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The Yukon Boy Gets the Yukon Job


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Well, to say I was shocked would be an understatement.


After eating dinner and coming back to my computer to about 50 discord messages and forum pings, I figured I dun goofed and got myself into a load of trouble. But then I seen that it was mostly people saying congratulations and I was even more confused. But then I realized that I must have gotten the Yukon Rush GM job, and it was confirmed when I seen the GM confirmation thread.


Like I said, to say I was shocked wouldn't really suffice. Not only were there quite a few candidates that I know applied and I figured were way ahead of me due to their experience, longevity, and overall their activity in the community, but I only applied for the Yukon job as a "well, this is my only shot" type application. As a few people already know, I'm actually from the Yukon, and when it comes to Management jobs I only wanted to apply for spots I feel that were well suited for myself. This is why I went to the Mexico City Kings under Hylands as I've heard nothing but good things about him and he's now become one of the best people I know from the VHL.


So knowing my limited experience in a management role and myself applying for the Yukon job as I knew this might be my only chance at GM'ing my hometown team of sorts, I had little expectations of hitting that final goal of getting the confirmation I've received the position, despite seriously wanting the job. So to actually get the call on this is mind-blowing to me, and although there is still some shock, as well as the first-time GM jitters, I want to do the best with the opportunity given.


I am seriously grateful for getting the position, and I'll make sure to do the best I can to lead the Rush to become a fantastic VHLM team.

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