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Junior review - Gustislav Nasherov


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Regular season
After I had created my player I got offered a contract by the know Yukon rush GM aka Juice
At the time he was the AGM of the Mexico city kings which he offered a contract to Mexico.
As it was my first time in this league I accepted it and got invited to the Mexico discord, I got a warm welcome and Juice helped me with everything from
what things were important like tpe, taught me how to acquire tpe, basically everything you need to be taught about here.

In the first couple of games I produced 0 points which wasn't surprising considering my low tpa count,
after about a week or two I started producing points for Mexico and that's when things got exciting.
we were on the top of the table on second to Houston, we stayed there basically the whole season until towards the end when Minnesota made their way to 2nd place.
It was a close battle for the 2nd place but in the end, Minnesota took 2nd place with us only 2 points behind them.
This was about the time I wanted to get into the league and become a "max capper" every time I could, 
so I could do good for Mexico in the playoffs and also potentially get drafted in the first round.


                                                                                      games played    Goals  Assists   Points

                                                         Regular season:           62                 4          12          16


                                              Games played   Goals   Assists    Regular season stats:         62          4       12      16           
I was super excited for the playoffs because it was my first playoffs and we were doing well,
and in the playoffs we were sweeping everybody, 2 series where we went 4-0, I was hyped, the locker room was hyped, everyone was hyped.
After 2 series of dominating our enemies, it was our time to shine, the founder's cup finals, Mexico vs Houston.
And this series was super exciting as Houston had arguably the best team in the VHLM and if anyone wanted to win the cup they would have to take down Houston.
And what an exciting series it was, we went back and forth, Mexico won then Houston won, it was very close until the last game.
By last game, I, of course, mean the most notorious and exciting game in all of hockey, Game 7.
Up until this point I was doing good and I along with the locker room was more than hyped, we were ready for the last game to unveil,
and when the live stream post was posted we were stoked, the game ended in our favor and we had won Mexico's first-ever founders cup.
I'd say I did pretty well in the playoffs.


                                                                            Games played   Goals   Assists   Points
                                                   Playoff stats:            15                  4           3            7

Despite the draft taking place at 2 am in Sweden I still stayed up until that time to witness the draft.
This was my first time watching the draft and I was tired but still awake, I had gotten some draft interviews and a guy mock drafted me to pick #25.
It was a big surprise when I got drafted #12th overall, I got drafted to the Helsinki Titans which I now am a part of and I'm ready to take on the coming VHL season.

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