one. Not only is this kid huge and good defensively, he has 80 scoring already so you can expect him to rip a puck. He has put up 17 points in 21 games with a +/- of 12. Currently I have him at fourth but I am expecting him to rocket up the rankings in the near future. 5. Gritty C | 6'3" | 197 lb. | Age: 19 | TPE: 144 @eaglesfan036 This orange creature is a pretty good player. 31 points in 26 games with a +/- of 10. Another stud from Ottawa who can put up points. Gritty has a pretty good shot, decent defensively, and a good puck handler. He doesn't excel in a certain category but is a really well rounded player. 6. Viktor Kozlov C | 6'8" | 220 lb. | Age: 19 | HALIFAX TPE: 115 @Kuch9 Oh my god. There are some huge people in this draft but this kid is MASSIVE. This absolute GOON can still put up points. 23 points and a +/- in 26 games. He is pretty fast and really tough. He is absolutely horrible offensively but I have no clue how he puts up the numbers he has. Currently have him at 6th but could go up or down later in the season. 7. Joe Nixon G | 6'3" | 150 lb. | Age: 19 | TPE: 144 @Bonzaijoe This kid is playing under the show of Kevin Weekes. Kevin is an amazing goaltender putting up AMAZING stats so its tough for this kid to get playing time. He has played only 5 games this season and lost 3 of them. SV% of 0.841 and a GAA of 2.80. Nothing special but he has a ton of potential. If given the opportunity to play games I think this kid could become something special but unfortunately he isn't getting that opportunity in Vegas. Other than that it is also a pretty tough league for goalies so he might drop even lower depending on how the need for goalies grows since there is rumours of expansion. 8. Orion Slade C | 6'8" | 225 lb. | Age: 18 | TPE: 102 @BluObieZ Orion is a pretty good player already. At only 102 tpe he has 23 points in 26 games. He has a pretty good shot and a is a pretty good passer. He can carry the puck well too. He is a well rounded player. You can't go wrong picking this kid anywhere in the late 1st round but early on I think we have him at 8th. That concluded the mock draft. The next one will be out 2 weeks from now. Until then look forward to other VSN articles and podcasts coming your way.
  8. Evan R. Lawson Just Got Popped, In a good way! Toronto Legion have released that there will be a limited edition pop figure of Evan R. Lawson Available to Fans that attend home games in Toronto. This special edition figure features Lawson in the teams away jersey. Another version with Lawson in his home jersey will be made available at the same time. However the away game version will only be available in limited quantities at home games, while the home jersey version will be available throughout Canada. Rumor has it that as part of this merchandise deal Lawson asked for a handful of both versions so that he could send them home to his family in the States, and of course have few to place in his trophy case. @diamond_ace This is for you!
  9. And They're Off... The VHL Season has been getting off to an exciting start in these past couple of days. Many teams filled with their new draft picks from the VHLM got to hit the ice this week, ending what felt like a hockey drought for some. With 15 games having been played in the VHL, it could certainly be said that this season has gone off with a bang for the pros. Currently the leaders in the league are Toronto Legion and the Seattle Bears who are tied at 3 game each. Riga Reign, the Helsinki Titans and the Quebec Meute are all tied at two games apiece. In the rear we have The Calgary Wranglers and HC Davos Dynamos with one win each. At this point there are no clear indicators how the season will progress with only 15 games having been played it would be hard to use these first games as a predictor for who will take home the cup this year. If this author was to hazard a guess of what teams you would see in the playoffs they would include Toronto, Seattle, Quebec and Helsinki. Although, the season is long, and this is only the beginning so realistically things could change in a very short amount of time leading to a different picture of what playoff hockey might look like this year in the VHL.
  10. Feel free to answer me any questions and I will answer them. Thank you and glad to be back!
  11. Hello there. Glad to join the VHL but most importantly this community! Here is my player! VHL Player Template ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Player Information Username: Tobias Full Name: Sunnqvist Position: Defence Age: 21 Handedness: Left Recruited By/From: Would you like an experienced member to mentor you? Sure, why not. Player Attributes Total Points Earned: 30 CK = Checking: 42 FG = Fighting: 40 DI = Discipline: 45 SK = Skating: 43 ST = Strength: 42 PH = Puck Handling: 45 FO = Face Offs: 40 PA = Passing: 44 SC = Scoring: 42 DF = Defense: 45 PS = Penalty Shot: 40 EX = Experience: 41 LD = Leadership: 41 Other Jersey Number: 21 Height (inches): 5'10 Weight (lbs.): 200 Birthplace: Malmo, Sweden
  12. Player InformationUsername: Aiden GFull Name: Leather FlasherPosition: GAge: 20Handedness: LeftRecruited By: N/APlayer AttributesTotal Points Earned: 30SK = Skating: 35SZ = Size: 35AG = Agility: 40RB = Rebound Control: 45SC = Style Control: 40HS = Hand Speed: 40RT = Reaction Time: 40PS = Penalty Shot: 35EX = Experience: 35LD = Leadership: 35OtherJersey Number: 75Height (inches): 77 (6'5")Weight (lbs.): 240Birthplace: Newmarket, Ontario, CanadaAwards Career Stats Player Movement Past Players
  13. The search for love is never easy and often comes with much trial and error Prior to successfully finding the one person you're going to spend the rest of your life with. Now, thanks to us, the option for some people has become a lot easier as we embark on a journey to help people find true love. On the first ever season and episode of the VHL Bachelor, we introduced our strikingly handsome, wealthy and bad ass bachelor in @Draper (who just also happens to be from Canada, ladies - just in case you missed it, well remind you again). Unfortunately, due to budgeting reasons, we've decided to cut the contestant amount of 10 down to 6, however, this will only help Draper eliminate skanky whores in the process. These women will be pursuing his interest, his heart and his credit cards. However, the trick is that he just like you. He hasn't the slightest idea who the contestants are, but that's all about to change. Now, for the moment a very few limited of you have been waiting for, your Season 1 VHL ladies. ADwyer87 @ADwyer87 ADwyer resides in Denver, Colorado and currently works for a modeling agency. Along with that, she compete in hot dog eating contests throughout the year (so we can imagine her deep throating skills are up to par) and loves to get down and dirty. You can find her wearing very limited clothing on the back of a boat catching some rays, or wearing tight as lulu lemon pants walking her Yorkie puppy, Duckie. She enjoys the odd bong rip on a Saturday night while sharing a bowl of cereal with her girlfriends and has been giving guys boners since 2007. We feel it's safe to say she's a shoe in for the Top 3, but what the hell do we know. If Draper knew what was good for him, he'd keep her around. Boubabi @boubabi They gave us Croissant's, the hair dryer and this beautiful thing. Bonjour, all the way from France or whatever. Brunette, blue eyes and the body perfected by Zeus himself, she could very well be another potential top 3 candidate. What's that? This shows like soft core porn, get used to it. Boubabi works and owns a small bakery on the streets of Montreal, Quebec now and may have already won the heart of Draper simply for being from his native land. She spends her Saturday nights in front of her 55" TV, yelling "For fuck sakes PK. Do something!" and "This is what happens when Price gets fucking injured", as she roots on her Montreal Canadiens on hockey night in Canada. She's bilingual and will French kiss more than just your tongue. We'll see how she works on Draper with those skills. JPL @JPL Then we have our 3rd contestant who is currently walking up to the house. JPL lives in the big Apple and is employed to pour coffee for your average, everyday folks and one of the many Starbucks in the city. One of the first thing she said when she walked in was "I wasn't sure if I would be able to bring my cat, so I brought both. They eat their own shit though, so you don't have to worry about the mess". She enjoys playing the flute, tuba and cow bell and is currently trying to make her own wine in her grandmother's basement. Those close to her say she's "never on time", can go missing for weeks and has multiple personalities. "It's like she recreates herself everyday" said her mother. EaglesFan036 @eaglesfan036 Her personality and skin is as thick as those eye brows. She has an "I don't give a fuck what you think about me" attitude and does whatever the fuck she wants. She lives in Tennesse, and is a single mom to two, both children coming from separate fathers and she's currently unemployed. When asked about her employment situation she stated "My little girls baby daddies pay 300 bucks each a month. That's enough to pay for my hair, to get my nails did and enough green paper left over to get them kids some mac and cheese for suppers". Her father is an alligator farmer and her mother is a an stay out home mother, who still tries to compete every year for the Dallas Cowboys cheerleader squad. If she's anything like her mother, the hair dye has fried the fuck out of her head and she's a complete dumb shit. Hopefully for Drapers sake, that's not the case. CowboyinAmerica @CowboyinAmerica CowboyinAmerica is in the best shape of her life and by shape we of course mean she's perfected the perfect circle. She's currently a yoga instructor at her local gym in Edmonton, Alberta for elderly and plus sized women and says that she's on fire for dropping the pounds. "Ever since I stopped eating those chicken nuggets from McDonald's, I've felt better and have lost 6 posts in the last 4 months. Even my ex has started responding to my tweets and he never used to" she implied. With the amount of evident baggage she already has, there's mom. She lives in her moms trailer with her and pays rent in groceries and back massages. Hopefully she's able to steal Draper's heart and can move into his big old pad in Cali. He best buy another deep freezer though! Da Trifecta @Da Trifecta Every show has their one black person at every moment it seems and the Bachelor is no different. She's fierce, tough as fuck and if she doesn't get what she wants, her brothers will come beat your ass with a pipe wrench or baseball bat. Her family grew up in the rough neighborhood's of Detroit and her father was collecting welfare for her entire childhood. She lost her mother to a murder case when she was 12 years old and since, her brothers have been her guardian angel. Despite the troubles, shes turned out to be a sexy black panther and she's looking to come in here and literally steal Draper's TV while he sleeps heart. Now that you've met the women, we'd like for you to predict and tell us who you'd like to see Draper end up with. Although it won't alter the show in anyway, your opinion always matters. If you have ideas or anything to add to the Bachelor, feel free to message us VIA my inbox yo. ANNNNNNNNND on next weeks, The VHL Bachelor: No Homo Edition Episode 3, We hear Drapers thoughts on the women, we get to see the first moments that each of the women meet one another and we get to see the girls live one on one first conversations with Draper. Stay TUNED for next Saturday. GET HYPED! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The VHL Bachelor: No Homo Edition, Episode 2 (Claimed for the week of April 25th to May 1st)