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At the start of the season Justin Lose said that he would win the rookie of the year. Finishing 5th in the rookie scoring, Justin Lose didn’t live up to his hype at the start of the season. To give Lose some credit for this season, he did make a great comeback at the 2nd half of the season after his slow start. We caught up with Justin Lose during the off season to get some updates from him.


Interviewer: Hello Justin! Thank you for taking time to sit down with me. I know you have been very busy training already for next season.

Lose: Yes, thank you for inviting me. I’m just trying to get peak performance before the season starts.


I: Can you talk about what you have been up to?

L: I don’t want to give too much away, but I have been working on both sides of the ice. My main focus has been the defense side though. I want to be a reliable player on the ice and have a positive impact. If I can’t work with the defense to keep the puck out, I’ll be a one dimensional player.


I: Do you think you were a one dimensional player last season?

L: I tried not to, but I think I was. I was average at best in the offensive zone and a liability when it crossed into my own zone. It was my biggest weakness.


I: What positives can you take away from this past season?

L: I think the biggest take away was the fact that I finally got in a scoring groove at the end of the season. Just being able to be somewhat consistent was so nice.


I: Let’s talk about your play-in series versus Prague. How was it to get some VHL playoff experience?

L: The battle level in the play-in was astronomical compared to what I was used to in the VHLM playoffs. I think the intensity was only matched by the VHLM finals and this was the play-in. I can only imagine what making it deeper in the playoffs will be like.


I: Are you happy with the team's performance in the playoffs?

L: It sucks to lose in the play-in, but the fact that we even made it is a great accomplishment. I think we all owe our GM a lot of credit for putting together such a competitive squad after going into a rebuild last season.


I: Thank you so much for your time. Any final thoughts before we end the interview?

L: Thanks again for the invite. I’m glad I got to talk about the season and the future. To all of the Riga fans out there, hold on. We are a young team and we have shown the league that we can make it to the big dance. Don’t write us off. We will only get better!


To put this into perspective, Lose is in the last season of his current contract. Most of the Riga lineup is also coming off their rookie contracts at the same time. Will this be the final season on Lose in Riga or will he take a team friendly contract? Only time will tell.

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Solid look at your offseason, could use abit less bold the whole way to help the eyes. Along with some pictures. 


Hopefully all your hard work pays off, and you can really turn into a solid player for your team. Riga might have another gem on their hands. Which is unfortunate for the rest of the league hoping they dont pan out.



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