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Going Home


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Going Home


Going home, for most people, is something we are seemingly driven to do.  What pulls us back to our roots.  It could be, in part, the family that we have and the corresponding emotional ties.  It could be reconnecting with old friends and colleagues.  Perhaps it is revisiting childhood places and the memories that those places evoke.  Or is it merely a general feeling of nostalgia?  There is also a train of thought that suggests the trajectory of our lives is sort of like moving from one room into another with no room being the same.  So we are driven to see what is beyond the next door.  Whatever the cause, Isau decided to return to Swords for a visit during the off-season.  After disembarking in Toronto from the airliner from Frankfurt (there is no direct flight to Riga), Isau collected his bike from long-term storage and was off to Swords.



On arriving in Swords, Isau immediately went to visit his parents whom he hadn’t seen for more than a year.  The reunion was as these reunions go with Doris (Isau’s mom) checking her hockey player son for missing teeth and new scars.  Somewhat later, after enjoying Doris’ “Fabulous Chicken Dinner”, Isau was relaxing with his dad, Fred, on the front porch.  Both men were tipped back on old kitchen chairs, sipping some of the “Good Stuff” and appreciating the quiet dark evening.  


Fred asked, “So, do you think it was preordained that you would be playing hockey way over there in Europe ?  I been thinking a lot about that stuff and it seems that life just sort of

happens to us due to no fault of our own.”



Isau replied,”Well, I guess it was in the cards that I would be playing pro hockey somewhere, but I don’t think that the location was ever engraved in stone.  Also, in the string of time, we can learn from the past but it is already written as history so it can’t be changed.  What we can change to a certain extent, is what we do with our gifts.  That’s why I will be going back to Riga shortly to work with the development team to improve my skills.  Dad, I think you got too much time on your hands and too little Wiser’s left in the bottle.  Never heard you wax philosophical before.”


Fred ruminated on this for a bit and said,” Isau, me and your mom worry about you a bit, being so far from home and all.  Did you meet some good folks over there ?  People that make you happy ?”


“Of course,” Isau replied, “  The General Manager of the  Reign, @hedgehog337, has been very helpful in teaching me about Latvian life as well as how to become a better player.  Another player who is very active in the Locker Room is @Ledge_and_Dairy.  He is knowledgeable and straightforward.  The only knock would be that he is a Habs fan, but I guess you can’t really hold that against him.  Nikki (Starr) is over there with me and she is very supportive.  So, ya, things are going real well.”


In subsequent days, Isau hung out with some of his old friends and reminisced about their youth and catching up on local events.  Tommy “Tutone” Horn announced to Isau is his nasal drone:

“A few weeks ago a biker dude with a "Rock Machine" patch rode his motorcycle into town. His throat was parched, so he parked his ride in front of the local bar and went in for a drink. He came out a few minutes later, and someone had stolen his bike.


The locals were looking to see his reaction, they weren’t even discreet about it. The biker dude looked around at everyone and growled loud and clear: “I will walk back into the bar to get myself another drink, and if I don’t see my ride right in front of the bar, I will have to do what I did in Montreal a year ago after someone stole my bike. And trust me, I didn’t like what I had to do in Montreal a year ago.”


After his confident speech, the man walked back into the bar. The townsfolk looked at each other in fear and got the motorcycle back.


The burly biker finished his second drink and walked out of the bar, and got on his bike, but just before he left the bartender walked up to him and asked. “Hey, Dude, we know that we got you your bike back, but do you mind telling us what you had to do a year ago in Montreal?”


The biker looked at him with an iron gaze and responded: “I had to walk home.”


Isau groaned, “And that’s news !!!”


“So,” enquired Tutone, “how’s Nikki doing ?  I see she isn’t with you on this trip ?”


“Yup,” replied Isau, “She is doing just great.  Loves it in Riga and has become involved in a few Animal Rights activist stuff.  She couldn’t make it back to Swords because she and her friend , Gail Force, had to go to a rally on saving the whales,......  or maybe it was lemmings>  I kind of lose track of which critter she is currently promoting.  But it is all good!”


“Do you remember the time,” Tutone mused, “when we were playing shinny out on Maple Lake and that hockey scout dude who was fishing out there came over and fetched you off to Mexico to play hockey for the Mexico City Kings?”


“Ya, that was quite the thing.”


“So, all sun and senoritas, aye, Isau?”


“Well it wasn’t quite like that.  In Mexico hockey became a business.”


With this last comment Isau realized that it was time to get back to Riga and the grind of training in preparation for the next season.


He said fond goodbyes to his mom and dad, took one last look around and announced in his best Arnie accent, “I’ll be back !”




As he was leaving Toronto Isau felt relaxed and fulfilled.  He was ready to get back to Riga and recommit himself to developing his skills and to contributing to the team’s success in the upcoming season.


Word Count: 1025

Claiming for March 21 and 28

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Good pictures, not sure why so much bold as it pops out alot depending id assume on your theme. I also think you have way too much, spacing between words. Based on your comment my assumption is this is another transfer issue. Hopefully you can find success in Riga an keep your passion going forward.


Maybe a big steal for the Riga Reign. Overall a good article



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4 minutes ago, Gooningitup said:

Good pictures, not sure why so much bold as it pops out alot depending id assume on your theme. Overall though a good article 



Unfortunately, when I cut and paste from Google docs, that's the way it appears...and I cannot unbold.  Oh well,  thanks for your input.

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Really good article, I see that you had some transfer issues and that is fine. I love how the article feels personal and is pretty interesting. I feel like having everything bolded is a little much but other than that good job and good luck! Oh, and the pictures are a very nice touch!


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On 3/14/2021 at 9:21 PM, Eynhallow said:

Unfortunately, when I cut and paste from Google docs, that's the way it appears...and I cannot unbold.  Oh well,  thanks for your input.


When you copy, hold shift or something.  You will not paste formatted text, just plain text.

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