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Chicago has zoomed passed another 72-game season with success. The team is at it’s highest and players morale are sky high. Chicago clinched the 1st seed in the North America conference and is currently playing against the Seattle Bears.


Last season when Chicago made it to the conference finals, Seattle was very vocal about their disappointment. Chicago was the underdog, underestimated by all playoff eligible teams and the entire league. However, they proved haters wrong and made it far. Disappointing elite teams that looked down on them. Chicago has changed so much in terms of quality of play, atmosphere and locker room environment. With more and more players dawning the Phoenix jerseys, the team is at its peak.


The hub that brings everyone together. The team really popped off when Mingle and L joined the team in the draft. They didn’t take long to be close friends with Socks and then came Downey. As time went by, the chemistry that the group had seeped onto the ice. No one is going to be excluded when you’re part of the Chicago Phoenix. The team changes a person and brings out a part of you that you yourself, never knew existed.



Team had its ups and downs but we pushed through and topped the conference. Celebrations in the arena after our final game of the regular season. WE DID IT! Ending the season with a 3 game win streak is the right way to get into the playoff groove. The team worked hard for this season. Not just training but also patience. Players understood that the team was new and needed time to grow and improve to be competitive. And here we are. 4 seasons after the birth of the Chicago Phoenix and the chance to see Geoffrey Dee be a GM again after his tenure in Helsinki!


Mr. Dee values the players personality as much or even more than the players capabilities. When a GM drafts a player that has a good personality, the locker room becomes a better and less toxic place. An important factor when it comes to team likeability. Free agents or players don’t mind getting traded to Chicago. Great examples are players like Robin Winter and Kyl Oferson. Not only they come in as skilled players, they act as great mentors for prospects or rookies. Chicago makes people stay and there’s no need for me to explain why because you know why.


The break in between for the wildcard games were very helpful. The team gathered for trainings, gym sessions and meals. We were getting ready to face our first round rivals, the Seattle Bears.


Update: We have successfully eliminated the Bears! The series has been fire and competitive at least for Chicago’s end. The series was nerve recking. Each sim ended with a draw which just proves that there are two great caliber teams fighting for a spot. Not only that, it shows that Chicago has not just maintained but improved on it’s teamplay. Players like Syreck continue to shine with multi-point games that help pushed Chicago pass Seattle. Defensive pros like Socks, R and Brandt have helped the team shutdown the offensive power of Seattle. It was a good series Seattle but bring on Vanpoover!


PS. Maybe my last media spot ever.

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2 hours ago, Blazzer said:

Mr. Dee

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2 hours ago, Blazzer said:

bring on Vanpoover

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2 hours ago, Blazzer said:

PS. Maybe my last media spot ever.

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