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S77 - VHFL Group 4 (Complete)


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Below is the randomly assigned draft order for your group. 

The draft is conducted in a snake order, meaning that each round goes in reverse order of the last. There is a time limit of 12 hours per pick. If the person ahead of you has not picked in their 12-hour slot, you may make your selection, and they can go any time after. If a member misses two picks - not necessarily consecutive, they will be disqualified and the team will be drafted by me. If someone has two picks in a row and fails to do the first one before 12 hours pass, tag them and give them another 12 hours for the second pick in a row. Once you have made your selection, tag the person following you

Group Manager: it is your responsibility to make sure that picks are being made within 12 hours, and if not, that the clock keeps going for the next pick. Please also have a complete roster within the first few posts of the thread - this saves me time later so that you get your results faster! Please also be sure of each player’s position, and that they are not retired nor in the VHLM before adding them to your roster!

Here are some useful links:

VHFL Rules


 If there are any issues, tag the group manager or me. The draft is now life - good luck! Tag me when all the rosters are complete!

1. @omgitshim

F - Mikko Lahtinen

F - Gary Rush

F - Ray Shields

D - Tyler Walker

D - Micah Adrienne

G - Doug Dimmadome


2. @Domg5 - Group Manager

F - Christian Mingle

F - Groovy Dood

F - SS Hornet

D - Roque Davis

D - Spencer Elsby

G - Jean-Pierre Camus


3. @jRuutu

F - Jim Bob

F - Timothy Brown

F - Onde Sandstrom

D - Erik Killinger

D - General Zod

G - Jacob Tonn


4. @IamMOOSE

F - Andrew Su

F - Valtteri Vaakanainen

F - Luke Thornton

D - Alex Letang

D - Jiggly Gumballs

G - Ajay Krishna


5. @Wolverine

F - Ola Vikingstad

F - Chris Hyland

F - Chad Magnum

D - Matty Socks

D - Randy Marsh

G - Calvin Harvey



F - Thomas Landry II

F - Robin Winter

F - Jungkok

D - Latrell Mitchell

D - Marshall James Frostbeard

G - Grekkark Gyrfalcon

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2 minutes ago, omgitshim said:

F - Mikko Lahtinen


@Domg5 is up!


Also can you change the text in the OP to automatic? It's not readable on dark theme at all.

I didn't know how to fix it, thank you!


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  • Dom changed the title to S77 - VHFL Group 4 (Complete)

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