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Bold Predictions


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Apparently the players in the VHL were given the chance to have a friendly competition and put predictions at the start of the season. Everyone was given a sheet to fill out their picks for each trophy and cup winner. This is all for fun and bragging rights at the end of the season of course. Nothing to be taken too seriously… unless you are Justin Lose and you won your prediction pool versus all of the Riga players on his team. In fact Lose beat every player in the VHL with his predictions in getting 11 correct!


“You know it's a fun little game we all play. The winner gets bragging rights for next season. I didn’t expect to win the predictions to be honest. I’m as shocked as anyone else. Now I have to defend my title this season. I’m sure I won’t go back to back. I’ll give it my best shot though!”


In a twist that no one saw coming, Lose didn’t put himself as the Rookie of the year winner. He instead put Red Lite as the victor, who won the trophy. When I interviewed Lose for a statement about winning the pool I also brought this up.


“Funny story, I actually originally put myself as the winner. I later changed it on the last day of the predictions to Red Lite. Obviously I wanted to hype myself up for the new season and new team. I knew that Red Lite was going to light it up (pun intended) and take it home though. I wanted to be at least in the running which I kind of did by placing 5th in rookie scoring.”

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