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Found 18 results

  1. So, not exactly halfway through the season, I had to delay this article due to personal stuff but hey here it is anyway. This article will reflect on the VHL season so far. Although it is practically over, this will include a breakdown of the standings and point leaders. Standings 1. Riga Reign @hedgehog337 2. Seattle Bears @Banackock 3. Toronto Legion @Devise 4. Helsinki Titans @Quik 5. HC Davos Dynamo @ShawnGlade 6. New York Americans @Spade18 7. Vancouver Wolves @Beaviss 8. Calgary Wranglers @Bushito 9. Moscow Menace @Victor The top 4 looks exactly the same as last season's article. Riga sits on top of the league with 100 points on the dot, with Seattle and Toronto trail with 95 and 91 points respectively. The top 3 sit 13 points ahead of the Helsinki Titans. There is no reaching the big three in points this season. The only three teams to clinch the playoffs so far sit so far ahead of anyone else. Down below a couple of spots, HC Davos and New York are fighting for a playoff spot. Sitting only 3 points apart, anything could happen in the last few games of the season. Vancouver is also a mere 3 points behind New York and could make it into a spot if everything falls in place. Both Calgary and the newly expanded Moscow Menace have already been eliminated from playoff contention, with Moscow winning a mere 7 games with Calgary sitting at 21 victories. The league hasn't changed very much from last season at this point, other than the fact HC Davos Dynamo has become much better than the trainwreck they were last season. Player Stats Points 1. Oyorra Arroyo (66GP 117P) @omgitshim 2. Veran Dragomir (64GP 107P) @Velevra 3. Elias Dahlberg (66GP 100P) @Nykonax 4. Sebastian Ironside (64GP 97P) @DollarAndADream 5. Rylan Peace (66GP 94P) @Peace Oyorra Arroyo sits on top of the league with 117 points. 10 points ahead of Veran Dragomir who sits at second place with 107 points. Oyorra has had an amazing year. This beast has dominated the league and there is no catching him. Below them sits Elias Dahlberg. "Dogbird" had a horrid year last year. Jumping from a mere 36 points to 100 the next season is absolutely absurd. Sebastion Ironside sits only 3 points below him. Sebastian is on pace for his third 100 point season in a row. Then at 5th place, DogBird's teammate Rylan Peace sits at 94 points. This point race isn't as close as this year, but it was still fun to watch Oyorra Dominate the league. Goals 1. Oyorra Arroyo (66GP 60G) @omgitshim 2. Veran Dragomir (64GP 48G) @Velevra 3. Beau Louth (64GP 48G) @Beaviss 4. Rylan Peace (66GP 48G) @Peace 5. Matt Thompson (64GP 45G) @Beketov Oyorra has run away with yet another scoring title. This has been a blowout as he has already reached 60 goals so far in the season. With 6 games to go, it'll be interesting to see how many more goals this phenom can score. Sitting below him are 3 players all tied at 48 goals, Veran Dragomir, Beau Louth, and Rylan Peace. 3 goals below them, is Matt Thompson. There are a lot of high scoring players this year and I can only hope this continues next year. Assists 1. Ryan Kastelic (66GP 64A) @Enorama 2. Tzuyu (66GP 63A) @tfong 3. Alvaro Jokinen (66GP 60A) @Ahma 4. Elias Dahlberg (66GP 60A) @Nykonax 5. Veran Dragomir (64GP 59A) @Velevra Tzuyu was on the top very recently until Ryan Kastelic took over. The top 2 are only a single assist apart from each other. Below the top 2, we have Alvaro Jokinen and Elias Dahlberg at 60 assists. A mere one point behind them is Veran Dragomir with 59 points. This is a very close race, with the 1st place and the 5th place only 5 points apart. Goalie Stats (Minimum 20 Games Played) (Top 3 Only) Save Percentage 1. Roger Sterling (57GP 0.920 sv%) @Will 2. Kallis Kriketers (62GP 0.919 sv%) @hedgehog337 3. Johnny Havenk Carison (58GP 0.919 sv%) @Donno100 Sterling sits on top of all goalies with a 0.920 sv%. Seattle's' netminder has had a good year so far and his save percentage shows it. Below him, Kallis Kriketers and Johnny Havenk Carison are tied for second place with a 0.919 sv%. Although Kallis has played 4 more games than Johnny. Kallis has actually played 5 more games than Roger and is only 0.001 sv% less than him. GAA 1. Kallis Kriketers (62GP 2.13GAA) @hedgehog337 2. Alexander Pepper (63GP 2.40GAA) @Sonnet 3. Roger Sterling (57GP 2.46GAA) @Will Another category where Kallis shines. He sits at 2.13 GAA over a span of 62 games. This is a very impressive stat. Another impressive stat would be Pepper's 2.40GAA in 63 games. Sitting below these two-star goaltenders is Roger Sterling who has a great 2.46GAA is 57 games so far in the season. Kallis is far ahead in this category and is set to have the best by the end of the season. Shutouts 1. Kallis Kriketers (62GP 9SO) @hedgehog337 2. Roger Sterling (57GP 6SO) @Will 3. Alexander Pepper (63GP 6SO) @Sonnet Kallis sits at the top of another category. This guy definitely has my vote for goalie of the year. Kriketers sits 3 shut outs ahead of Roger Sterling and Alexander pepper who have 6. Kallis has had an amazing year and this just adds to it. He sits on top of almost every goaltending category and has been a worthy netminder for the league-leading Riga Reign. Rookie Stats 1. Kyson Blake (65GP 30G 47A 77P) @TMI 2. Dan Baillie (65GP 23G 29A 52P) @wcats 3. Carles Puigdemont (65GP 25G 25A 50P) @Eudaldkp 4. Elasmobranch Fish (64GP 17G 32A 49P) @Sharkstrong 5. Diljodh Starload (64GP 26G 18A 44P) @DilIsPickle (cries) Kyson Blake sits on top of all rookies with 77 points. He also leads them with 30 goals and 47 assists. Below him is Dan Baillie with 52 points and Carles Puigdemont, the first overall pick of the last draft, at 50 points. A single point behind Carles, is Elasmobranch Fish with 49 points, and at fifth we have Diljodh Starload with 44 points.
  2. Welcome to the second installment of the S66 Mock Draft series. As you can probably tell, this draft is loaded with great offensive talent. On the other hand, there aren't many defensive standouts. It'll be something to watchout for as the season moves on how teams like Davos will fill their blueline needs. Mock Draft 1. Hunter Hearst Helmsley +0 C | 6' 3" | 250 lb. | Age: 49 | | TPE: 284 @Beaviss Triple H has had a phenomenal season so far. This WWE legend is on pace for 149 points while playing on a middle of the pack team. He has shown time and again why he is the sure pick for 1st overall. He has been earning TPE at an insane rate and I can guarantee he will end up in the hall of fame. A player of his caliber is something teams would love to have. 2. Shane Mars +0 LW | 6' 5" | 225 lb. | Age: 18 | | TPE: 261 @Spade18 Shane has picked it up stat wise recently and has shown he deserves to be regarded as one of the top players in the draft. This 6'5" 225lb monster has been playing great both offensively and defensively all season and would be an excellent addition to Davos's forward core. I expect Shane to be one of the top players in the VHL for years to come. 3. Kari Jurri +1 LW | 6' 3" | 210 lb. | Age: 18 | | TPE: 209 @hockeyis66 Kari is a big kid with a natural goal scoring capability. This kid can rip the puck and I can only expect him to improve it. Calgary could use Kari Jurri to play behind Brady Stropko Jr. who they picked up in the previous draft. This could be a solid left wing duo and could provide some much-needed depth to the Calgary forward core. (From New York) 4. Maximilian Kirbsson -1 C | 6' 0" | 195 lb. | Age: 18 | | TPE: 205 @Kirby Kirbsson has been putting up great numbers this year. On pace for just under 100 points, this kid has shown he has the ability to do great things. He could join Riga's growing forward core and make an instant difference. Riga has been doing well lately and the addition of Maximilian could be excellent for their core. 5. Rhye Tyr +0 D | 5' 10" | 205 lb. | Age: 19 | | TPE: 159 @Plate Davos has an excellent forward core but is lacking a little in defense. The addition of Rhye could be a step in the right direction for them. Although this draft class has very few good defensemen, Davos is going to need to snatch up some of them if they wish to be a competitive team again any time soon. Tyr is ranked highly due to a lack of defenceman in this draft. 6. Dimitri Volosenkov +0 LW | 6' 0" | 190 lb. | Age: 21 | | TPE: 197 @SirRupertBarnes Vancouver has dropped off since the last mock draft. Although they are in need of defenceman, there aren't many defencemen that deserve to go this high in the draft. Dimitri Volosenkov could be a solid addition to their core. He has his TPE spread out throughout his stats and is well rounded. He is almost at the VHLM TPE cap so you can expect him to make an impact in the bigs right away. 7. Mikko Aaltonen +0 RW | 6' 3" | 200 lb. | Age: 17 | | TPE: 192 @GRZ Mikko has recently moved to Vegas where he has made an instant difference. Although not as deep as last year, Vegas has still been pretty good. Mikko has come in and added depth to that core and can hopefully help them get far in the playoffs and possibly repeat. Mikko is a natural goal scorer and is almost at the VHLM TPE cap; you can expect him to only get better as the season goes on. (From Toronto) 8. Julius Freeman NEWLW | 6' 3" | 210 lb. | Age: 17 | | TPE: 179 @rjfryman Julius Freeman has made his first appearance on the mock draft. Sliding into #8, Julius could be a great addition alongside Mikko Altonen to Riga's already great forward core. This added depth could help them ascend to the top of the league standings. Julius can help with that as he has shown great talent both offensively and defensively. (From Seattle) 9. Aron Nielsen +0 D | 6' 0" | 205 lb. | Age: 19 | | TPE: 158 @solas Someone you wouldn't normally expect to go in the first round, Aron is valued higher than most player's do to the fact he is a defenceman. As I have said before, this draft is extremely weak defensively but stacked offensively. A player like this would normally go 2nd to 3rd round, but since Davos is in need of defenceman, I could see him being picked up in the 1st round. Let me know what you disagree or agree with below. It'll be fun to see how these players continue to develop and how these rankings change over time. Also, make sure you tune into my "Halfway There" article next week where I will recap the season so far.
  3. Welcome to the first mock draft of the S66 season. This draft is very deep offensively with 2 excellent player's destined to be some of the top TPE earners of all time. I am excited about this class of draftees and sure hope you are too. I have changed up the format a little from last season and hope you enjoy the article. Without further ado, let's get into the mock draft... Mock Draft 1. Hunter Hearst Helmsley C | 6' 3" | 250 lb. | Age: 49 | | TPE: 256 @Beaviss Triple H has had quite the year already. This WWE legend and future HOFer has 2.2PPG so far and is on pace for 159 points this season. Whoever gets the first overall selection is sure to select this phenom. His ability to earn TPE is absurd and you can expect him to be one of the if not the highest TPE player of all time. 2. Shane Mars LW | 6' 5" | 225 lb. | Age: 18 | | TPE: 233 @Spade18 Shane hasn't been producing at the same rate as the last season, however, the S64 Playoff MVP has been a good player for Minnesota already though and has been a presence defensively. The top 2 players from this draft class played on the same VHLM team last season and sometimes the same line. From teammates to rivals, we are going to have to see who prevails and becomes the first selection of the S66 VHL draft. (From Helsinki) 3. Maximilian Kirbsson C | 6' 0" | 195 lb. | Age: 18 | | TPE: 181 @Kirby Davos has been playing a lot better than the dumpster fire they were last year. They have had some centreman problems recently and have had wingers try and convert into centers, but I think Kirbsson could be the piece they need to become one of the top teams in the league. They have a deep pool of young player's and a couple more could turn the tide for them. I could see Kirbsson helping Davos turn from a middle of the pack team to one of the top teams in the league. (From New York) 4. Kari Jurri LW | 6' 3" | 210 lb. | Age: 18 | | TPE: 182 @hockeyis66 Riga is coming off of an excellent performance last year. They are a top team already with a ton of young players. Add some more depth to that already stacked team and it becomes scary. Kari is a great young well-rounded player. He can put up a lot of points and is also defensively responsible. A player like this added to a team like Riga is a sight to see. 5. Rhye Tyr D | 5' 10" | 205 lb. | Age: 19 | | TPE: 151 @Plate Rhye Tyr is a standout defenceman in a draft class with a few good defensemen. Playing on a strong Halifax team, Rhye has put up decent numbers so far. I expect him to become even better in the near future and hopefully even in the big leagues. Adding him to Davos would help them out a bunch. They could use a defenceman or two and Rhye would be an excellent fit. (From Toronto) 6. Dimitri Volosenkov LW | 6' 0" | 190 lb. | Age: 21 | | TPE: 171 @SirRupertBarnes Dimitri is a solid player who would make a great fit in Riga. Dimitri is playing on a solid Halifax team as their top winger. You can only expect him to improve from here as he still has 30 tpe left in his VHLM TPE cap. Riga already has a lot of great players in every position so he can expect some competition if he makes his way onto the Riga roster. 7. Mikko Aaltonen RW | 6' 3" | 200 lb. | Age: 17 | | TPE: 164 @GRZ One of the best players on the new team of the Philadelphia Reapers, Mikko has shown he has shown he has what it takes. Philadelphia is sitting at the bottom of the standings and Mikko Aaltonen has still played well, as he is just under a point per game on a struggling team and still has 36 TPE till he hits the cap. I would say this player has a bright future ahead of him. (From Seattle) 8. Shawnomir Jagr RW | 6' 3" | 230 lb. | Age: 18 | | TPE: 141 @TheLastOlympian07 Shawnomir Jagr is a great player although only 141 tpe. With 59 tpe left until he hits his cap, he already is putting up amazing numbers. I can only expect him to shoot up in the rankings. Davos has a solid crew of great young player's and Shawnomir Jagr would be an excellent addition to that group. I personally think Davos will be a monster of a team in the next couple of seasons and we should all keep an eye out for this team. 9. Aron Nielsen D | 6' 0" | 205 lb. | Age: 19 | | TPE: 134 @solas Vancouver have been surprisingly good in their first season after expansion. Adding a great young player like Aron Nielsen would be great for them. They currently have 2 defenders and need more if they wish to maintain this. This draft isn't very deep with blueliners but Aron is a great player. He has a lot of room to build into but is still doing well. He is putting up great numbers and is very good defensively and I could see him fitting in well with the Vancouver Wolves. This season is still young so you can expect a lot of changes to my mock draft throughout the season. Reply down below on what you would change and what you agree with. Let me know if I should change the format or anything else.
  4. Triple H and his transition into hockey... VSN Interview- The 5 time World Heavy Weight Champion talks about his transition into the sport of hockey. The 6'3" 250lb beast was pretty hard to track down. Turns out he actually sleeps at the arena. His dedication to hockey has made his life literally revolve around it. He sleeps in @Thranduil's office and eats at the arena food court. When I found him he was asleep on the floor in the AGM's office. Reporter: "Mr. Helmsley? Would it be alright if I asked you just a few questions?" Triple H: "Uh wha- what am I gonna get out of it?" Reporter: "I'll er, buy you a beer?" Triple H: "Uhhhh sounds good... None of that p*ssy Canadian sh*t though." I bought him a beer and we sat down and I shot some questions his way... You had a lot of options when choosing your team. Since you were a former professional wrestler, GM's were literally dying to sign you. What made you choose Halifax? Well I chose Halifax because it's close to home and a new team. I wanted to make a mark on the league and I thought a new team would be the best way. Also my new friend Keaton Louth and GM of the Meute is close with my GM McWolf so that helped me with my decision. After a very successful WWE career, what made you choose hockey? My father was a massive Meute fan and once he past away, It felt as if I didn't make him proud. Now that he is gone I wanted to do something for him. I believe becoming a professional hockey player is the best way that I can honor him and his life. You had a pretty good first season in the minors. Did you do as well as you expected? Well I didn't play much this season obviously so I can't really say I'm happy until I get some more games under me belt. Scoring almost a point per game though for my first couple games has been exciting but we will have to see how my first playoff run goes. You never know we might just win it all. You seem to be developing at an astonishing rate. You still have another season before your VHL draft, where do you think you will go position wise? I hope to go first overall. If I go any lower than that I'll be disappointed.... Coming from the WWE I've been getting paid big money and been in the public eye a lot. I want to do the same in the VHL and prove I can do this. Did your age make it harder in any way to transition over to hockey? I've been into working out my entire life. I'm in the best shape I've ever been. My cardio and V02 max is top of the VHLM already. My coaches really helped me get accustomed to the riggers of the hockey world before I stepped on the ice. Hunter seems to be very passionate about making his father proud and playing hockey. The crew here at VSN is very excited to see this WWE legend make his mark on the game of hockey. He has the ability to take the league by force and I'm putting my money on him becoming a great player. We wish him luck in the upcoming VHLM playoffs and the rest of his career. For the Fans! (Stolen from @BladeMaiden) Favorite Colour? Green Player # 19 Do you have any pets? 7 foster dogs. Do you still hang out with anyone from the WWE? Shawn Michaels and me are still close. What is your favorite song? Ace of Spades - Motörhead
  5. Welcome to the second one of my mock drafts. This time will be a different format where I will be saying which teams will draft which players. So, let's get to it... Mock Draft 1. Carles Puigdemont +0 C | 6'3" | 220 lb. | Age: 18 | TPE: 243 @Eudaldkp Davos select Carles Puigdemont. And oh boy let me tell you how nasty Davos will be. Recently picked up rookie RW Pat Svoboda and Davos draftee Elias Dahlberg's duo was going to be a force to be dealt with anyways, but if Davos picks up Carles Puigdemont, that line is going to be unstoppable. Carles has been killing the game this year in the minors with 70 Points in 57 games. When all 3 of these players are in their prime, you can expect Davos to be something to fear. 2. Brady Stropko Jr. +2 D | 6'3" | 225 lb. | Age: 19 | TPE: 154 @Bushito Brady Stropko Jr. Will be going second overall if that is where Calgary picks. Calgary GM Bushito has been in contact with Stropko Jr. ever since the season start. It is almost certain this is the player Calgary will be going after. Stropko is a big kid who can rip a puck. He has 45 points in 52 games a D-Man and you can bet his numbers are only going to get better as the season rolls on. 3. Smitty Werbenjagermanjensen -1 D | 6'3" | 220lb. | Age: 25 | TPE: 217 @flyersfan1453 Smitty has kept up his activity so far and is looking to be a solid D-Man for the future. He has dropped a ranking from last time only due to the implement of teams. It is almost certain Calgary takes Brady Stropko Jr. so I expect Webenjagermanjensen to go to NYA. New York has a lot of great young players. 2 of them leading the lead in rookie points. The other is a young D-Man you can expect to be on a pairing with Smitty in the near future. This team will be a force in the very near future. 4. Dallas Jones -1 D | 6'4" | 205 lb. | Age: 16 | TPE: 174 @Trifecta With both Colton Rayne and Casey Jones leaving Quebec soon, they could use another good D-Man. Dallas has put up 37 Points in 57 games and has been proving his worth as a player all season. Recently shipped off to Ottawa from Oslo, he has fit in just fine with his new team. He has dropped a ranking due to Brady Stropko Jr. being launched all the way into the top 2. 5. Gritty +0 C | 6'3" | 197 lb. | Age: 19 | TPE: 174 @eaglesfan036 Quebec takes Gritty with their second pick of the first round. Quebec could use some more active forward talent. Currently 5th in the standings, they could use some depth in the near future to compete with teams such as Davos and Riga who are looking really good for the future. Gritty can surely help with this looking at how he has been able to be offensively dominant this season you can expect for him to only improve from here. 6. Orion Slade +2 C | 6'8" | 225 lb. | Age: 18 | TPE: 122 @BluObieZ Orion is a great player. He knows what he is doing and I expect great things. He is 6'8" and a good fit for Quebec. Although I am going to be honest. This draft has a lot of good Defenceman and Centreman. A lot of great player's but not a lot of variety. 7. Roll Fizzlebeef NEW C | 6'6" | 240 lb. lb. | Age: 20 | TPE: 159 @TacticalHammer Roll has moved into the top 8 this time. Davos is going to be absolutely nasty as it is in the near future and it wont help to pick up some center depth. I've said it before and I will say it again. Davos's future scares me. 8. Viktor Kozlov -2 C | 6'8" | 220 lb. | Age: 19 | Halifax TPE: 141 @Kuch9 Another team to fear is Riga. They are already really good and have some great young talent. Viktor is a great big player. He is tough and well rounded. A great player to have for depth and playoff runs. he also puts up decent numbers so expect big things. And that is it for this Mock Draft. Feel free to reply with your changes. You can expect a final mock draft before the draft in Vancouver. Anyways, thank you for reading and have a wonderful day!
  6. He is a Peace of Riga’s Winning Puzzle VSN Full Contact with Rylan Peace This weeks VSN Full Contact, VHL edition, focuses on the Rookie Rylan Peace @Peace of the Riga Reign. He was Drafted 12th over all in S63 and spent S64 in the minors on the Saskatoon Wild where he took home his first cup. The Riga Reign are in 1st place in the VHL. This week’s interview will give you a look into the mind of a rookie player with a shot at another championship run Rylan is early for his interview, showing up to the studio 15 min before, he mentions that he hates to be late for appointments, especially professional ones. He makes himself comfy on a chair in my office, he accepts my offer of refreshments and relaxes back into the chair while sipping on his newly acquired coffee. With an easy smile on his face he indicates that he is ready for the interview to begin. I start by asking how he feels Rega is doing this season, and if he thinks they will win the cup? Peace states "I feel Riga is doing well, but I'm frustrated with my lack of production. Long scoreless streaks are not really contributing to my team’s general success, are they? Lately Riga has - offensively - been as dry as a desert, we're barely scrapping through games even though we're getting a ton of shots. The top line has had to carry us to victories, so it's personally frustrating and I'm upset that despite everything I try to do nothing seems to be working. Overall though I think Riga's chance at defending the cup is strong and we're a hopeful group." He ends his statement with a wry smile as if he was punctuating his statement of hopefulness. I continue to bridge the conversation by asking Peace who he thinks is Riga’s biggest competition this season. To this he supplied an answer I wasn’t really expecting. "Individually I have to say Helsinki. In fact - until recently anyway - nearly half of my career shots had been against Pepper and he saved all but one. As a team though I have to say Seattle, right now they're firing on all cylinders and against our struggling team they've been blowing us out of the water, it's not even close really. Seattle has found a way to be a constant threat no matter who they play and their top players are leading the team to brighter pastures, and if we can't find a solution I anticipate falling to Seattle when it matters." I thought now would be a good time to bring up the subject of rivals. I asked Peace if he was still in a rivalry with Dahlberg @Nykonax to which he quickly replied that he doesn’t waste his effort on competing with players that didn’t have a good character. surprised to hear this I asked with genuine curiosity as to who Peace considered his rivals to be. Rylan’s response was most intriguing “Most people would assume my biggest rival would be Dahlberg or any of the rookies playing in the VHL, but in reality, it's Alexander Pepper @Sonnet. If you remove the stats from my last handful of games or so, Pepper had literally saved half of my career shots on goal. He only let one in, one, so it's either a testament of how good he is or how trash I am, although it is kind of ironic my rival ended up being the assistant general manager for the Saskatoon Wild - a team I manage in the VHL Minors." The next question I asked Peace was if he missed any of his teammates from Saskatoon and if keeps contact with any of the guys. Rylan’s face goes sullen as he states "Sadly I've been so busy managing Saskatoon and playing hockey with Riga I've fallen out of contact with most of my Saskatoon teammates. Every once and a while I'll talk to Wahl, or perhaps Gebauer @Sova, Puigdemont @Eudaldkp too. Oh, I suppose I talked to Gary @CurtisG93, Edvin @caltroit_red_flames and Toast @Toast prior to them being traded from Saskatoon quite frequently. Beyond that, however, I can't say I've had too much contact with anyone else. Even though I don't talk to them often, I do take a moment to look up how they're doing every once and a while - but I think that's more because of my duties as a general manager." You can see that he takes his job as interim GM of Saskatoon very seriously. Although we did get a quote from Brick Wahl that helped shed a little more light on this situation “Peace is a great GM, but don’t let him fool ya, he makes a good effort to bring Sask Alumni back into the locker room and get to know his rookie player and visit with him. It is actually one of the best things about playing in Sask; once wild always wild, you can’t tame us.” Speaking of locker rooms, my next question to Peace was about the atmosphere in the Riga locker room right now. What is it like, because VHL fans are dying to know what is going on in the locker room of one of the top teams in the league? "I think it's pretty tense right now, but that's because we're barely winning against teams, we felt were inferior. Maybe we're over confident in our abilities, or maybe there is something wrong with our chemistry on the ice. I'm not sure how public it appears, but internally we're upset. Keep in mind I could be reading the atmosphere wrong because I'm upset at my own performances over the last two dozen games or so, and on top of that I'm also irritated with how we're 'finding ways to win'. I genuinely think that VHL fans will find it surprising that this is the current mood in the Riga locker room, you would expect the team in the number one slot to be more fulfilled with their performances. Which begs the question of what Riga GM @hedgehog337 has to think about all of this? My last formal question to Peace was about unwritten rules of the VHL. I asked him what the unwritten rules are of playing in Riga. He chuckled lightly before answering. "I think most teams have the same unwritten rule: Give all you've got and never give up. Pure in simple, a relentless work ethic for a full sixty minutes." For the Fans Best post game tweet: "HERE'S SOME SALT FOR YOUR PEPPER!" Picture of Pepper covered in salt after Peace poured two salt shakers on his head Favorite Color: Hazel Player #: 36 Do you have a pet: Two dogs. If you had to pick a TV show or movie character to represent your personality who would you choose? William Adama from Battlestar: Galactica Nicknames that you have been given by teammates and that you have given to teammates. Never really had a nickname for myself, but I've given some to others. Puggy for Puigdemont for example. (1164 words)
  7. Now that we are more than halfway done the season, I think it would be a great time to reflect on how the season has gone so far for individual player's and teams. Since @Nykonax does VHLM Scoped every week (Which you should definitely check out), I thought I could reflect on the VHL alone. So here it is... Standings 1. Riga Reign 2. Seattle Bears 3. Toronto Legion 4. Helsinki Titans 5. Quebec City Meute 6. Calgary Wranglers 7. New York Americans 8. HC Davos Dynamo Riga is currently 4 points ahead of Seattle and 5 ahead of Toronto. It is a pretty close race between the top teams as Helsinki and Quebec follow with 50 and 48 points each. Below that the rest of the teams are having a rough year. Calgary with only 32 points. That is a 16 point difference from the team ahead of them. New York is 3 points off of Calgary in the standings as both teams have struggled this year. Nothing like HC Davos though. Davos has only won 7 games this year and have a mere 18 points. With only 69 goals scored this season, they are on pace to have the least amount of goals scored in a single season (204 Goals was the previous record for least amount of goals scored). To put into perspective, Matt Thompson of Seattle has 34 goals. That is just a little less than half the goals HC Davos' WHOLE TEAM has scored all year! On the opposite, Riga is having a great year. They have talented players on almost every line and it shows. They have a lot of good young player's who are just getting started. This team is going to tear up the league in the near future. Player Stats Points 1. Sebastian Ironside (39GP 69P) @DollarAndADream 2. Oyorra Arroyo (39GP 68P) @omgitshim 3. Robert Malenko (40GP 68P) @pennypenny 4. Matt Thompson (40GP 66P) @Beketov 5. Edwin Preencarnacion (40GP 55P) @Tagger A ridiculously close point race. Sebastian Ironside is ahead by a mere 1 point. Arroyo and Malenko both tied for second trail him and are ready to take the lead at any moment. Below them Matt Thompson is also 2 points behind. 11 whole points behind is Preencarnacion. This is going to be very interesting to see who pulls through till the end of the season and wins the point race. Feel free to comment your pick for who will win it. Goals 1. Oyorra Arroyo (39GP 34G) @omgitshim 2. Matt Thompson (40GP 34G) @Beketov 3. Podrick Cast (40GP 26G) @Victor 4. Beau Louth (40GP 25G) @Beaviss 5. Edwin Preencarnacion (40GP 24G) @Tagger Oyorra and Matt are both tied for the lead but Oyorra has played 1 less game. Still a very close matchup between the two players. Below them is Podrick Cast at 26 Goals. He is only 1 goal ahead of Beau Louth who is ALSO a goal ahead of Ewdin Preencarnacion. This is a very tight race aswell and will be interesting to see who comes out on top. Assists 1. Robert Malenko (40GP 55A) @pennypenny 2. Sebastian Ironside (39GP 49A) @DollarAndADream 3. Joesph McWolf (39GP 35A) @McWolf 4. Oyorra Arroyo (39GP 34A) @omgitshim 5. Samuel Gate (40GP 32A) @street Robert Malenko dominates this category with 55 apples in 40 games. This is where Malenko gets the majority of his point's as a D-Man. Below him is Sebastian Ironside who has been very dominant this year and has 49 Assist. Then there is young Defenceman Joseph McWolf with 35 assists. McWolf has been having a great second year in the league and will be a great player for years to come. An assist below that is Arroyo who is on all 3 stat leaderboards. Having an amazing year is on pace for 125 points which will be his best season yet. Samuel Gate makes his first appearance with 32 Assists for Quebec this year. In all honestly I think Malenko will still have the most assists when the season ends but Ironside will be pretty close behind him. Goalie Stats (Minimum 20 Games Played) (Top 3 Only) Save Percentage 1. Norris Stopko (34GP 0.930 sv%) @Bushito 2. Tristan Iseult (38GP 0.922 sv%) @Arthur 3. Finn Davison (27GP 0.920 sv%) @Poptart Norris Stopko leading in save percentage as expected. 0.930% in his final year in the league is very good. He has been an amazing player through out his career and he is still showing it. Below him at 0.922%, Tristan Iseult is having a pretty good year. His 4th season in the league and he is still improving and is one of the best goalies in the league. Rookie goalie Finn Davison is showing that he has what it takes to play in the league. His save percentage is at 0.920%. No help from his teammates though since his team is absolutely horrible. He has faced 1000+ shots with a lot less games played than most starters. The kid has a bad team, but a bright future. GAA 1. Tristan Iseult (38GP 2.25GAA) @Arthur 2. Kallis Kriketers (40GP 2.35GAA) @hedgehog337 3. Norris Stopko (34GP 2.47GAA) @Bushito Tristan Iseult takes the lead in this category with a 2.25 Goals Against Average. Kallis Kriketers is putting up some great numbers for only his second year. Kallis is going to be a very good goalie in the near future. He has already shown he has what it takes. Norris Stopko takes #3 with his 2.47 GAA. Norris is a great goalie as I have said before and is showing it in this high scoring league. Shutouts 1. Alexander Pepper (40GP 5SO) @Sonnet 2. Kallis Kriketers (40GP 5SO) @hedgehog337 3. Brick Wahl (29GP 3SO) @BladeMaiden Alexander Pepper and Kallis Kriketers are both tied for shutouts at this point. 5 a piece with both of them at 40GP this is very even. Below them at 3 is Brick Wahl who is tied for the second place position with Ismond Kingfisher @Spade18. Calgary's rookie netminder has played 4 less games than Kingfisher though. Rookie Stats 1. Ryan Zabby (39GP 12G 20A 32P) @RyanZabby 2. Joel Ylonen (39GP 11G 19A 30P) @Esso2264 3. Rylan Peace (40GP 14G 14A 28P) @Peace 4. Jorgon Weyed (40GP 11G 16A 27P) @Joubo 5. Elias Dahlberg (40GP 16G 10A 26P) @Nykonax New York has some good rookies. Ryan Zabby and Joel Ylonen both from New York and only 2 points apart. Not only that New York also has young talent like Ryan Sullivan Jr. who was the first overall pick in the last VHL Draft. Bellow the two kids from New York this is Rylan Peace from Riga. 28 points in 40 GP he has had a good season so far. The 2 players behind him are Jorgon Weyed and Elias Dahlberg. Each 1 point behind each other in that order. Elias tore up the minors last year and at VSN we had expected him to do the same in the bigs. Unfortunately not. His recent drug addiction has made it difficult for him to compete with the other talent. And that concludes this article. Half way through the season it is quite a close race in almost every category. It'll be fun to see which team and player's pull ahead in their respective categories as the season moves on. 1,165 words. Claiming this week and next week.
  8. Let’s Get to Know Joe! VSN Interview- Nixon Showing Us All He Is A Goalie Worth Betting On. Weighing in at 150 pounds, the 6’3, 18-year-old goaltender for the Las Vegas Aces is beginning to make his mark on the VHLM. Joe Nixon @Bonzaijoea young and enthusiastic goaltender is just the spice the VHLM cooking pot needed. When Nixon stepped into the VSN studio to do this interview he was all smiles, the kid literally has a gin that go from ear to ear. Nixon was offered all kinds of specialty beverage, but it didn’t go unnoticed by our staff that all he accepted was a regular cup of joe, it is like he wanted us to make the pun! The interview started off on a light note with an inquiry as to what is the locker room atmosphere is like in Vegas. Nixon’s face lit up with excitement as he answered, “It's unbelievable. We're a winning team with a winning culture in a winning city. Everyone here is great, the team is performing well, everyone on the squad is gelling together and getting along. It's a crazy cool atmosphere that can only be experienced. Everyone is getting along and it's showing in our Win Loss record. We're a good team with good potential and everyone in that room knows it.” It is obvious that Vegas is doing well this season and that you have a strong team Kevin Weekes @Lefty has done a lot of the heavy lifting as the starting goaltender thus far rumor on the streets is that you, Joe Nixon, are going to be the starting goalie for Vegas. I then asked if he could expand on those rumors. “I'm crazy blessed to have a coach and GM who believe in me. I've worked extremely hard and I plan on getting all the experience I can before going to the VHL. No disrespect to Kevin. He's an insane goaltender putting up huge numbers, but the staff believes in me and that's just crazy to me. It's a great feeling for me and I'm hoping to do the best I can on that ice night in and night out to help my team win. I've been working hard and I don't know if I really belong in the starter spot just yet with how Kevin has been playing but I really appreciate what the staff has been expressing to me.” I respond by telling Joe that he is obviously a talented goalie and that if Vegas Management is saying he deserves his shot then there is no doubt about it because Vegas has a long history of knowing what goalies preform well and getting them to Vegas one way or another. This next question brings us from looking at where you currently are to look ahead, towards the future. I asked Nixon about what he thinks of the lack of Goalie spots in the VHL. “It's a challenge, for sure, but I'm welcoming it. With rumors of expansions, maybe it'll open up a little? Or maybe I'm just optimistic. I've been reached out to by my Aces GM asking if I'd like to stay under the cap to retain VHLM eligibility for next season due to the lack of spots and that's exactly what I plan on doing. This Vegas squad is great and I love this team with all my heart. If I can stay another year to wait for a goalie spot in the VHL to open up for me, I gladly will without a doubt. I'll work my way up eventually but for now I just gotta ride the VHLM wave. I'm here to stay, Vegas.” Next on the list was seeing who Nixon’s Favorite VHL Goalies are. Nixon had a interesting two prong answer to this question. “Kriketers @hedgehog337was amazing in last season's finals. He's an amazing goalie and I look up to his numbers and his ability greatly when conducting myself as a goalie. He's my favorite goalie in terms of play style. In terms of character, I'd love to be friends with Stoffiday @Stoffiday. Have you heard that man's podcast? It sounds like he'd invite you in and feed you dinner with southern hospitality. What a guy.” It is unsurprising that Stoffiday’s southern charm would appeal to this like minded good-natured goalie. With some time and development, it is a real possibility that Nixon could be joining these elite goaltenders and battling it out with the best of them in the VHL one day soon. As there has been a lot of talk about rivalries this season I thought I would ask Joe a question on the topic. Especially because of all the back and forth going on in the VHLM. Nixon was able to answer the question easily. “Ottawa for sure is my main rival when looking at this season. Those games have been damn good and each one of them have been relatively heated. The players are into it, the staff is into it, and everyone knows it. These two teams just wanna win over the other and it shows when we're on the ice” You can see the passion in his eyes when Nixon talks about wanting to win, you can really see the net-minder’s drive is hardwired into his system, there is no doubt why Jubo @Jubo07 has decided to make him the main goalie for Vegas, who could deny this kids potential? Speaking of Jubo, the next interview question asked Nixon what he thought of his GM In Las Vegas. Nixon responded with out any hesitation and exuberantly stated, “He's great. It's so cool, as I said earlier, that he's put all this belief and trust into me as a young player. He's put together and amazing Vegas squad who are getting along so well, it's really really hard to criticize his moves and signings this season, because it's pretty much all worked. He's a personable dude and working with him has been outstanding.” At this point I informed Joe that this would be the last formal question I would be asking him today. Joe almost seemed disappointed when I told him that, he seemed to really be enjoying the interview process. I then followed up by asking my question about who Nixon considered to be his “Best Bro” in the league. Nixon again answered the question cheerfully and with lightning speed, might have even been as quick as famous glove saves on the ice. “Kevin Weekes without a doubt. He's a great goaltender putting up huge numbers, he's a great guy, a cool dude to hang out with and train with, and taking his starting job sometimes hurts a little but he knows I've been putting in work and is proud of me and I couldn't ask any more from a bro like that. Super cool dude, definitely my top bro.” It was at this point when I asked Nixon if he would be willing to answer some fun questions for the fans. He responded with another ear to ear smile and stated “I can’t wait” For the Fans! Favorite Colour: Green! Player # 17 Do you do anything for good luck before a game? Always! I have super strict rituals that I never mess up. I have the same spot on the bench, I put all my pads on the exact same way, and get there the exact same time. Since day 1! Do you have pets? A Husky named Snowball! Love him to death! Best Post games Tweet you ever made? "He'll stop those shots any week " After a Weekes shutout hahaha What do you do for fun outside hockey? Bowling! Call me Mookie Betts I guess because if I wasn't here I might be in the PBA. Bowling has always been my second sport and I've never stopped loving it just as much as hockey. (1298)
  9. VHLM: Scoped Jan 6 - Jan 13 Games 43 - 91 Nyko's Message Week two of the VHLM! This week has seen some changes in the standings and rosters. Not going to make this message very long because I'll go into more detail within the segments, but the overall format will be staying the same, except for one addition, and once again if you got any ideas to improve this series let me know PS: The Trades as of Jan 14th will be on the next segment cause I'm lazy. But the trades that happened on Jan 14th are included as part of the power rankings. Trade Center This week was an active week of trades, with lots of players and picks exchanging hands. Even a bit of a controversy (if you can call it that) happened this week. With the trade deadlines looming in the distance trading will certainly pick up as teams realize what they need for the playoffs, and what they can lose to make it happen. As with last times segment I'll go over each of the trades, and give my opinion on who I think won the deal. LVA/SSK Las Vegas receives: Curtis Gary S65 SSK 3rd S66 SSK 4th Saskatoon receives: Cal Davidson S65 LVA 1st S66 LVA 2nd This trade is interesting, seeing a player and 2 picks swapped between each team. This season Cal Davidson has 4 goals and an assist for 5 points on the season, a huge improvement over his 0 last one. He is an inactive though who last updated in November, so he may not be coming back anytime soon. Curtis Gary on the other hand is an over point per game player, with 13 goals and 20 assists for 33 points this season. With Saskatoon 5th in the standings it looks like they will be selling, and they received the 1st and 2nd for a rebuild, while Vegas paid for a rental who can help them win the cup. Personally I think Saskatoon won this trade. HFX/SSK Halifax receives: Anton Edvin S65 SSK 7th Saskatoon receives: S65 HFX 5th S66 HFX 2nd Saskatoon once again selling a player and a pick for more picks for a rebuild. Edvin has 37 points in 24 games this season, with the majority being goals. Saskatoon received a later round pick and then a 2nd next season. Halifax acquired Edvin too boost themselves this season and compete with Vegas for top place in the standings, and during the playoffs. Bana (I think) didn't notice the trade when it happened though, and unfortunately Edvin wasn't on HFX for 2 sims or so, but I think its all good now, so we'll see how this trade plays out over the next week. I think Halifax won this trade, as they didn't give up too much for a quality player. SSK/OSL Saskatoon receives: Finn Schaefer S65 OSL 4th S66 OSL 4th Oslo receives: Burnt Toast S65 SSK 6th Saskatoon once again making moves, this time with Oslo though. Oslo is acquiring VHLM star defensemen Burnt Toast, who at 74 tpe is point per game this season, and has been his past two.(shows how a build can affect points, and not just tpe) Toast has 34 points, with 29 of them being assists this season. Saskatoon in exchange receives two fourths and Finn Schaefer, a 30 tpe inactive who has 5 points this season. This season's favourites Oslo had to change up some stuff as they are in fourth, and by acquiring a point per game defensemen this may help boost themselves in the standings. I Think Saskatoon won this trade, as those 4th's can definitely turn into something good with some good scouting. Milestones Milestones are recognized throughout sports, when a rookie scores his first goal he keeps the puck. Players are celebrated when they hit 100 goals, 1,000 games, 50 shutouts. Just like's milestone watch, I'm going to be do something similar, where I take the players and show how close they are to hitting a special VHLM milestone. Points 1. @Eparker24 4 from 100 2. Finn Schaefer just hit 100 3. @Thranduil John Madden 3 from 100 Goals 1. @DilIsPickle 9 from 50 2. Nikita Flipachyev 6 from 100 3. @NathanN just hit 50 Assists 1. @Eparker24 26 from 100 2. Smitty Werbenmanjagerjensen 16 from 50 3. Nathan MacKinnon 20 from 150 Wins/Shutouts Coming Later (Can't access goalie stats) Games of the Week The VHLM is full of many interesting, exciting, and just plain out weird games. Some games are blowouts, some are high scoring, and some games are very tight. This part of the segment will highlight the 3 games which I think were the best games during the whole week. If you disagree with me, post your top 3 games in the comment section. Game 46 SSK vs LVA This game was pure show of offensive power from Vegas. With a final score 8-1 there was no stopping Vegas here. Vegas bursted out in the first period, scoring 5 goals, with 2 coming from Nathan N and another two from Orion Slade. Burnt Toast did open the game though with Saskatoon's lone goal of the game. In the second Chance Matthews notched his 6th of the season. Finally in the 3rd Vegas added an extra two goals, and kept Sask to 0 shots that period. Game 55 OTT vs SSK Saskatoon once gets blownout again (I'm starting to see a pattern here) but this time by the Lynx. The Lynx are currently one place above the Wild in the standings, but after this game it looks like they should be way above Sask (limits of the VHLM I guess). Ottawa, like Vegas burst out in the first period, lighting the lamp 5 times on goaltender Justin Cole (poor guy). Draper struck first 2 mins 38 seconds into the period, and opened the floodgates, with Smitty Werbenjagermanjensen (holy crap that's long --- that's what she said) scoring 4 minutes later, and Kyson Blake scoring 16 seconds after Smitty. Shawn Mendes potted his third of the season, and Kyson Blake got his second of the game after Mendes. 38 seconds into the second Mendes also notched his second of the night, and Justin Cole was pulled out of the game. The rest of the period was silent, and 4 mins into the 3rd Stropko Jr. scored the game winner. JB Rift grabbed a shutout, and Mendes and Gritty both had 4 point nights Game 91 LVA vs OTT This game, while not a blowout like the others, was still a close and hard fought hockey game by two rival teams. In the first period Eric Parker striked 48 seconds in, but then the rest of the period was a snooze. Period two was where the action was at though. 6:31 into the period McDavid put LVA up 2-0. But Ottawa fought back and after 3 goals in 5 minutes (all on the powerplay) they were up 3-2. The 3rd periopd was where Vegas was able to tie it up off of a goal by Mitch Matthews. After the final buzzer this game was going to overtime. After a boring overtime with no goals intense overtime this one was going to a shootout. Gary - Stopped Blake - Stopped Baillie - Stopped Allman - Miss Materazo - Goal! All on Katie Warren now, she goes in. Makes a move.... and loses the puck. @ShawnGlade retire her. ^ Actual footage from Katie Warren's shootout attempt Players of the Week 1. Justin Cole Justin Cole had an insane week full of ups and downs. Often he would be stopping upwards of 40 shots a night, while his defense let him down, but after a stunning last 2 performances I had to give him this star. Game 100 vs the Ottawa Lynx - a team that had just blown Sask out that week. Cole stopped 39 shots to allow Saskatoon to get a 3-0 win. The next game on the same night he stopped 32 shots from the Oslo Storm, a team that has offensive powers Diljodh Starload and Carles Puigdemont. 2. Dan Baillie This week HC Davos Dynamo prospect Dan Baillie was able to put himself up ontop of the points chart. He gained 37 points this week, but also excelled on the defensive side, improving his +/- to a league leading +27. 3. Bolt Vanderhuge Vanderhuge is the leading defensemen in points this year, but is also top 3 in hits, and top 3 in points league wide. The defensemen improved on his points this week by adding an additional 25 points, with 9 of them being goals. The Riga Prospect has been one of the reasons why Halifax is one of the top teams in the league right now, and he shows no signs of slowing down. Power Rankings Last Week 1. Halifax 2. Vegas 3. Ottawa 4. Saskatoon 5. Oslo 6. Yukon This Week 1. Las Vegas Aces +1 2. Ottawa Lynx +1 3. Halifax 21st -2 4. Saskatoon Wild 5. Oslo Storm 6. Yukon Rush Standings 1. Las Vegas Aces +1 2. Halifax 21st -1 3. Ottawa Lynx 4. Oslo Storm 5. Saskatoon Wild 6. Yukon Rush 1542 words, claiming 1/27, 2/3, 2/10
  10. Hey! My name is Dil and today I will be starting one of my new 2 series. I will be doing both a mock draft and Memedex bi weekly. In the mock draft I will obviously be ranking my picks for the upcoming VHL draft. The memedex will be a massive shitpost full of VHL related memes created by both me and other users in the VHL. Here is the first mock draft: Mock Draft 1. Carles Puigdemont C | 6'3" | 220 lb. | Age: 18 | TPE: 215 @Eudaldkp Still quite early but It is pretty obvious who the two candidates for 1st overall are. Carles is definitely one of them. Already at 215 tpe, this kid can do a lot of things. This season in the minors he has been tearing it up. 37 points in 26 games, is quite a record for this young player. He is playing on a stacked Oslo team who has been struggling lately but his stats don't show it. He was drafted 1st Overall in the VHLM dispersal draft for a reason. He is already at 80 passing and 80 scoring at the cap and will be banking tons of tpe before he reaches the bigs where he will make a massive splash. 2. Smitty Werbenjagermanjensen D | 6'3" | 220lb. | Age: 25 | TPE: 180 @flyersfan1453 Smitty is the second candidate who I stated earlier could go 1st overall. I have him at 2nd for now since I think Carles is still a better pick at this point. Smitty has had quite the year so far as he has put up 31 points in 26 games as a defenceman. He still has 20 tpe left to allocate before he hits the cap and if done wisely he will become an even better player. Both Carles and Smitty have separated themselves from the rest of the pack and are the two top players in the draft. 3. Dallas Jones D | 6'4" | 205 lb. | Age: 16 | TPE: 153 @Trifecta Dallas Jones goes at third overall at this point. Another big D-Man expected to go in the top 3. Dallas has allocated his tpe almost evenly in most of his categories and become a well rounded defenceman. Currently playing for the Oslo Storm, he has put up 15 points in 26 games. He has an good +/- of 15. He is defensively responsible and can also help out on both the powerplay and penalty kill as he has for Oslo this season. I think he can be a safe bet for third overall. 4. Brady Stropko Jr. D | 6'3" | 225 lb. | Age: 19 | TPE: 140 @Bushito Brady Stropko Jr. has some big shoes to fill due to coming after Norris Stopko and Jasper Canmore. This draft seems to have a lot of great defensive prospects because here is another one. Not only is this kid huge and good defensively, he has 80 scoring already so you can expect him to rip a puck. He has put up 17 points in 21 games with a +/- of 12. Currently I have him at fourth but I am expecting him to rocket up the rankings in the near future. 5. Gritty C | 6'3" | 197 lb. | Age: 19 | TPE: 144 @eaglesfan036 This orange creature is a pretty good player. 31 points in 26 games with a +/- of 10. Another stud from Ottawa who can put up points. Gritty has a pretty good shot, decent defensively, and a good puck handler. He doesn't excel in a certain category but is a really well rounded player. 6. Viktor Kozlov C | 6'8" | 220 lb. | Age: 19 | HALIFAX TPE: 115 @Kuch9 Oh my god. There are some huge people in this draft but this kid is MASSIVE. This absolute GOON can still put up points. 23 points and a +/- in 26 games. He is pretty fast and really tough. He is absolutely horrible offensively but I have no clue how he puts up the numbers he has. Currently have him at 6th but could go up or down later in the season. 7. Joe Nixon G | 6'3" | 150 lb. | Age: 19 | TPE: 144 @Bonzaijoe This kid is playing under the show of Kevin Weekes. Kevin is an amazing goaltender putting up AMAZING stats so its tough for this kid to get playing time. He has played only 5 games this season and lost 3 of them. SV% of 0.841 and a GAA of 2.80. Nothing special but he has a ton of potential. If given the opportunity to play games I think this kid could become something special but unfortunately he isn't getting that opportunity in Vegas. Other than that it is also a pretty tough league for goalies so he might drop even lower depending on how the need for goalies grows since there is rumours of expansion. 8. Orion Slade C | 6'8" | 225 lb. | Age: 18 | TPE: 102 @BluObieZ Orion is a pretty good player already. At only 102 tpe he has 23 points in 26 games. He has a pretty good shot and a is a pretty good passer. He can carry the puck well too. He is a well rounded player. You can't go wrong picking this kid anywhere in the late 1st round but early on I think we have him at 8th. That concluded the mock draft. The next one will be out 2 weeks from now. Until then look forward to other VSN articles and podcasts coming your way.
  11. VSN Exclusive - Getting to Know Davos’ New Bad Boy Elias Dahlberg There are a lot of different personalities that make it to the VHL. It can be said that the common thread that holds the league together is the love of the sport. For some players it is the inner drive to be the best at the game they love, while other players are in it for the glory, fame or money. Today VSN shines a light on perhaps one of the interesting characters to be drafted into the VHL. He plays for the HC Davos Dinamos and has Ambitions that are as big as his mouth, which is admittedly always wide open ready to spit chirps at anyone within earshot. The Team here at VSN though it would be interesting to check in with Dahlberg who was a big fish in the little pond of the VHLM last season, but who is now a minnow in the shark infested waters of the VHL. Dahlberg in his usual fashion has come equipped with nothing but his ego, a few witty chips and his dazzling smile. Just before we started the interview Dahlberg winked in my direction “This is your lucky day doll face, I’m going to give the you the best interview of the ages.” With that typical Dahlberg comment and a an exasperated eyeroll from myself the interview had begun. To start the interview off I asked Elias how he was enjoying being in Davos. With his typical confident smirk, he replied “I really enjoy Davos. It's a nice and quiet city compared to the bustling city of Ottawa and reminds me more of home. The chocolate and cheese are very nice too.” Elias has a history of substance use and recently went to rehab. ShawnGlade made the young player agree to go to rehab before being allowed to play in Davos. Dahlberg was next asked if he though rehab had worked for him. His reply was as follows “Yes, I've replaced my drug addiction with a chocolate one (swiss chocolate is damn good)” As if to prove his point Dahlberg took a chocolate out of the candy dish on my desk quickly unwrapped it and popped it in his mouth. The next topic we breached was on rivals. The Dahlberg vs. Wahl Rivalry has been one for the ages with many chirps flying back and forth between the two spirited spitfire players. Dahlberg is famously known for his criticism of both Wahl’s personal life, specifically his relationship with VHLM hot shot @EudaldkpCharles Puigdemont , and his overall goalie skills. Wahl who has never been the type to back down from an over opinionated egomaniac, often gives Dahlberg a good hard reality check with his quick cutting comments. So what is going on with this rivalry now? Dalberg responded, “I don't know how I can be rivals with someone who doesn't even play (Wahl has played many games, Dahlberg is overlooking facts yet again to feed his sense of superiority). But yes he's still my rival, but I've made some new ones with @Esso2264Ylonen and @PeacePeace.” When talking about his rivals skills Dahlberg is dismissive and states that time will show that he is the superior player, destined for the Hall of Fame. The next question that I asked Dahlberg was who he considered to be his best friend in Davos. Dahlberg paused to think for a second before replying, “Well, not really on the roster but more in the system. I'd say John Madden @Thranduil is my best friend, I played against him in the VHLM and we hang out whenever I'm in Canada or he's in Europe. On the actual team this season though I would say @StoffidayStoffiday, he's always real kind and humble and all around makes the whole team feel good.” I think it is important to not that many Davos players have mentioned that they enjoy playing with Rhett Stoffiday for that reason as well and it is nice to see that he can meld with even the most radical personalities, it is no wonder they call him the heart of Davos. Next Dalberg teased me asking if I actually had any hard questions for him today, because apparently my last few questions have been snooze worthy. I cocked an eyebrow up at the insinuation that my questions have not been up to snuff. I dryly ask Elias what he thinks of his team’s potential for the rest of the season. “Well, Shawn has said that this is a tank year, we obviously have good potential coming up, but this year as some of the rookies like me and Jerwa are still developing, and some of the vets are aging we won't compete like the other top teams, but we can still play some good and entertaining hockey” He spoke with a confidence and exuberance that showed his love of being out on the ice and preforming for the fans. Next question Dahlberg answered for myself and the VSN Crew was what he thought of Davos GM @ShawnGladeShawn Glade. Dahlberg seemed to be expecting this answer as he opened with a joke, “I think Shawn is incompetent and should be fired.” He laughed deeply and smiled, then added “Just kidding, Shawn's done great, especially considering its his first year GMing in the bigs. He's made some nice trades and has had a good control on the team.” An Extra Dose of Elias Dahlberg, for The Fans. Fav Color: Purple for Davos (This gives off the impression that his favorite colour will change with the teams he plays for) Player #: 69 (He wiggled his eyebrows suggestively as he told us we should know why) Why your fans love me: Cause I'm the best and hottest player in the league Nicest for He’s Done for A Fan: This one time I spent a day with this make a wish kid named Dil @DilIsPickle, he was pretty cool and we had a load of fun. Rhett Stoffiday told a Different version of the story saying “Good lord, He took Dil to McDonald's and ditched him in the ball pit...I was there” Music That Pumps Him Up: Mo Bamba Dahlberg Ranks Top and Bottom 3 players in the VHL: Top 3 in order, 1. Dahlberg, 2. Podrick Cast @Victor, 3.Joseph McWolf @McWolfWorst 3 players: In order 1. Brick Wahl, 2. Rylan Peace, 3. Jake Davis @Josh.
  12. VHLM: Scoped Dec 30 - Jan 5 Games 1 - 42 Nyko's Message VHLM: Scoped was a series that @Banackock ran last season, that I thoroughly enjoyed, but he discontinued it after the second segment. I asked him if I could continue it this season and he allowed me. So this will be a weekly segment on VSN that'll highlight milestones, games, and players. Last season I graduated from the VHLM and even though I'm not there anymore, I still love to pay attention to how my former team (Ottawa represent) is doing, and how the rookies there are playing. If you got any ideas for what I could add to this to make it more interesting let me know. Original VHLM Scoped Trade Center Trades are an important part of hockey, and definitely an important part of the VHLM. With teams usually on being competitive for one season (except Ottawa) most teams will either buy or sell during the season, usually contenders buying players to be on their team for a year to win a championship, and sellers trading those players for picks, to become competitive the next season. This week had only one trade, but a pretty big one that made people go "what the hell is @diamond_ace doing. The trade was between the Ottawa Lynx and Las Vegas Aces, who have established an intense rivalry this season so it was odd to see them do business. Ottawa Receives: Shawn Mendes Vegas Receives: Chance Matthews S65 OTT 4th This was a very peculiar trade on d_a's part. He traded Chance Matthews, an inactive 162 TPE veteran who had 101 points last season (because he was playing with me) for Shawn Mendes another seemingly inactive player who had 148 TPE and 52 points last season. On top of this ace throws in a 4th round pick with it. So on paper it looks like diamond_ace (Ottawa's GM) is trading a better player and a draft pick, for a worse player and no pick. But d_a had something up his sleeve. He knew Shawn Mendes from another sim league, and he was able to get him to claim welfare and practice facility, for a total of 8 TPE, and Mendes will probably claim the same next week, making this trade look like a huge win in d_a's favor. We'll see how this trade plays out throughout the season, but for now ace looks like he won that trade. Milestones Milestones are recognized throughout sports, when a rookie scores his first goal he keeps the puck. Players are celebrated when they hit 100 goals, 1,000 games, 50 shutouts. Just like's milestone watch, I'm going to be do something similar, where I take the players and show how close they are to hitting a special VHLM milestone Points 1. Nathan N - 4 points from 100 points 2. Dan Baillie - 5 points away from 50 points 3. Curtis Gary - 40 points away from 100 points Goals 1. Nathan N - 7 goals from 50 goals 2. Nathan MacKinnon - 15 goals from 75 goals 3. Diljodh 19 goals from 50 goals Assists 1. Jagger Philliefan - Just hit 50 assists 2. Burnt Toast - 31 assists from 150 assists 3. Bolt Vanderhuge - 32 assists from 50 assists Wins 1. JB Rift - 8 wins away from 25 wins 2. Divaani Sohva - 9 wins away from 25 wins 3. Kevin Weekes 33 wins away from 100 wins Games of the Week The VHLM is full of many interesting, exciting, and just plain out weird games. Some games are blowouts, some are high scoring, and some games are very tight. This part of the segment will highlight the 3 games which I think were the best games during the whole week. If you disagree with me, post your top 3 games in the comment section. 1. Game 14 - Saskatoon Wild vs. Halifax 21st This game was very high scoring, its almost as if both GM's just went "Screw defense, we gotta score." and put the offensive setting on their lines to 5. Saskatoon struck hard in the first period, scoring 4 goals to Halifax's 2, but Halifax rallied back, this time scoring 4 in the second and only allowing Saskatoon to pot 2 goals. In the third period both teams decided defense may actually be important, and the Halifax 21st were able to sneak past one against goaltender Justin Cole. The final combined shot total was 84, with the goalie's stats not looking so good. 2. Game 26 - Oslo Storm vs. Yukon Rush Oslo storm on paper is the powerhouse team this season. After tanking all of last season and acquiring numerous picks, they cleaned up at the draft, taking many of the top stars. These stars were on show tonight against the not-so-good Rush, who had a strong S63 but their players graduated last season, putting them in take mode this one. Oslo made a mockery of Yukon this game. They came out strong in the first period, their new star Carles Puigdemont scored 2 goals this period, and Dallas Jones contributed the third, putting them up 3-0 going into the second. Carles Puigdemont completed the hatrick in the second, scoring the only goal of the period. In the final period Oslo was able to score 2 more, putting them past the Rush 6-0. 3. Game 42 - Halifax 21st vs. Saskatoon Wild Halifax and Saskatoon are featured again on the list, and while this game wasn't high scoring, it wasn't a low scoring one either. The best word to describe it would be close. This game went to a shootout after a good performance by Madden, scoring 3 points which included 2 goals. Saskatoon brought it back from 2-0 in the first period, scoring 3 goals within 5 minutes. But Halifax scored 2 more and kept the lead at one. In the third period Anderson LaVey scores 5 minutes in, allowing for overtime. Overtime is dead silent and this one goes to a shootout. The fans are all on there feet, hoping for a hero to win the shootout for them, and that hero was there for Saskatoon, the one, the only, Anderson LaVey. Players of the Week 1. Dan Ballie - 23 points, 10 goals, 13 assists, 34 hits Baillie was traded midway through the week to Davos, but this clearly hasn't affected his play this week. He was leading the league in points for most of the week until recently, where he's 2 points out of the lead. But what makes him the #1 player this week is his P/20, which is the highest in the league at 1.44. 2. Eric Parker - 22 points, 6 goals, 16 assists, 25 hits, 23 SB's Eric Parker is leading all defensemen in points this season, and is also in the top 10 for points, assists, and shots blocked. He's been Vegas' top defender this season and hasn't been afraid to throw the body or get infront of the puck. He's been potent on the powerplay along with Baillie, and has 3 powerplay assists and 3 powerplay goals. 3. Carles Puigdemont - 24 points, 12 goals, 12 assists, +20 Carles was the first overall pick of the VHLM draft last season, and its no suprise that he's been strong for Oslo this season with 24 total points. He's also played a defensively sound game with a +20. He scored a hatrick in the blowout against Oslo and has won 52% of his faceoffs, giving his team the instant advantage of having the puck more often than not Power Rankings Last Week Later This Week 1. Halifax 2. Vegas 3. Ottawa 4. Saskatoon 5. Oslo 6. Yukon Standings 1. Halifax 2. Vegas 3. Ottawa 4. Oslo 5. Saskatoon 6. Yukon 1288 words Claiming week ending 12 and week ending 19
  13. Evan R. Lawson Just Got Popped, In a good way! Toronto Legion have released that there will be a limited edition pop figure of Evan R. Lawson Available to Fans that attend home games in Toronto. This special edition figure features Lawson in the teams away jersey. Another version with Lawson in his home jersey will be made available at the same time. However the away game version will only be available in limited quantities at home games, while the home jersey version will be available throughout Canada. Rumor has it that as part of this merchandise deal Lawson asked for a handful of both versions so that he could send them home to his family in the States, and of course have few to place in his trophy case. @diamond_ace This is for you!
  14. Newly Released VHL Limited Edition Ryuu Crimson Pop! Vinyl The VHL collaboration with VSN would like to announce that the next player to be preserved in plastic will be none other than the self-proclaimed Weirdest Left Winger in the VHL and S63 Continental Cup Champion Ryuu Crimson @SlapshotDragon! Something tells me that this figure of the Continental Cup Champion will be flying off the shelves and will quickly become a collectors item, so get yours while you can.
  15. Rhett Stoffiday (Limited Edition POP! Vinyl) The VHL(M), VSN, and POP! Have teamed up to make Limited Edition VHL POP figurines. This is part of our BRANDED segments which aims at creating more content that focuses on brands, advertisements and merchandise that are VHL(M) related. @Stoffiday If you would like to see your player Immortalized in plastic leave a comment below (Players will be chosen at random).